Adler All Of Us Want To Have A Guns N' Roses Reunion

Interview with former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler Tuesday, September 18 prior to Adler's Appetite's concert in Lima, Peru.

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Gino Alache of conducted an interview with former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler Tuesday, September 18 prior to Adler's Appetite's concert in Lima, Peru, according to, a couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On how he's being treated by the American music press:

"[The American press is] disrespectul. American people are very spoiled and have to have it their own way. People hate to see other people progress, get successful, and doing something that they wanted to do. American people are, if they can't do it, then nobody should do it. That's the kind of attitude I feel when I go to America. It's totally different in South America. There's so much love and respect and appreciation and love for the music I'm telling you, there's nothing like playing South America. And usually they [the American press] don't even know about the person's personal life.

"It's things that they make up. I've got this bad reputation because of press in America, [because of] what happened with GUNS N' ROSES in the '90s that I'm this super-fucked-up person and this, and I'm on drugs I didn't invent drugs. I'm not the only one who's ever done drugs. And I'm certainly not gonna be the last person to have done drugs. People just wanna bring me down in America. Like I said, if they can't do it, nobody can do it. And it's wrong. South America it's a different world, a totally different world. You just cross the border and it's a different world. It's wonderful."

On whether he ever played in South America with Guns N' Roses:

"I never had a chance. I missed out on that. [Matt Sorum] was very lucky. He took over my life, practically. Everything I worked for, Slash and the guys just gave to him."

On the amazing reaction Guns N' Roses received when they first played in South America (with Matt Sorum):

"The crowd wasn't excited about seeing him [Matt Sorum] it was they were excited about still seeing Slash and Duff and Izzy and Axl performing. He was just in the background. They were just missing something."

On his current relationship with his former Guns N' Roses bandmates:

"It's been wonderful because I've been talking to them a lot lately. They feel the same way I do it's just a matter of Axl wanting to, [being] ready to do it. But all four of us wanna do this have a nice, good reunion and play for everybody. Finish what we started doing. That's what we wanna do. And Slash and Izzy and Duff even Axl, but I Axl wants to put his record out. I don't know I can't say."

On the recent Guns N' Roses near-reunion at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California:

"Yeah, it was great. Matt Sorum and that other guy, that singer, that Scott Weiland guy [of Velvet Revolver] that's why Slash didn't come up and play, because they kept calling him and being all upset, like, 'What are you doing here?' Like little babies, little kids. I was like, 'What the fuck? Just go have him play a couple of songs.' They were like, 'Oh, we don't want you to.' It was crazy."

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    yea this guy def knows wat hes talking about if they have a reunion ill be the first person there
    Steve had a huge influence with his drumming on the appetite record. But in the 90's he started to spiral down into drug addiction and ultimately started to bring the band down with him. Its his own fault he isn't in guns anymore and he shouldn't whinge about it. Can anyone else here pick that theirs a fair bit of hypocracy in what he's saying. After bagging out americans for being spoiled and then he goes, in the same interview, and has a whinge about matt replacing him and talks him down. Sounds like he doesn't want matt to succeed and matt didn't do anything to steve. He had already been fired. Bit spiteful Well anyway thats my speil. I can't see them getting together. And I can't see anyway ever recreating the raw rock n' roll that is appetite for destruction!
    tbh, we dont know everything thatw ent on, but IMO adler was important in the band, they just lost sumin wen he left, as gr8 drummer matt is, he wasn't the same
    Hey, i don't care who the drummer is, I wanna see the real GNR. The new guys suck. Guitarist can't imitate Slash at all. I'm 14 so i couldn't see them when they were together, and i love gnr!
    Ive always like Matt Sorum Way better the steve adler hes all cocky now, he always has been
    Adler sounds like a tool I'm afraid. He thinks he is Guns N Roses. Well, sounds like he thinks that anyway. Talking about Sorum like that...he's so hypocritical! He goes on about America being "if i can't, you can't" then jus slates sorum because he did what Adler couldn't; stay with the band and achieve massive success! What a tool.
    Steve, it was 18 years ago, move on! I find it hard to believe that Scott and Matt were calling slash, stopping him from taking the stage...and whats with all the bagging of Matt Sorum...the guy took a job that was offered to him...where's the problem?
    even Axl, but I Axl wants to put his record out. I don't know I can't say."
    even adler knows that the new guns n roses is just axl rose and his live band.
    What a loser! They should have a reunion with Matt on drums, just so we see this guy cry some more!
    Drummers...Nobody misses a drummer because nobody notices them. They are behind the show. Just like nobody really missed this guy.
    I dont have a problem with Sorum or Adler. i just want to see slash, izzy,duff, an axle on the same stage. I saw them in the early 90's with Skid Row on some video. Pretty kick Ass!
    Wow, Adler obviously has some major issues about not being in Guns N roses any more. What a whiny little bitch.
    my god what a moany bitch! he's washed up and should acccept it! and by the way matt sorum is amuch better drummer than he ever was! wow my opinion of this loser just dropped several notches. gnr were great, but they were still great without adler
    no offence but yoiu guys sound stupid. if you spent years of your life helpiing build up one of the biggest rock bands and have it all taken away from you you would be pissed too. cut him some slack.