Spotify Announces Big Winners of Post-Glastonbury Rise in Streaming

artist: Spotify date: 07/01/2014 category: industry news

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Spotify Announces Big Winners of Post-Glastonbury Rise in Streaming
Spotify has revealed the top five artists to enjoy a large rise in the number of streams following their performances at Glastonbury at the weekend, NME reports.

Ed Sheeran was the main beneficiary, seeing his streams rise by 195%. Sheeran was followed by headliners Metallica and Arcade Fire, who increased by 165% and 148% respectively. Mexican guitarists Rodrigo Y Gabriela rose by 123%, with the top five rounded off by Dolly Parton, whose streams rose by 95%.

The news comes in the same week that streaming sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster and O2 Tracks see their data included in the official singles chart for the first time. A spokesman for compilers Official Charts Company told NME that official figures on the post-Glastonbury sales impact would start to be known from Tuesday morning (July 1).

Metallica's self-titled album climbed the charts from No 195 to No 49 at the weekend, following their headline show on Saturday (June 28).
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