Pink Floyd Are Wrong, Claims Pandora

artist: Pandora date: 06/28/2013 category: industry news

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Pink Floyd Are Wrong, Claims Pandora
Internet radio service Pandora has hit back at an open letter by Pink Floyd this week which accused them of fooling artists into signing a petition which would reduce their royalty rates by 85%. Pandora has long been under fire by songwriters who helped block an attempt last year to reduce royalties to artists. Now they're apparently planning another attempt to lobby congress, and have been collecting musician signatures to support their cause. But, according to Pink Floyd's open letter, it's not what it seems. "The petition doesn't mention that Pandora is pushing the growth of its business directly at the expense of artists' paychecks ... A musician could read this 'letter of support' a dozen times ... without realizing she was signing a call to cut her own royalties to pad Pandora's bottom line," read the letter by the legendary rock band. Now Pandora claims that Pink Floyd are simply mistaken, and that any claims they want to cut artist's pay by 85 percent are false: "We have enormous respect for the members of Pink Floyd, and their amazing artistic contributions. We also respect the genuineness of their opinion ... Unfortunately, they have been given badly misleading information the result of a well-orchestrated campaign by the RIAA and their lobbying arm to mislead and agitate artists." Pandora adds that they're the highest paying form on internet radio in the world. What's your view on internet radio, now that Pandora is so widely used and others like Apple are about to enter the race with iTunes Radio? Will it ever work out for musicians? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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