Aerosmith's Joe Perry Talks Politics: 'I'm A Definite Old School Republican'

You might think of Aerosmith as the ultimate rock and roll bad boys, but when it comes to politics, at least one of the legendary Boston-based rockers is a bit more conservative.

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You might think of Aerosmith as the ultimate rock and roll bad boys, but when it comes to politics, at least one of the legendary Boston-based rockers is a bit more conservative. In a new interview, guitarist Joe Perry expresses his frustration with the current political climate, describing his beliefs as a throwback to an earlier Republican doctrine.

"I was taught that you get what you put into it," Perry tells Noisecreep. "You can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough at it, and you can earn your place. That's the old way. Now, it's all meshed together and you can barely figure out one side from the other".

Perry isn't dogmatic about his Republican point of view, naming Democrat John F. Kennedy as his favorite president. "Look, I didn't believe in everything Kennedy said or did, but you believed in your heart that he was really there and he was going to stand up for what he believed in," he observes. "That's what is most important. Today they say one thing one day, and another thing another day. You can't figure these guys out".

The guitarist says politics has become more about branding than ideas. "The bottom line is I'm a definite old school Republican and you can put that in there," Perry states adamantly. "I was one of the few people that came out for McCain and got a lot of sh-t for it. There's an awful lot of people out there in L.A. that were jumping up and down for Obama that aren't right now. It's just what it is".

"So much of this stuff is politicizing, what the media does is so much about selling a product. It makes me kind of nuts. This band has always has had a policy we're all pretty much on the same page when new start talking politics. We all came up in that era when you were taught that can do anything you set your minds to and by God we walked on the moon, just like JFK said we would".

Aerosmith are slated to release "Music From Another Dimension" on Nov. 6.

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    No shitstorm needed really. He didn't go "Mustaine" on the interviewer, he just expressed his political beliefs in an interview. Down to earth, logical and thumbs up from me.
    The one musician that will admit they're republican. Good for him. It takes some sack to do that in the ever-critical music world.
    I don't see what's wrong here. He's right on about the politicizing, and about the constant changing of opinions from leaders. I'm not a Republican but he doesn't act all insane or extremist about his stance so I can respect that.
    Was expecting a Nugent/Mustaine-style rant as soon as I read the headline, positively surprised that so was not the case and that he had some good, humble viewpoints.
    The man speaks the truth. Probably the best thing a musician has said about politics in awhile.
    ya the liberal point of view is a good one for a small community, but not for federal government.
    Wow, a Republican rock star talking about true conservative values and not a bunch of hate mongering.
    im a republican and a megadeth fan, and i am relieved he didnt go mustaine on the interview
    I'm a pretty liberal guy, but I don't mind conservatives either and I get their point even if I disagree most times. hat Joe Perry said was at least from the heart and he doesn't come across as a crazy tea-bagger, so more power to him.
    If by "old-school" he means he's an Eisenhower Republican, I've got no problem with that. It used to be that both sides managed to overcome ideology and just recognize problems and sometimes even worked together to overcome them. Today, you would never hear a Republican denounce the military-industrial complex, but that used to happen! If he actually identifies with the misogynistic, homophobic, racist, fear-mongering extreme right so-called Christian Republicans of today, God help him.
    Didn't really read the article, just wanted to watch the rage comments come in.
    They should broadcast South Park's "Douche & Turd" nationwide the night before the elections.
    common, this guy used to snort anything that remotely looked like coke and heroin, now he's just an old millionair who just want to pay less and less taxes, shut up and play your guitar Joe!
    And the Obama supporters, such as Jay-Z and Kanye West are a good representation of a good American? Please. You can disagree with Joe but remember, half of America agrees with him.
    and people like tom morello and paul mccartney have always been good, law abiding and sober citizens right? (i realize paul is british but he has stuck his nose into american politics several time)
    You know what's wrong with America? A failure to communicate.
    My image of Joe is shattered if he meant McCain 2008 instead of McCain 2000