Users Skipping a Quarter of Spotify Songs During First 5 Seconds, Research Finds

artist: Spotify date: 05/14/2014 category: industry news

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Users Skipping a Quarter of Spotify Songs During First 5 Seconds, Research Finds
It has been revealed that a quarter of the songs listened to on Spotify are skipped within the first five seconds of being played, Gigwise is reporting.

The findings are the result of research carried out by music-map maker the Echo Nest, who have published a series of graphs that shed light on the listening habits of users of the music streaming service.

Paul Lamere of the Echo Nest had the following to say about the findings:

"This is my first deep dive into Spotify data. When we are more engaged with our music, we skip more, and when music is in the background such as when we are working or relaxing, we skip less.

"When we have more free time, such as when we are young, or on the weekends, or home after a day of work, we skip more ... [But] on average, we skip nearly every other song that we play."

You can check out the graphs below:

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