Music Video By Korean Singer PSY Breaks YouTube's 'Most Liked' Record

artist: PSY date: 09/24/2012 category: industry news

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Music Video By Korean Singer PSY Breaks YouTube's 'Most Liked' Record
The high-octane video for South Korean popstar PSY's song "Gangnam Style" has broken YouTube's record for the "most liked" video ever on the site. Racking up a whopping 2,234,180 likes, Guinness World Records reports that the video has overshadowed former most liked video, LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem", which has 1,574,963 likes, as well as Justin Bieber's "Baby" which has 1,327,147 likes and Adele's "Rolling In The Deep", with its 1,245,641 likes. On the site since July 15 this year, the PSY - real name Park Jae-Sang - video has been viewed 232,237,840 times. Click below the watch the insanely popular video clip. Of the new record, Guinness World Records Community Manager, Dan Barrett has said: "Having been the 'have you seen this?!' video of the last two months across the web, it's great to be able to award a record for this tremendously popular video." He added: "In years past it was unthinkable that something would be viewed a hundred million times, and now 'Gangnam Style' has achieved more than twice this figure in just three months on YouTube. PSY your certificate is waiting here at our office, come pick it up any time!"
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