Paul Rodgers: 'The Music Industry Is Using Too Much Technology'

artist: Paul Rodgers date: 07/11/2013 category: industry news

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Paul Rodgers: 'The Music Industry Is Using Too Much Technology'
The iconic Free/Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers recently discussed the effect technology has on music these days, calling it somewhat of a double-edged sword. During a chat with Guitar World, Rodgers confessed that today's cutting-edge tech exceeds his "wildest imaginations" when compared to the way things used to work back in the day. "It has good and bad elements," the singer pointed out. "One good thing is that the communication all around the world is fantastic. It's great that we can instantly communicate. But one of the things in the studio that I find is that the industry is using too much technology. You can get to the point where you mix the balls out of the thing by overproducing it." He continued, "Now you can actually correct everything to an insane degree. Auto-tune things, you can correct wrong beats and all that, but a lot of the slightly out-of-tune and out-of-beat stuff can really be a part of the spirit of the music. A lot of those early blues records and soul records were pretty much live. It was what it was, and they had goofs and mistakes, but it still kept its charm. We have to remember to keep the feel. It's so important. "It's so tempting when you're in the studio to fix a little teeny mistake, but when I listen back now to my early records, there are all kinds of goofs, and I think, 'Holy smokes, how did we let that one go?' But no one ever complained. I never heard anyone say, 'You made a mistake in the second bar on the second chorus' or whatever." Rodgers then focused on what he thinks matters the most, which is essentially the emotion and the magic a tune delivers. "As long as the feel was there and the overall sound touched people and moved them, that's what we cared about. So we have to remember that the groove and the feel are so important." The frontman is currently busy with a double-headlining tour featuring Bad Company and southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd. A string of confirmed US concert dates is set to keep the two acts busy well until the end of July.
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