Ask Phil Anselmo Anything!

Next week we're interviewing former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo and two of his bandmates in Down. Here's your opportunity to ask the metal supergroup anything you want.

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If you've ever wanted to ask Phil Anselmo and his bandmates in Down a question, here's your opportunity.

We'll be sitting with Phil, Pepper Keenan and Kirk Windstein next Thursday, and will ask them a selection of your best questions.

Phil Anselmo has been an influential figure in metal since Pantera's first major release "Cowboys From Hell" in 1990. In 1991, he also became part of the heavy metal supergroup Down. Their first album "NOLA" is widely regarded as an essential metal classic, and they recently released the first in a series of four EPs called "Down IV Part I - The Purple EP".

Kirk and Pepper were renown metal musicians even before the formation of Down. Kirk was in several hardcore-inspired bands including Shell Shock and Crowbar, while Pepper is still with Corrosion Of Conformity and has even featured on Metallica recordings.

Feel free to ask anything you want, but we'd particularly like to see questions that ask about the future of Down or reveal something new about their personalities. Maybe a few of you can test Phil's encyclopaedic knowledge of horror movies too.

Post your questions in the comments, and be sure to up vote anything you want us to ask. We'll report back with a full feature after meeting the band next week.


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    Back in 88 when you joined Pantera, you guys obviously went through a change in style, as you did vocally. What inspired you to turn into a more heavy band and leave the power metal genre?
    glam medal, not power metal. Also, have you ever considering doing it to the extent of ever even thinking about what you'd want to be more like?
    "Also, have you ever considering doing it to the extent of ever even thinking about what you'd want to be more like?" ...what?
    My Last Words
    I believe he explained this a while back.. Don't really remember all of it, except for the fact that he was obsessed with both Sabbath and Slayer, especially the latter. Could explain the overall change in heavyness.
    To Phil, Pepper, and Kirk: you've all been involved in projects with hardcore/punk influences, what are some of your favorite hardcore/punk albums?
    Phil: Can you still go falsetto, like in Cemetery Gates? I'm seriously curious. I need to know.
    Who are your influences vocally?
    This came from an actual interview with Phil, but the source link on Wikipedia has 404'd, but he says Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden is his primary influence.
    Hey Phil, what's your "proudest" album that you've made in your opinion?
    Who's Phil?
    Let me be the first to actually answer your question, instead of just giving you a thumbs down like 14 people did. Phil Anselmo was the singer from Pantera, now the singer from Down.
    The guy who destroyed his voice being a junkie. Ask Phil how he feels about the death of Sam Putnam (Anal Cunt), they were friends and sam was doing screams on great southern trendkill
    hey phil, if you could form a super-group with any musician, dead or alive, who would you pick?
    Good one, but how about asking everyone instead of just Phil?
    Hi Kirk, did you received the painting that I sent you about 2 years ago after a Budapest gig? - Anna from Hungary
    Hey Phil. How do you feel about playing Pantera songs live? Which is your favorite to play?
    Would you like a Pantera Tribute album? If so, which bands should play and which songs should they play?
    Phil: What is the most difficult vocal part in your entire discography?
    Why do you think the Saints are having such a poor season?
    knowing phil, i'd say his answer is roger gadell, then he would go on a rant about how roger is the dictator of the NFL and hes out to get the saints. I've seen bhim talk abnout it like 4 times. please UG dont ask that, it would be a waste of 3 mins. no offence bro , it's a touchy subject for phil
    Also, any chance of a tenner? I'm pretty skint, I have all your Pantera albums so I think it's only fair....
    Phil, before you were ever signed and were still playing underground gigs, what was the biggest obstacle to overcome and ultimately helped pave your way into the American Metal Scene? Is there any words of wisdom you can give to new metal bands that are still playing underground and trying to strike a big name gig?
    Nero Galon
    Are the guys at UG as illiterate in real life as they are when they write their articles?
    Do you think Pantera would've reunited by now if not for Dime's death? Also what's your favorite Pantera song and favorite Down song to perform live?
    Im gonna ask the dumb one... but did you and your bandmates from either group go onstage totally stoned and drunk at the same time and done anything regretfully stupid?