Takamine Introduces New Hand-Crafted LTD2013 'Peak' Models

artist: Takamine date: 01/16/2013 category: industry news

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Takamine Introduces New Hand-Crafted LTD2013 'Peak' Models
Takamine introduced the new LTD2013 SE and LTD2013 "Peak" limited-edition acoustic-electric guitars. Only fifty-one LTD2013 SE guitars will be offered, celebrating more than half a century of the Takamine acoustic guitar-making tradition. This year's design theme is "Peak", developed from a perspective of Takamine's ongoing quest for continuous improvement and a reflection of the summit of the Takamine acoustic experience. These guitars build on the knowledge and experience of the ones that came before, each instrument carefully handcrafted in the foothills of Mt. Takamine, situated in the Japanese Alps. THE LTD2013 SE's unique "New Yorker" 12-fret parlor-style body design features a solid bear claw spruce top and Hawaiian Koa back and sides to produce a clear, full-bodied voice with airy sweetness and character. The distinctive "climber" inlays span the entire fingerboard. Other ornamental touches include maple body binding and a spalted maple and cocobolo rosette. The LTD2013 SE also features Takamine's TLD Line Driver pickup system for pure and natural amplified sound. The LTD2013 model features a solid spruce top and sapele back and sides. The instrument also features a "climber" fingerboard motif, with ivory binding and an abalone rosette. The LTD2013 features Takamine's proprietary Palathetic pickup and CT4B II preamp system for the best in amplified sound and performance. Takamine LTD2013 instruments are built in strictly limited numbers, and this combination of design and features will never be duplicated. MSRP for the Takamine LTD2013 SE is $5, 099.99, and $2, 449.99 for the LTD2013. For a list of authorized dealers and to learn more, visit www.takamine.com.
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