Axl Rose Gives First TV Interview In 20 Years, Reveals Support For Obama

GN'R front man talks politics and tardiness on Jimmy Kimmel.

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Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose has become notoriously reclusive in the past two decades, giving no interviews and generally keeping out of the public eye when not on stage with his bands. So it came as some surprise when Axl showed up on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, in what has been the most high profile non-musical appearance for the singer since the mid 1990s.

During his appearance on the chat show (which can be viewed below), Axl made self deprecating comments about his notorious tardiness, telling Kimmel of the band's upcoming residency in Las Vegas: "We'll probably really go on at about the time we're supposed to really go on. As soon as I find out what that time is, or as soon as it's been negotiated."

The host also revealed a plaque taken from the singer's home which reads "Punctuality is the thief of time." Axl explained that it was his favorite Oscar Wilde quote.

The singer also revealed that he would not be voting in the U.S Presidential election. He did, however, state that, were he voting, he would vote to re-elect president Obama. Rose's support for the incumbent president mirrors that of fellow rocker Bruce Springsteen, who announced that he was backing Obama last week.

The endorsement from the pair comes after a number of celebrity reactions to the second presidential debateappeared on Twitter.

Rose recalled working in Tower Records during the mid 1980s with other members of the original line-up of Guns N' Roses and stated that he likes to leave the stage before solos saying that he "feels like an idiot standing at the side."

The singer also had a burger truck parked outside the studio and provided the studio audience with vouchers to use it. Two pairs of tickets to a Guns N' Roses show were also given out during the interview.

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    actually pretty cool, quite nice to get a more human side to him for once.
    Exactly my thoughts!...Good interview and I liked Kimmel's candid way of handling him ...but Axl sort of avoided the question as to 'why make an appearance/interview after so long?'
    I believe that has something to do with the fact that so many people are hating on him because of Slash not being in the band. Or, I could be wrong...
    This is not his first TV interview in twenty years. He was on That Metal Show with Eddie Trunks a year or two ago. It seems more valid to say this is his first network TV interview in twenty years...
    This was promoted as "live" as in, "in front of a live audience". TMS interview was just the few of them in a closet with DJ Douchebag drooling next to him after waiting for hours.
    I'm just saying sometimes UG's headlines are a little skewed as we all know... not disagreeing with them being locked in a closet with DJ Douchebag. Ha ha.
    Kimmel should've brought Slash out during the interview for a forced reunion.
    Woah, Axl news and political discussion? Looks like we're gonna get 2 shitstorms at the same time here!
    I hope all the trolls actually watch the interview before flaming him. Through all the negativity his creates, he will go down as one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time. Now Axl, sort out a reunion. Please?
    Culler Amps
    Trolls? I don't see how you can call someone a troll for not liking Axl. He has brought most of the negativity towards him on himself through his actions. He is an arrogant dickhead. One interview doesn't change that.
    Greatest vocalist of all time? Dude he's good but not the best. Hell Mike from Steelheart sang better than him but didn't quite get his fame.
    Sheep Shagger
    He said that Axl is one of the greatest rock vocalists. It helps if you actually read the post.
    It also helps not be a dick. It's just a website dude. Take a chill pill.
    You must be new here.
    Naaaa just don't come to often. I spend more time playing my guitar than posting on the forum. But some good tips from here time to time which is why I come back. But some of these articles are hard to ignore.
    they even had an article on this site i do believe naming him the greatest frontman as well so pretty sure his comment is quite correct..and really it all comes down to opinions really you cant really say whos the best
    Did Axl also express his support for more sugar frosted pastries in the green room?
    He almost only says "yes" "no" to every question... Not a very interesting interview, I'm sure Jimmy Kimmel had rules to follow, not to ask about some subjects, such as a reunion, or slash and stuff
    I liked the fact that Kimmel didn't ask about Slash or the others. To me, it one ups Slash. Remember when Slash went on Letterman and talked about that 'Axl on his grandmothers couch' thing?
    Such a bittersweet feeling I get when I see someone suggest only "the other guys" are the whiners and complainers. Pull you head out of your backside samhell.
    Wanted him to talk about new music but it was still a pretty cool interview.
    Pretty damn pointless to endorse a candidate and not even vote for them. O.o
    I wouldnt call that an endorsement. It was more like, well if I have to pick one, I guess i'd pick obama.
    True, that's all it takes to bring out the word "Endorsement" and make something entirely meaningless actually sound like news.
    The irony is strong with this one
    The lack of dictionary skills and knowledge of the meaning of the word "irony" is even stronger with this one...
    Obama FTW
    You aren't the smartest are ya? But anyway, so everyone can learn what it means and theres no confusion. irony 1    [ahy-ruh-nee, ahy-er-] Show IPA noun, plural ironies. 1. the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, How nice! when I said I had to work all weekend.
    *The* smartest? No. If I were *the* smartest I would be doing something more useful like calling Stephen Hawking a moron instead of arguing with a bunch of socialist children on a guitar themed website. At any rate, did you actually read what I wrote? If I were you I'd read it, then read your cut and pasted definition, then read what I wrote again.
    Axl Rose seems like a really pleasant and cool dude to be around. The problem is that we only ever hear opinions of him from business/professional angles as opposed to actual views of him as a person. Not to mention the media loves hanging onto negatives since it brings in the views and whatnot. It just overall gives us this perception of Axl as a complete c**t when he probably isn't. Despite your opinion on him, however, you have to admit that musically he's truly brilliant. I really admire this guy, sure, a lot of things he's done in the past are disagreeable, but that's the same for most rock stars, Axl just got picked on more often about it.
    I saw it last night Axl Rose looked calm and relaxed. I was anxious that he'd have a meltdown and get bent out of shape about something, but he looked like he was having a good time. I think he gets a bad rap sometimes and people like to exaggerate because its so easy to pick apart a guy that has a reputation for not putting up with bullshit. The more I've read about GNR the more I realize ALL of those guys were egomaniacs, not just Axl Rose. He was just villianized the most because he was the one who felt like he needed to control and maintain a group of maniac heroin junkies. He had his own faults for sure, but everything in the media is always magnetized. Unfortunately there'll never been a reunion and since GNR was never really ment to explode so hugely like they did, perhaps thats the way it needs to be...
    Uhm, no. Headline fail. He was on That Metal Show ON TV not too long ago...
    Yeah, the headline is wrong, but they did mark it as his first 'live' interview in about 20 years - not instantaneously live on tv, but filmed in front of a live audience. The one for That Metal Show was done in the middle of the night on a closed set with nobody else there.
    "First TV interview in 20 years" What about the interview he did on That Metal Show in 2011? I realize it was a live interview but it was still an interview on TV, which qualifies it to be a TV interview
    I feel like for such a notorious douche, I actually liked him during this interview... why couldn't he be this nice all the time?
    nice to see him so happy , he is still really youthful for someone who is 50.
    Another celebrity endorsing Obama. What a shocker.
    Celebs for the most part, have to publicly support Obama. Look on this site...the metal world is FULL of Liberals. I'm one of very few metal heads that carries a successful full time job, wife, kids and doesn't have an addiction or live with mom and dad.
    I got nothing against that I'm not even listen to much metal. I'm more of a punk guy.
    How does an stupid comment like this actually get thumbed up? Wow some people are really pathetic.
    There have been plenty of celebrities that have endorsed Mitt.
    Not really "plenty" but one celebrity endorsing Romney is too many.
    Trust me, they are out there. People like Victoria Jackson. *shudders*
    I don't even know who Victoria Jackson is I think I'll consider myself lucky.
    I bet if I told you where she got her fame you'd know instantly, but it's best not to look it up and remind oneself of that nightmare.
    If you scroll down past all three videos, his smile goes from non-existent to "holy shit I'm ****ing happy".
    Kimmel kind of ran the being-on-time jokes into the ground, Axl seemed cool. Don't care for GNR.
    Shows he's not as much of a dick as the media has portrayed him. Cool Interview, need more like this UG.
    I enjoyed watching this. Axl didn't seem like the complete d-bag a lot people make him out to be.