Axl Rose Gives First TV Interview In 20 Years, Reveals Support For Obama

artist: Axl Rose date: 10/25/2012 category: interviews

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Axl Rose Gives First TV Interview In 20 Years, Reveals Support For Obama
Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose has become notoriously reclusive in the past two decades, giving no interviews and generally keeping out of the public eye when not on stage with his bands. So it came as some surprise when Axl showed up on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, in what has been the most high profile non-musical appearance for the singer since the mid 1990s. During his appearance on the chat show (which can be viewed below), Axl made self deprecating comments about his notorious tardiness, telling Kimmel of the band's upcoming residency in Las Vegas: "We'll probably really go on at about the time we're supposed to really go on. As soon as I find out what that time is, or as soon as it's been negotiated." The host also revealed a plaque taken from the singer's home which reads "Punctuality is the thief of time." Axl explained that it was his favorite Oscar Wilde quote. The singer also revealed that he would not be voting in the U.S Presidential election. He did, however, state that, were he voting, he would vote to re-elect president Obama. Rose's support for the incumbent president mirrors that of fellow rocker Bruce Springsteen, who announced that he was backing Obama last week. The endorsement from the pair comes after a number of celebrity reactions to the second presidential debateappeared on Twitter. Rose recalled working in Tower Records during the mid 1980s with other members of the original line-up of Guns N' Roses and stated that he likes to leave the stage before solos saying that he "feels like an idiot standing at the side." The singer also had a burger truck parked outside the studio and provided the studio audience with vouchers to use it. Two pairs of tickets to a Guns N' Roses show were also given out during the interview.
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