Sanctuary Records 'Winds Down' US Operations

artist: Sanctuary Records date: 04/06/2007 category: industry news

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The label whose diverse roster included Morrissey, Motorhead, Widespread Panic, and Tegan And Sara is closing down its American division. Sanctuary Records announced that it will cease all North American operations by June 30th, but will continue to release catalog material. A Sanctuary source also reported that it still plans to release the upcoming May 15th solo debut from Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O' Riordan, Are You Listening?, and that the solo album may be the label's last release of original material. So how will this affect Tegan And Sara's forthcoming release? The Canadian twin rockers are actually signed to Vapor Records, a California-based indie label distributed through Sanctuary, so their album The Con should still see a summer release. Vapor Records is currently seeking a new distribution alliance. Thanks for the info to ARTISTdirect.
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