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We're speaking to Korn guitarist James "Munky" Schaffer this week - ask him anything here and we'll pass your questions on.

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Have you ever wanted to ask Korn a personal question? Well, now's your chance! We're going to take your questions to James "Munky" Shaffer next week or so. All you have to do is pose your question in the comments below, and we'll take the best and most popular to him in our interview. Korn have been regarded as pioneers since they first emerged in 1993 and became a central figure in the nu-metal movement with their eccentric guitar tones and captivating emotional performances. They continue to push the envelope and even experimented with dub step, but now they're back to working with rock - and have even reunited with original guitarist "Head" in 2013. Ask anything you like. Remember, good questions are open ended - it's better to ask something that starts with "how" than "what" which usually leads to one words answers, for example. It's a great chance to get to know James and the band better than ever, so post your questions below and we'll post the results after speaking to him. Thanks!

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    Will Korn be in the UK this/next year and if so who do you have in mind for the support act?
    on the unplugged version of blind in the bridge part, you do a flamenco-like run which sounded really awesome. something i would not have expected you to do. have you thought about incorporating this style on heavier songs?
    I became a fan of Korn around the time See You On the Other Side was released. I went back and listened to the bands back catalog and have been a fan ever since. I love the experimentation you guys did with Untitled and "Totality". Even though I love that signature Korn sound, what other sorts of experimenting would you guys like to test the waters of now that Head's back?
    Can you just die off and let some new band have the space you dinosaurs occupied?
    What advice would you have to someone who wants to start a band, but has no idea where to start?
    Can you guys please do an album with just guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and bagpipes again please?
    Fieldy said once upon a time in interview - "Rogers Waters said that KoRn's cover of Another Brick In The Wall is best cover of this song how he ever heard" Munky can you say something more about that?When Roger said this?
    How do you feel about 8-string guitars? What happened to the cool 8-string prototype you had back in 2008?
    Will you be doing a tour to commemorate 20 years since "Korn" was released and if so would you try a full original line up?
    I've got this lump...
    I always found the use of pedals to be interesting in Korn songs like Trash, Here to Stay or BBK. Ever thought of including a freaky solo somewhere? Doesn't have to be traditional one.
    I am wondering if you would like me to accompany you on your tour 2014? I can cook
    Say something!! no but seriously how did you feel when korn turned dub step? its a good sound but a bit outta the blue
    KoRn is an ever evolving band with an unbeatable and unique sound. How do you think the bands sound and musical direction will evolve and progress into future albums?
    just to ask about that song one from metallica is there a track studio version yet if so i messt it sometime a go love that new music so far
    Why did you steer away from producing raw metal music only to release generic melody based tracks, made only worse by the 'pretty f**king lame' electronic overlays?
    How did the song "no one's there" come together? We're you aiming for it to be so epic and massive sounding?
    I've heard the early stories of how you and Head were about to steal your first 7 string guitars-- how difficult is it today to create the perfect guitar rig combination? Also, what is your current rig for tour/studio?
    Saint Valentine
    "I hate The Path of Totality" "You should have never experimented with an electronic sound" It's sad how a lot of people are commenting on here trashing an artist's creative expression, then turning around and saying that they're diehard Korn fans. I became a fan around the time See You On The Other Side came out and I love their early stuff and their recent work with dubstap artists. You do realize that if you truly appreciated the band, then you would approve of there experimentation, right? You can't evolve your art without doing so. Some of the greatest pioneers of music were controversial because they tried something new to their time. Should they have been ridiculed as well?
    Did you listen to Path Of Totality? It wasn't creative at all. The songs were all the same, and Korn just stole some of their old chorus and slapped them on some dubstep. Please remember that there are some outstanding crossovers between electronic and metal (like Fear Factory's "Demanufacture" to say the more known). That's just a fail.
    Saint Valentine
    In essence electronic music tends to be a bit repetitive. And one thing that you have to remember is that it all comes down to matters of opinion. You can't argue that because I know what I like and you know what you like. No matter what either one of us says we won't be able to change that.
    Now that head joined back and fans expectations are so high, how much was the pressure building up in making "The paradigm shift" and how did you guys overcome it?
    is there any chance of you guys playing some Korn III songs live in the future? I'd love to hear Head play Oildale or Are You Ready to Live?.
    PLEASE ASK! : Is the song (under the working title) Spaghetti balls gonna be on the album?
    Out of curiosity, how does the faith of Munky and Head affect the new writing process? What can we expect emotionally from the new album?
    How much does friendly rivalry factor into your working relationship with Head? Most bands with two guitarists have the lead and the rhythm but the two of you split duties pretty evenly. Did you guys ever try to outdo each other or have volume battles at practice in the early years?
    Maybe if Mucky thinks that he didn't get enough guitars on Korn albums, he might do a solo album of unreleased or unused/ or brand new material? EDIT: never mind. I just heard Fear and the Nervous System, it's awesomme! Thank you everyone on here for talking about it. Munky do more of those!
    Was it a conscious choice to take the thick guitars away after Head left or did it just naturally end up that way? Why didn't you include songs like Eaten Up Inside on SYOTOS it's one of the best Korn songs ever?
    i agree. i didn't hear that song until years later and i was like why the hell didn't this make the album? and i actually enjoyed SYOTOS, thought it was good, not great
    How do you go about integrating theatricality into your live show? Is it important to you in a performance or just a bonus when it happens?
    have korn seen the blood painter "Dr Rev"? he painted a portrait of jon using his blood, while blood was being pulled from his veins. you should check it out.
    How was the groups reaction to Head's sudden departure and growth within Christianity?
    What was the first guitar part you wrote that when after you wrote it you were like, "I'm a ****ing boss."
    Liquid Snake
    I've lived in the Tulare/Visalia area for most of my life. Considering that I've driven through Bakersfield roughly 11,000X in the last 25 years I'm just curious if you've ever spent any time up here? If you do have an informed idea of this place please use your magic famousy-superstar powers to deter all individuals from voluntarily coming here for any reason whatsoever. Thanks!
    List your touring rig/setup, please. Guitars, picks, cables, wireless, pedals, amps cabinets, and etc. Rig Rundown style.
    Why can't you guys create good music anymore? What does it feel like to know you haven't released a great album in 10 years?
    are there still any plans for a covers album? i was quite looking forward to that.
    Yeah I was interested in their "Korn Kovers" release too. Especially their cover of NIN's Head Like a Hole. If there isn't an album, is there any chance of the songs being released separately e.g. as B-sides or digitally?