Aerosmith: 'Two Months And We'll Be Done With The Record'

artist: Aerosmith date: 03/29/2012 category: interviews
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Aerosmith: 'Two Months And We'll Be Done With The Record'
At a press conference held on March 28th at The Grove in Hollywood, Aerosmith announced their first U.S. tour in two years. Dubbed the Global Warming Tour, the band will be performing 18 shows beginning on June 16th in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center. Introduced by television personality Jimmy Kimmel, the four members Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer were present while guitarist Brad Whitford was on the road with the Experience Hendrix project stood on a stage that had been set up beside a waterfall in the shopping area. Fans lined the outer perimeter and shouted excitedly when they spied Paul Stanley walking around with his family. A huge billboard was posted behind the band. It read: From out of SpaceA Warning! AerosmithThe Global Warming Tour! Additionally another huge billboard was set up sporting a dapper photograph of the five members. A phalanx of cameramen and a coterie of press people inhabited the closed-off media section. A few minutes after noon, Jimmy Kimmel finally made the introductions. "Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Bad Boys from Boston. Now I just want to say before the guys speak, they tell me they're getting together very well. And don't let the fact that they arrived in separate vehicles trouble anyone. OK? Here they are to announce the Global Warming Tour: Aerosmith." Steven Tyler: Hey man, how you doing? Well we been underground for four months doing what we do the best. And we've been known to set the world on fire with our type of music for the last couple of years to say the least. So we decided to call this the Global Warming Tour and come out from underneath the hood so to speak. We have a new album and we have a new tour. Joe Perry: If it's getting warm, it's gonna get hotter. Tom Hamilton: We just did a bunch of touring in South America and Japan. We had an unbelievable time so now we just can't wait to bring it home and hit the States. Perry: I think this is the first time we're gonna get to go out and actually play some new songs off our new record for our fans along with the old good ones or the good old ones or whatever. So we can't wait to bring this thing home. Joey Kramer: First date: Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 16th. Tyler: And we haven't had a chance to play any new music in a bunch of years since what? Honkin' On Bobo. So we're really lookin' forward to kickin' some ass with this new album. Hamilton: Brad couldn't make it tonight; he has a show with the Hendrix Experience Tour but he said to say hi. And uh, just like the rest of us he's really looking forward to this tour and puttin' out our record and seeing all the fans up close again. Tyler: So we got questions, yeah? I'm sure you're chompin' at the bit to ask. Fire. [At this point the band fielded questions from various members of the press]

"We like to light fires under people's asses and what better title than Global Warming, right?"

Can you tell us the inspiration behind calling this the Global Warming Tour? Tyler: It's just that we've been setting fires and putting em out our whole career. You know whether it's with Rolling Stone or out there with our own fans. And so we like to light fires under people's asses and what better title than Global Warming, right? Everybody's been dancing around the fire, the tribal fires of rock and roll forever, and we're just throwing in again. Hamilton: Bringing heat to the people. You mentioned a few new songs would make it into the live set. Can you talk about them? Tyler: Legendary Child and Out Go the Lights and a bunch of great songs on this record. And it will be out in what? Three months. We'll be on tour in two months so we're looking forward to do this as quick as possible. We're almost done with the record; we have two more songs to finish and then we gotta mix. It should take us another month-and-a-half, two months and we'll be in your face before you know it. Hamilton: But before the album comes out there will be songs coming out too. A couple of singles between now and then. The most amazing thing about being in a band is hearing your songs on the radio and we're very anxious to hear our new ones coming out of the speakers. Do you know what the first single is gonna be? Perry: Not right now. We'll know after the record's done. Hamilton: Where's the record company guy? We're not allowed to divulge that at this point. You've brought back Jack Douglas to produce the album. What does he bring to the new record? Tyler: Well we got a dream team going here: Joe, myself, Marty Fredricksen and Jack Douglas are producing this record. And it's just been unreal. We've done a record in four months [which is] unheard of in Aerosmith territory. It's gonna be stupid good. It's already crazy. Kramer: What Jack brings is a little bit of that 1975 back. Kind of a reminder of it you know and it gets you in the mood. Hamilton: Jack is part of the DNA of this band and we learned how to make records with him back in the 70s. That process and the way we get along with him and the way he inspires us is still happening. The first day of writing and rehearsal that process came right back and the guy's a joy to work with. You've been together for 40 yearshow do you keep that passion alive? Tyler: By everything you've ever read plus a lot of inside family stuff. Our kids grew up together and we fight all the time. Like Tom said we were fortunate enough to hear a song that we wrote on a waterbed in an apartment called 1325 on the radio and that was it. We were addicted to that and to this day you're gonna hear stuff all over the radio again with the grace of god. That's what we live for. We love to get our music out there and have people dance around to it. That's all there is. Kramer: Bottom line is we love to play. You're doing some dates with Cheap Trick on the Global Warming Tour? Hamilton: Well they also have a history with Jack; he produced them too way back when. And we just met them early on and always had a lot of respect for their music. They put out an album called Live at the Budokan, which was recorded in Tokyo and that was the album that really put them over the edge. And uh, it's just a fantastic record. I think that they're one of those bands where you kinda forget how many great songs they have. So when people come to the show and hear them they're gonna say, Oh yeah, those are the guys that do that song. Right. And it's just gonna be one after another of really great songs. That's why we love em. Perry: Cheap Trick is also one of the few bands and I don't even know if I can think of another American band that's been around as long as they have with the same guys and the same lineage and the same thing. So playing with them is a pleasure for us to go out and watch them play.

"Now that Steven is a big TV star, he gives us free sunglasses once in a while. It's great."

Did you want to tour with another band that started more or less the same time as Aerosmith did? Perry: No, but the synergy of it kinda says something about the strength of how good songs last for how long they've been around. I mean they become classics and the band is there to play it so there you go. Hamilton: We've been touring with them on and off going way back and going up to fairly recently and we just always have a great time. Since you've been warming up the fans on American Idol are any of those Idols going to be touring with you? Tyler: No! [much laughter from press.] Hamilton: Depends on if there's any tickets left. Now that Steven is a big TV star is he difficult to work with? Hamilton: It's possible that he's more impossible than ever. Perry: He gives us free sunglasses once in a while. It's great. Tyler: Totally impossible and it's all my faulteverything is. I'll take the blame. Did you see Joe wish me happy birthday the other day on Idol, huh? It's moments like that that I took that job for and I'm in Aerosmith for. In your long career what's the most amazing thing you've seen thrown onstage? Hamilton: A hamster. Perry: Tom, c'mon, no, the hamster I don't think is it. I think there's another oneyou have another story. Hamilton: Umm, a prosthetic leg? Perry: That's it. That's the one. Hamilton: We were doing a show and it was a general admission show back when they still had general admission. Everybody's hands were in the air and about 50 feet back there was a guy literally holding up his artificial leg. Tyler: With a rose in itit was a girl. Hamilton: And he uh, I kinda waved at him and he passed it up and we put it on the drum riser. A few songs later my tech said, Hey the guy really needs the prosthetic leg back. So I said, OK, give it back and have him come back after the show. So he came backstage after the show and we met and talked for a while and had a great time. Perry: It was a pretty imaginative way to get back to meet the band. We thought it was a pretty cheap shot but you know what? I wouldn't recommend it as a way you know what I mean? There are other ways to get back to meet us. But loppin' off a leg? Tyler: And he still keeps in touch with him today. He calls him Ol' Lefty. Hamilton: Well it's inspiring when somebody dares to be in the middle of a huge crowd with that challenge. And this guy was obviously somebody who said he was gonna rock out no matter what and we have a lot of respect for that. Perry: We kept the sneaker though. Tyler: Thank you very much for coming. We will not let you down. By Steven Rosen Ultimate-Guitar.Com 2012
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