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We're speaking to Korn guitarist James "Munky" Schaffer this week - ask him anything here and we'll pass your questions on.

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Have you ever wanted to ask Korn a personal question? Well, now's your chance! We're going to take your questions to James "Munky" Shaffer next week or so. All you have to do is pose your question in the comments below, and we'll take the best and most popular to him in our interview. Korn have been regarded as pioneers since they first emerged in 1993 and became a central figure in the nu-metal movement with their eccentric guitar tones and captivating emotional performances. They continue to push the envelope and even experimented with dub step, but now they're back to working with rock - and have even reunited with original guitarist "Head" in 2013. Ask anything you like. Remember, good questions are open ended - it's better to ask something that starts with "how" than "what" which usually leads to one words answers, for example. It's a great chance to get to know James and the band better than ever, so post your questions below and we'll post the results after speaking to him. Thanks!

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    How much does friendly rivalry factor into your working relationship with Head? Most bands with two guitarists have the lead and the rhythm but the two of you split duties pretty evenly. Did you guys ever try to outdo each other or have volume battles at practice in the early years?
    Maybe if Mucky thinks that he didn't get enough guitars on Korn albums, he might do a solo album of unreleased or unused/ or brand new material? EDIT: never mind. I just heard Fear and the Nervous System, it's awesomme! Thank you everyone on here for talking about it. Munky do more of those!
    Are you sick of Jonathon Davies trying to shoehorn Dubstep 'influences' into your current releases?
    I know, it really takes away from Munky's playing. HE was the the reason I got into Korn. I found what he managed to do was interesting. Lately I can barely him him in the mix. With Head back, they are on the right track.
    How did you guys ending up on South Park come along?
    And with God, tell-all-books and a pile of terrible records sticking to the band now, do you think Matt and Trey ever regret they depicted Korn as a 'cool' band on South Park?
    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    Spanish or European?
    What happens when Pinocchio says that his nose will grow?
    If Pinocchio is saying that his nose WILL grow, then he may be telling the truth. We do not know the precise moment as of yet, but we do know that his nose will eventually grow, due to his rare case of Mynosegrow Swhenlying syndrome. Although, had he stated that his nose would be growing at that precise moment, then yoU J20E0 001u0ur044j40j0f49000wiikk000x0xxxxxj009494022..... FILE NOT FOUND..... ..... READY..... ?SYNTAX ERROR..... FORMULA TOO COMPLEX..... ..... READY..... .....
    If you could spawn a sequel to any song in your catalog, kind of like Metallica's Unforgiven I, II, and III... which song would it be and why?
    "Is this the way to Amarillo". Only two logical conclusions, either "You lying c**t, it was LEFT at Albequeque" or "Yep... now to buy a satnav". As for Korn songs... I don't thnk any of their songs need a sequel.
    Jim #4
    how many layers of rhythm guitars do you use on a record typically? or what does the signal chain look like?
    wouldn't that be more a of something for producers? (I'm saying this thinking Korn is like any other band who has producers and don't produce their own music - I'm not about to wikipedia it either, so don't flame me for this)
    What was the first guitar part you wrote that when after you wrote it you were like, "I'm a ****ing boss."
    who uses more pedals between you and head? most importantly what gear did you guys use to record follow the leader? the sound you guys created is just tooooo epic?
    I started listening to some of their older songs for the first time in quite a while. Now that I play guitar and know more about it, it was easier to really see how some of their guitar work was really special and how they added to the music. This does make me more curious about how they get their tone and some of those sounds too.
    If you had the chance to go back and re-record or rewrite a KoRn record, which record would that be and what would you change about it?
    are there still any plans for a covers album? i was quite looking forward to that.
    Yeah I was interested in their "Korn Kovers" release too. Especially their cover of NIN's Head Like a Hole. If there isn't an album, is there any chance of the songs being released separately e.g. as B-sides or digitally?
    Would you be interested in having a pet monkey called "Munky" and ocassionally swap places with the Munky monkey appearing in photoshoots with Korn and other promotional work, just to potentially confuse people?