Anthrax Guitarist Talks Caggiano's Departure And His Hatred Of Dubstep

Scott Ian also talks new Anthrax album in interview.

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Guitarist Scott Ian has been talking to MTV Hive about all things Anthrax in a new interview, commenting on the new album, the recent departure of Rob Caggiano from the band, and his hatred of dubstep.

Ian claims that the band were not made aware of Caggiano's departure until they had finished tracking their recent covers EP "Anthems":

"We didn't know he was planning on leaving while we were tracking this. He was literally finishing solos in Berlin on the last days of the tour. It wasn't until after the tour ended and we started having conversations, and just to put it in a nutshell, he just needs to do his own thing at this point in time. We knew he had a record that he was going to be doing possibly. We had already told him, if you need to take a hiatus, that's fine. The best thing I can say is that he's on a mission to do his own thing at this point. And I'm certainly not going to stand in his way."

Ian talked about progress on the follow up album to last year's Worship Music, stating that the band have started working on demos: "We did demo a song while we were over in Germany. We thought might get used in this TV show. So that kind of gave us the kick in the ass to start working. We also had a song that we never finished for Worship Music because it just needed some rewriting.

"At the time, we were happy with the album and didn't think it was missing anything, but then we started reworking this track on the tour in Europe and we finished it. I'd say it's about 90 percent now. Once that one gets finished, I can say we started writing. I'm pretty sure this song will be on the next record. And I know Charlie's got a pretty good vault of ideas built up from over the last year, and I certainly have ideas. It's just a case of getting together at some point in 2013."

It also turns out that the guitarist is definitely not a fan of dubstep: "No, I can't stand any of that. Whatever this little phase of crap thats around right now, which will be gone in the next 18 months, no. I thought dubstep was reggae when I first heard that genre description. I was like, Wow, reggae's making a big comeback, huh? And then someone played me some dubstep thing. And I was like, 'What the f--k is this?' So no. I'm not a fan of that name of music. [Laughs.] Nor am I a fan of DJs or any of that stuff."

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    "which will be gone in the next 18 months" Amen
    Dubstep originally had a really heavy reggae influence. Then the US got hold of it...
    Dub-music was originally reggae music produced by insanely talented producers. Dub-step music is the same thing, with a much greater emphasis on electronics. Honestly 'dubstep' sounds a lot like industrial music with the producers messing around with the pitchshifting feature on garageband.
    Funny, now Damian Marley has worked with Skrillex, ugh...I mean it was cool hearing it but overall its utterly annoying.
    The bearded one has decreed that dubstep will soon be gone. What Scott says is the law, therefore I can rest assured knowing I won't have to put up with it too much longer.
    Dubstep has been around for a little more than the last 12 months or so. For like a decade, at least. And it also goes way beyond the "WRYBYUUFBUBUBUBU SCREEEEECH WUUBUBUB" you get from Skrillex. But ya, I'm not gonna enter this discussion again, I'm just glad someone can give an opinion about something without sounding like a stubborn idiot, so thanks, Scott. Also, new EP huh? Wasn't aware of that at all, I'm curious to see how stuff will work with Joey after Worship Music.
    I find it funny that alot of metalheads dislike dubstep because it "all sounds the same". I guarantee just as many people say the same about metal. It's all about perspective, and whether or not you enjoy/appreciate the music. Maybe one day everyone will agree that nothing is original lol. I totally get the hate for dubstep, but some people give retarded reasons. The arrogance of not being able to say "I just don't like it" amuses me in the crotchal region.
    What's funny is that most of my friends that listen to purely metal hate dubstep. All my friends that are electronic/dubstep producers (20+) love metal. =P
    How about your friends that listen to purely dubstep? Or your friends that are metal producers?
    I can't actually think of any friends that love "just" dubstep. They all grew up on something else. Nobody introduced them to dubstep when they were young because that just wasn't really around. At the same time, I wouldn't call any of my friends that love playing metal "producers" because they don't really go about recording it themselves. That's an important distinction because almost all people that "play" electronic music record it. That's not always the case of people that play metal. Not saying one is better than the other but that's just how it is. I've never heard of a professional electronic group go to someone else to record though this is an acceptable practice among metal bands.
    If all your metal sounds the same then your not trying to expand your music libarary. Theres tons of different crazy kinds of metal you just have to find it for yourself. I've listened to plenty of dub-step (my bandmate and brother like it) and i can confidently say that altough you do have a point, metal has alot more shades then dubstep.
    I'd say you can't really compare the two. Dubstep is subgenre of EDM, and there are just as many 'shades' of EDM as there are of metal, from trance, DnB and progressive house to say moombahton.
    It all has to do with being able to comprehend what's going on. When I listen to dubstep, I can hear a difference between songs, but it's hard for me to connect with it because I can't really comprehend the music. I love metal, but I know most people can't connect with it the same way that I can't conect with dubstep. Music often just sounds like noise to people who don't understand it.
    Too bad I can't upvote you twice.
    I really can't stand most dubstep but hating a entire genre of music would just be stupid to do. I get fed up with saying this over and over again but there is no difference between music and noise, its just perception. There is no reason for any sound not to be beautiful.
    Mr Ian is as awesome as ever, still have his pick he threw in the crowd in Wolverhampton. Fucking great show !
    Dubstep as music has the potential to be good, but most of the time it just turns out as a repetitive, boring mess. Also, I really dislike the whole approach of most DJ's who arrange 'concerts', just going there with most of their repertoire pre-programmed and then pushing the 'play' button on their computer, free to wave their arms in the air on occasion and check their Facebook for the rest of the show. So yeah, paying huge amounts of money to go to what basically is a large discoteque is pointless to me. Still, it's the attendees' money, they're free to do whatever they like to.
    Writing electronic music on the computer and then packing up the lights, speakers, computers, programmers, keyboards and drum machines to set up in a big hall and "wave your arms around" is a lot like classical composition. A guy sits at a desk and writes the notes on paper (or a computer in newer cases), packing up cellos, violas, flutes, etc and then setting up so that you can wave your arms around as a conductor. Yet most metal is inspired by classical and classical fans don't usually like metal although most metal fans like some classical. Most metal fans don't like dubstep while most dubstep fans like some metal. Your parents probably won't like your music but you might like some of theirs. Can we quit complaining about things that we don't like so we can talk about things we do? It's far more productive.
    When someone is conducting there directing a piece of music. Waving your hands "in the air like you just dont care" isnt doing anything. And critisizing things we dont like can be very productive.
    " And then someone played me some dubstep thing. And I was like, 'What the f--k is this?' So no. I'm not a fan of that name of music. [Laughs.] Nor am I a fan of DJs or any of that stuff." Grouping multiple genres together, judging them by one track and then declaring that all that stuff is bad. Sounds reasonable.
    I like how anyone who presents a comment which is even slightly negative towards the guy in the article all the br00tal metalz kids start down-voting.
    Dude, he's probably heard it elsewhere. Dubstep and electronic music is everywhere, so it's not like he's only ever heard one dupstep song.
    DUDE he was saying he doesn't like dubstep or Djs he wasnt grouping them together. Music with djs is being played almost anywhere you go so he has listen to both and was saying he doesnt like either
    iscreamicecream · Jan 23, 2013 06:48 PM
    I too have a Scott Ian pick I got at a show in Dallas. Saw them with death angel and testament. The best show I have ever seen.
    I tried to get into dubstep but it just wasn't doing it for me. I checked out the big guys (Rusko, EOTO, Deadmau5) and the local acts here in MN. It's just not my bag, not sure if it's cause I'm not huge into electronic music or if it's because I don't like all the kids loaded on molly. To each their own though.
    Michael Stewart
    I have his pick too. Caught it in mid air by accident at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. Just stuck my hand up and there it landed.
    I can't decide if I wanna say something negative about dubstep and get likes or something positive about dubstep and get dislikes
    "Whatever this little phase of crap thats around right now, which will be gone in the next 18 months, no." i hate dubstep, too, Scott, but aren't those words what you guys screamed against back in the 80's?
    Dubstep sounds like two dial-up modems doing a porno...if your into that.
    d von
    go Scott! I to have an hatred for DJ's. Music is made by instruments. Computations are made by computers. A DJ is simply nothing more than some boring programmer writing some simple webpage or a Iphone app that makes farting noises.
    Have you ever tried to make electronic music? It isn't simply a case of pressing a button and it goes 'WUUUUUB'. Time and effort goes into it, exactly the same as music made by traditional musical instruments.
    It is very difficult to do well. Most people don't make it past learning how to design instruments well, much less making music.
    this guy says. I'm not a fan of dubsteb nor a lot of electronica but it's EXTREMELY tough to create. And there's a huge chasm (just like in every music genre) of people who think they can create good electronica and those who actually can with talent. You may be humbled if you tried thinking it's just "so easy".
    Rule Britannia
    Dubstep is more music than heavy metal. bleugh. "it'll be gone in 18 months" it's been around for a longgg time, it's fair to say that it's become popularised in the last couple of years or so. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.
    "Dubstep is more music than heavy metal." Please tell me you're trolling.