Dave Mustaine: ''Endgame' Is About People Being Run By The People Who Have Money'

artist: Megadeth date: 12/10/2009 category: interviews
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Dave Mustaine: ''Endgame' Is About People Being Run By The People Who Have Money'
Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine recently talked with PrisonPlanet.com's Alex Jones a syndicated radio personality and conspiracy theorist about his own personal awakening to the new world order, his recent conversion to Christianity after formerly dabbling with occultism, and how is he now using his music, namely Megadeth's recent critically acclaimed album, "Endgame", to educate his fans and the general public about the conspiracy behind the march towards global government. Mustaine explains how the artwork featured on the "Endgame" album symbolizes the enslaved masses being driven towards oblivion, and how America is disintegrating as a country, a fact which has forced Mustaine to prepare to move to Canada as a safer haven. Mustaine and Jones cover a plethora of subjects in the interview, including the primary reasons behind the assassination of JFK, and the meaning of some of Mustaine's songs, including those influenced by his training as a stockbroker. Mustaine discusses how he has tailored his art towards what eminates from his conscience rather than what is demanded of him from record labels and huge corporations, a compromise that the vast majority of people in the music industry constantly make. Mustaine tells Jones that the purpose of his music is about showing his fans how to become better people, by thinking more deeply about the world around them and what their own purpose in life really is. On how Megadeth's current "Endgame" tour with Machine Head, Suicide Silence and Arcanium is going: Mustaine: "The tour's been going really great. Machine Head is a great band. Played them on my [radio] station [Megadeth Radio]. And Suicide Silence is a new band that a lot of people are finding a lot of interest in. And the guys in the opening band, Arcanium. Very interesting band, too. I like the frontman. He's very timid backstage. But when he gets out on stage, he really besides the fact that he looks like he weighs about 80 pounds he really has got a great persona, and I was surprised. So I think that band's gonna have some good things... if he eats a couple of cheeseburgers. [chuckles]" On how the "message" from Megadeth's albums is getting out: "I had a guy from the UN [United Nations] actually call me up... Well, not call me up, but he said something about [Megadeth's 2007 album] 'United Abominations', and this shows you how pea-brained this guy was. At the very end, after he tried to discredit me, he says, 'Besides, I'm a Metallica fan anyways.' And I thought, 'What a twat.' 'Cause, I mean, I am part Metallica, so what are you saying?! That's like going up to somebody who is mulatto and saying they don't have white or black in them. I am part Metallica. So for him to say that, it just shows you why most of the people up there don't know what they're doing, 'cause you have people that are representing stuff saying childish things like that. That's sandbox mentality. You know what I mean?!" On what he believes the "endgame" is: "Well, me as a Christian, I believe that it's a one-world government, one-world currency. It's part of... My belief and I said so in [Megadeth's classic song] 'Holy Wars' is that it's part of the master plan. It's what I believe. I ascribed to that when I became a Christian. I know that there's gonna be a cataclysmic ramping up of all of these things we're seeing right now, and it gets worse and it gets worse and it gets worse. We're watching our country disintegrate right now, and it's scary. You know, when I start thinking that I'm gonna be moving with [Megadeth's Canadian-born drummer] Shawn Drover back up to Canada, that's scary. And that's what 'Endgame' is all about it's about educating our fans and showing them a little bit about what's going within the previous administration and that things haven't changed at all; it's just more of people being run by the people who have the money." You can watch this interview below: Part 1 Part 2 Thanks for the report to Blabbermouth.net.
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