Corey Taylor: 'It's Gonna Be A Couple Of Years' Before Fans See New Slipknot Album

Scotty Mars of "The Scotty Mars Show" conducted an interview with Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor.

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On July 11, Scotty Mars of "The Scotty Mars Show", which airs on the Live 105 radio station in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, conducted an interview with Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor, Blabbermouth reports You can now listen to the chat in two parts below.

On having to be carried off stage at a concert in Texas on July 10 after passing out during the final song:

Corey: "We played in Dallas, and it was really, really, really hot. I kind of had a heatstroke blackout. I finished the show, but I don't remember the last two songs. I woke up backstage. Apparently, I collapsed onstage. It was gnarly. It scared the crap out of me. It's one of those things where it's just like, 'Oh, yeah, we wear masks and coveralls in 110-degree heat. Yeah, it's awesome.' [laughs]"

On Slipknot's future following the 2010 passing of the band's bassist, Paul Gray:

Corey: "Obviously, we're taking a pretty big step with these shows and what-not. The biggest thing, for me, has been that we take the kind of baby steps to regroup. When Paul died, we were all over the world, really, and we came flying back for Paul. That was kind of a snapshot of where we all were - we were all kind of scattered, not just as individuals, but as bandmates. And I think Paul's death really kind of woke us up to just how far away from each other we were feeling. And we slowly but surely kind of just started to come together again as a family, really, and reconnect and really kind of find the joy in doing this again - just putting away petty squabbles and differences and what-not and really try to come together for that great reason, which was the main reason that Paul loved why we did it; he just loved this band. So we're taking those steps right now. There are some demos kind of moving around here and there, but it's still gonna be a slow process, because there's still a lot of people in this band who, we don't know how to feel about going into the studio without Paul Gray - it doesn't seem real to us, and I don't think it will until we actually step into that studio. So, for me, it makes more sense to really kind of get the music together slowly, surely - all of us contributing, all of us being able to say something, all of us being able to share something on this album, and then go into the studio, because I think then we'll be a little more prepared for it. It's gonna be a couple of years, but I promise we are thinking about it, and we're thinking about it seriously. It's just gonna take a little time. And I think the fans, they understand, and they're gonna give us all the time that we need."

On Slipknot's decision to carry on after Gray's death:

Corey: "As dark as it got, there was never a moment where we were like, 'The band is done.' Losing Paul was a shock, but in a lot of ways, when we first started talking about going out and doing the Sonisphere shows [in Europe], it was because Paul would have wanted us to keep going. But then getting out on that stage, we realized it was 'cause we - we - wanted to keep going, not just for Paul, but for ourselves. I mean, we achieved something that no one on this planet could have guessed. Nostradamus, on his best peyote trip, could have never figured out that Slipknot would be what it is today. So we've been able to kind of look at what we've achieved and go, 'You know what? We owe it to ourselves to keep going.' So we're trying to do the right thing and make the right decisions and just do it right, because that's what Paul would have deserved."

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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    Wonder if they will get Donnie to record bass with them. Of course, he'll need to sit in his own separate room and be allowed no feedback with the band. Wouldn't want to upset little Joey and the Clown!
    If he calls himself the Big Mouth, why can't he get his feelings down from Gray's death? They would be a bit stale in another couple of years.
    harvMM7x wrote: Does anyone really care anymore?
    Obviously those who want to listen to what Slipknot sounds like after the death of a band member.
    pwnadgebunny wrote: are you kidding me? they said they were gonna start recording it in early 2013. all hope is gone for this new album..
    And if we're going down the road of using titles in speeches, I don't want to Wait and Bleed and let Slipknot become Dead Memories.
    are you kidding me? they said they were gonna start recording it in early 2013. all hope is gone for this new album..
    Ffs, why didn't I go along with the trend of the earlier ineterviews?! So certain that they were going to do the album, but then comes Taylor denying anything the others say. Should have guessed...
    BloodyPumpkins wrote: Is it just me or Corey looks a ****ing lot like Varg Vikernes on that picture?
    Now you have said yeah, when he was in prison. Now Varg has a Long Beard and Long Hair.
    I ****ing knew it! I knew somebody would come out and say this after the news got out that they would record in 2013.