Bullet For My Valentine Frontman Comments On Upcoming Album

South Africa's Voice Of Rock Radio conducted an interview with vocalist/guitarist Matt Tuck of Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine.

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South Africa's Voice Of Rock Radio conducted an interview with vocalist/guitarist Matt Tuck of Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine when the band played the One Night In Cape Town indoor festival on August 9, Blabbermouth reports.

Asked about Bullet For My Valentine's longevity and musical progression over the years, Tuck said, "I definitely think we've got longevity, 'cause we are longevity. We've been doing this eight years now and we're still at the top of the game of... we're still at the top of our tree of our style of music. I mean, no one's really kind of tried to take us over. So we have kind of taken the foot off the gas already a little bit with [2010's] 'Fever', and the album we just recorded, we've actually backed off a little bit again - not because we don't think people don't wanna hear heavy music, we've actually made it heavier by slowing down and less is more. Like Metallica's 'Black Album', you wouldn't necessarily call it a heavy album, but the sound of it is f--king heavy and it's big and it sounds timeless because of that. It's not a million miles an hour - it's big and heavy and loud. We're not trying to make a 'black' album, we're just trying to kind of take that theory of slowing down, putting less technical bits in and concentrating on the vocals and the meat and bones of the song."

According to Tuck, the recording sessions for Bullet For My Valentine's new album went more smoothly than those for the band's previous CDs, due in part to the experience of working with acclaimed rock producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte) on the group's last LP, the aforementioned "Fever". "We worked with Don Gilmore again on this new record we just finished," Matt said. "For me, it's a huge compliment that he really didn't have much input, 'cause on the last record he did, and it kind of opened my eyes to write differently and to think about, not slowing things down, but kind of... there's no restraint on screaming and restraint on a million miles an hour. It's not necessary, really. We've kind of done that [already]. So on this record, [he kind of] sat back and let me do it without having much input, which to me, knowing Don, is a huge compliment, 'cause it means I've kind of done it right by my own. So, yeah, we've definitely f--king nailed it on this record. I know it's a long way before coming out and anyone's gonna hear anything, but I've lived with [it] and I know what it is, and trust me, it's good."

"Fever" sold 71,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 3 on The Billboard 200 chart. "Fever" also landed in the Top Five in Australia, the U.K., Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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    "We're still at the top of the our tree". That's funny cause Machine Head are considerably better than your band.
    Bullet for my Valentine are "new wave British heavy metal" or melodic metal core. Machine Head are thrash.
    i honestly dont get why people hate bullet so much, the guitars are better than most bands, moose is one of the best drummers out there, jay kicks ass on bass, they have one of the best live acts out there today, this is the 4th album and people are still llistening,,thats when you know a band is great fellas...
    Most of you are comparing them to Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath..... compare them to bands now a days, Asking alexandria vs bullet obviously bullet wins, bullet vs bless the fail...er fall, bullet wins, bullet vs as i lay dying, bullet wins, I'd rather have guitar solos and original works vs crap that sucks dick a 1 year old can play because every song is an open note chugd. Bullet and Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium are this generations big 3 metal acts like it or not they can sell out arena's, festivals, land on the billboard 200 etc. (sorry for bad grammar late for an interview...)
    Pshh. Bullet is power ballad band compared to As I Lay Dying. Their sound has become way too commercialized,note the choice of the producer. But you do have a point about comparing them to the newer bands. They can't come close to Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath, and sound nothing like them.
    Although i was expecting a lot more from their single "Temper Temper" im still HELLA excited for this album. Fever was great, The Poison was oustanding, but SCREAM AIM FIRE was a top notch quality album all the way through. Love these guys, and can't wait to hear the new stuff.
    Im looking forward to this one! If its even half as good as the Fever, it'll probably be my favorite album of the year.
    whp ever says bullet sucks can suck on some shark dick, their music is brilliant no1 has even come closed to their harmonizing nor padges solos. its not about technicality its about the music "heavy" doesn't mean noise.
    Longevity? I didn't even know they still existed. I only know their pop-metal "your tears don't fall" song from like years ago.
    This album is gonna kick ass if its anything similar to axewound. I think both tempertemper and riot wer amazing. Riot has one of the nicest solos I've herd in a long time. And temper tempers drum beat and bass guitar are ****ing amazing . Everyone in Bfmv are over 30 years old now.... They aren't gonna sing about ther old X girlfriends like they did 10 years ago. ( tho sure ther will be a few classic love/hate heavy songs.
    So far the songs they have released have not been that great. I really liked their first two albums, but I guess they lost me with this one. I'll still await their next album, I haven't given up just yet.
    Can't wait now! Cba with waiting for new Slipknot album (never gonna come) but this will be great. Idc if its rock,as long as they release it. Axewound stuff was pretty decent (don't agree with 'Cold's music video; too bright). Btw, ignore my first comment....