Anthrax Guitarist Talks Caggiano's Departure And His Hatred Of Dubstep

artist: Anthrax date: 01/23/2013 category: interviews
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Anthrax Guitarist Talks Caggiano's Departure And His Hatred Of Dubstep
Guitarist Scott Ian has been talking to MTV Hive about all things Anthrax in a new interview, commenting on the new album, the recent departure of Rob Caggiano from the band, and his hatred of dubstep. Ian claims that the band were not made aware of Caggiano's departure until they had finished tracking their recent covers EP "Anthems": "We didn't know he was planning on leaving while we were tracking this. He was literally finishing solos in Berlin on the last days of the tour. It wasn't until after the tour ended and we started having conversations, and just to put it in a nutshell, he just needs to do his own thing at this point in time. We knew he had a record that he was going to be doing possibly. We had already told him, if you need to take a hiatus, that's fine. The best thing I can say is that he's on a mission to do his own thing at this point. And I'm certainly not going to stand in his way." Ian talked about progress on the follow up album to last year's Worship Music, stating that the band have started working on demos: "We did demo a song while we were over in Germany. We thought might get used in this TV show. So that kind of gave us the kick in the ass to start working. We also had a song that we never finished for Worship Music because it just needed some rewriting. "At the time, we were happy with the album and didn't think it was missing anything, but then we started reworking this track on the tour in Europe and we finished it. I'd say it's about 90 percent now. Once that one gets finished, I can say we started writing. I'm pretty sure this song will be on the next record. And I know Charlie's got a pretty good vault of ideas built up from over the last year, and I certainly have ideas. It's just a case of getting together at some point in 2013." It also turns out that the guitarist is definitely not a fan of dubstep: "No, I can't stand any of that. Whatever this little phase of crap thats around right now, which will be gone in the next 18 months, no. I thought dubstep was reggae when I first heard that genre description. I was like, Wow, reggae's making a big comeback, huh? And then someone played me some dubstep thing. And I was like, 'What the f--k is this?' So no. I'm not a fan of that name of music. [Laughs.] Nor am I a fan of DJs or any of that stuff."
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