Win a Voyager-Air Travel Guitar With Heil Sound Mic and Headphones!

artist: Voyage-Air Guitar date: 04/10/2013 category: industry news

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Win a Voyager-Air Travel Guitar With Heil Sound Mic and Headphones!
For many musicians the notion of tossing a guitar, microphone, headphones and a laptop computer into a backpack is the ultimate form of musical freedom. Taking your music on a hike, bike ride, or on a camping trip can soothe the soul and inspire creativity. Think about it; you get to your destination maybe a secret beach somewhere pull out a guitar, and hit "Play." Maybe recording isn't your thing but playing live is. Most likely that secret beach isnt too far from that little beach bar and most likely they'd love some live music. For our newest Facebook contest we've partnered with Voyage-Air Guitar, makers high quality, full-size guitars that fold in half and fit into the (included) backpack case for travel. The winner will receive their model VAD-04 along with a Heil Sound PR22 UT mic, a set of ProSet 3 headphones and a USBQ mic-preamplifier. To enter just follow this link and LIKE us on Facebook. With this package of pro gear you go anywhere and know that you are backed by Heil Sound's road-proven and travel tough products. The Heil PR 22 is the same mic that is found on countless concert stages worldwide. It's a dynamic so you don't need to worry about phantom power. Just plug it into your computer, via the USBQ, slap on the ProSet 3 headphones and strum. And sing.
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