Dave Mustaine Says He Doesn't Believe in Evolution

Megadeth frontman tells the story behind the "Super Collider" title and shares his views on God and science.

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In a recent interview with Shockwaves/HardRadio, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine discussed the new album "Super Collider," stories behind new songs and the recording process in general. When asked about the album title, Mustaine told an interesting story about the so-called God particle, sharing some of his views on science along the way by saying he "doesn't believe in evolution."

"I was up in Santa Barbara, and USA Today, as a newspaper, I started reading a long time ago because it had Sudoku in it. And there was a story in there about how they finally had identified the mass that goes around the molecules and stuff; it's called the Higgs Boson and we had done that with the Super Collider. And I thought, 'Wow, that's a really cool story.' Actually, the stuff's called the 'God particle.' And I thought, knowing how closed-minded people are with my faith and thinking that that's gonna change who I am as a person - which it did - and that that would also correlate into changing my guitar playing, which it didn't, I didn't wanna have a song called 'God Particle', because every village has its idiots, and unfortunately for me, a bunch of them follow me on the Internet."

"So we opted to call it 'Super Collider'. And this first song is kind of, like, a song about no matter how bad things get, come with me, we'll take the high road and we'll hang out and have a great time and we'll stick together until the end of the world, so to speak, when the world explodes like a Super Collider. Because the whole theory of the super collider is atoms swirling into one another at millions of miles an hour, I guess. I love the concept, I love the artwork that we have for this record - it's the Hadron Collider, and that is a remarkable machine."

The frontman then went on to say that although he can't see a way the Super Collider can affect lowering gas prices or "stop the dumbing down of America," he finds the machine itself fascinating, stressing that science can only reach him to a certain point.

"Science is really interesting. I mean, I don't believe in evolution, I believe in creation, so science only goes so far with me, but I really dig looking at that whole way that's set up with the tubing and the piping and the reactors and all the stuff that goes along with it. You have to see it for yourself."

As far as the new album songwriting process goes, Mustaine has revealed that the "Super Collider" saw a higher amount of involvement from guitarist Chris Broderick, while the rest of the band basically gave their usual input. When asked about working with producer Johnny K once again, the singer/guitarist went on to call him "a breath of fresh air," after already praising the producer on his Twitter account.

"Chris has gotten more involved in the songwriting, Shawn's still kind of at the same degree, although we haven't finished all the lyrics [at the time of the interview]. But Shawn, he's just happy to be here. David Ellefson has submitted a bunch of music, and at this point, right now, I think that with his... One of his strong suits is lyrics, so we've got a few more [sets of] lyrics we need to work on. And I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the band guys in that area, 'cause I've already sang nine of the 14 songs."

Some of the new song titles were also revealed and include "Forget To Remember," "Dance In The Rain," "The Blackest Crow," "Burn" and "King Maker." Mustaine gave a detailed explanation of each of these songs, reaching various subjects along the way, such as the fact that the new Black Sabbath album "13" has the same title as Megadeth's previous studio effort. "Sabbath just named their record '13', for God's sake," Mustaine commented. You can check out the full interview transcript and a more detailed story over at Blabbermouth.

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    I wonder if he believes in gravity.
    Does he believe in magnets? And how do they work?
    God pokes them and then they fly together with magic pixie energy. If they repel it's likely just Satan on drugs.
    "There is no such thing as gravity, it's just the devil trying to pull us under! But of course Obama isn't teaching that in schools, he wants us to be dumb!" To illustrate:
    He said so many things about his music in that interview, and everyone focuses on this??
    Exactly. Why worry about his beliefs? Who cares? I know that it doesn't affect me at all and it probably doesn't affect anyone else in any REAL way, at least no one on this site. He was on a tangent about the album, he never said (in this article at least) that we should believe what he believes.
    thank you so damn true he blieves in god, he doesnt believe in evolution, thats it cut n dry every needs to be less immature it doesnt affect me if these people do this but its annoying
    That's not exactly true, it has to affect you whether you want it or not. You can't look at him the same way if he talks so much stupid stuff and then when you listen to his music you can't just ignore all that even if you want to
    Because Megadeth's music hasn't been interesting since the 90s, maybe even since Rust in Peace. Now all Megadeth's good for is making fun of Dave Mustaine.
    "And I thought, knowing how closed-minded people are with my faith and thinking that that's gonna change who I am as a person - which it did - and that that would also correlate into changing my guitar playing, which it didn't, I didn't wanna have a song called 'God Particle', because every village has its idiots, and unfortunately for me, a bunch of them follow me on the Internet." Did Dave Mustaine really just call other people "close minded" and "village idiots"? This guy is dilusional.
    I'm only interested in hearing the new music, not his out of touch beliefs.
    Extremely well grounded theory backed up by decades and decades of research and evidence. A fascinating theory which makes perfect sense and explains the diversity of life to a T... nah God creating the world in 7 days. Talking serpents, making a man out of dust and a women out of a rib 6000 years ago... Way more plausible.
    I had a hardcore born again Christian friend a few years ago and he was saying the earth was 6000 years old. I said, "What about the dinosaurs?" He said, "there were no dinosaurs, that was all made up." I said, "What about carbon dating that shows dinosaur bones are millions of years old?" Same answer, "that's not real, it's all made up." His ability to completely ignore scientific fact was a major factor in the end of our friendship. Like Frank Zappa used to say, the point of the garden of eden story is eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge is forbidden.
    that chirstian is just an idiot, i believe in all that stuff i just domnt agree with the dates of all of it, look i know tons of born again christians and seen their life turn around, this may sound stupid but i know someone who was a pitcher in the minors of the MLB and he had a plate in his shoulder with xray proof and all of a sudden his arm was healed and the plate dissapeared and he hiimself could tell you that, so id like to see how there isnt any weirdness in that
    Well he has been christian for the last 10 years so this is pretty much a given. At least he doesn't go heavy on the preaching and doesn't just dismiss scientific discoveries the way a lot of christians do.
    The funny thing is that the super collider's whole purpose is to prove the big bang...
    I'm of the mind that evolution was god's method of making the earth. I don't think creationism and evolution have to be mutually exclusive.
    True creationism states that the Earth is 6000 years old. So... they kinda are mutually exclusive. I see your point though, I can understand believing in some kind of higher power, but as soon as you take any religious scripture seriously you're automatically inhibiting your own mental/spiritual expansion by believing in a set of ancient documents written when we really had no idea of how the world ACTUALLY works. Religion was our first attempt at explaining the universe, but when science disproves certain elements people refuse to have an open mind. Or some sh1t like that...
    I'm of a similar belief, kind of. Considering that evolution and the design of the Earth's species is so extremely complex, a possible explanation would be that there was a higher power involved in the creation of the universe, corresponding to deistic theory. However, the big question is if God is benevolent and responsible for the world's creation, how can there still exist cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's disease and all the other evils in the world? I don't believe in an opposite evil force (i.e. the devil, which is a Bible tale anyway) since it's scientifically proven that all creation comes from one source (Big Bang) and all individuals take decisions independently of a higher/lower power. And I don't think these evils exist just to make their victims martyrs in the afterlife, if there is one, so yeah, I'd say that is the biggest flaw in the question of God's existence and can be discussed until forever. Religion...
    Why does the sheer complexity of life hint at a deity being involved? I don't understand the connection.
    I think it's just because people really like the idea of some all-powerful being watching over them for all eternity. Also, I think many people just don't spend lots of time thinking about this so they just leave it open like that. I respect that a lot more than people straight up denying evolution without even understanding/wanting to understand it.
    If you can't understand the explanation, create a simpler explanation you DO understand and you will be more comfortable.
    Read up about evolution. Then you will understand it. It's not 'its just a theory', it's a fact. A scientific, proven with evidence, fact. Gravity is 'just a theory' but if you don't believe in that you don't start floating.
    The point of the theory isn't whether it exist or not, it's how we explain the effects. Gravity is in the end just a theory. If the theory is wrong it doesn't mean we should actually be floating, it means that our definition of gravity is incorrect. This is very possible considering just 200 years ago a lot of science theories were completely off to what we believe today. Light would be a big one. However, I will say that using the fact they're "theories" to prove there's a God is a bit flawed too. Theories they may be but they're still tested under observation and evidence to a level that would defunct religion rather quickly.
    ...Because we need people to die or else life isn't as special, and it helps population control.
    >Posts a theory (A THEORY) about how evolution can POSSIBLY be connected to the presence of a god, without making claims on the truth unlike other people on the page >Gets downvoted to hell What's not to love about the UG community...
    Religion & Metal - the epitome of incompatibility
    Christian metal?
    A christian metal band is like a vegetarian meal. No matter how good it is, it's still gonna be shit.
    I'm not too interested in Christian metal myself, but that is a terribly ignorant statement, to say the least.
    You've just never listened to Believer have you?
    Yes yes, Believer, Tourniquet and what have we all. But there are always going to be exceptions to rules. And the rule here is Christian metal sucks huge and vulgar amounts of donkey balls.
    Listen to Oh, Sleeper, August Burns Red, Hundredth...I keep going on how they dont suck "huge and vulgar amounts of donkey balls", while youll just talk smack about it behind a computer screen.
    Please don't use crappy -core bands to give Christian "Metal" merit. There have been actual Metal bands with Christian lyrics since the 70s, we don't need to bring in trend-followers who don't realize they're playing a commercially-bastardized form of a Punk sub-genre.
    Theres been trend followers since megadeth megadeth is a trend follower of metalloca due to mustaine and hes a trend follower and a new version maker of maiden and priest and sabbath theres nothing wrong with taking the idea and changing the music abit its what music is about
    Theres been trend followers since megadeth megadeth is a trend follower of metalloca due to mustaine and hes a trend follower and a new version maker of maiden and priest and sabbath theres nothing wrong with taking the idea and changing the music abit its what music is about
    "crappy -core bands?" What brought you to that conclusion. I didnt mention anything about Asking Alexandria-type bands..people are way too judgmental on these bands.
    Crappy -core bands. A large majority of Metalcore and Deathcore bands that have come out since Metalcore and Deathcore came commercially-viable trends. Basically: bands that are nothing compared to Botch, Converge, and early bands who actually were part of the Metalcore movement, not the Metalcore trend. What is happening with Metalcore and Deathcore now is the same thing that happened with Emo, Screamo, and even Post-Hardcore. It has gotten to such a point that you can't even go around talking about any of them without some doofus thinking MCR is the epitome of Emotive Hardcore, or how great Sonny Moore is. This kinda stuff happens when a genre like Punk (and yes, all these genres are Punk), most notable for it's rather strong hatred of all things commercial, suddenly becomes a commercial trend.
    Well still, if you were a little more open-minded, I wouldnt be calling the 3 bands I mentioned "crappy -core bands". Thats just flat out ignorant.
    And just because it isnt Converge or anything early doesnt mean it is NOT metalcore. Im not some Bullet for my Valentine fanboy either saying that theyre 'true metalcore'.
    Lord of This World is arguably a Christian Metal song, just as an example. It's from the devil's perspective, and it's basically about how the world is in love with evil and wickedness, but not willing to pay the consequences for it.
    as i lay dying is far from bad music
    @mustaine1940 Careful, People hate when you call AILD Metal. I call them that too, but most people call them Metalcore on UG I guess. Anyways, I totally agree. AILD is a bit different though because they do write stuff based on Tim's beliefs and what he sees in the world, but they aren't the same as say a band like Skillet or RED who sign on with labels and concert deals to promote their faith. Bit of a tangent, but yeah I LOVE AILD. Lyrics and music are amazing.
    Trouble is one of the greatest Doom Metal bands in existence, and many of their lyrics are Christian. Look, Metal has practically a monopoly of fantasy. That includes mythological fantasy. If you can deal with DnD, and you can deal with Satan, and you can deal with some neo-pagan viking wannabes, you can listen to some Christian lyrics. Otherwise, leave the ****ing hall.
    Whole sub-genres of metal only exist because they have religion to bitch about.
    naw, its more because of playing style and different characteristics bands share that help define a genre.
    Your probably right, other than the compatibillity of satan in metal. Now on to dave, Imagine being in a car with a tornado about to hit, (tornado being impending shit storm) you have two options, ride it out and hope to survive (representing not saying anything further about a stupid comment you told a newspaper) Or, get out of the car and flip off the tornado call it a ***** and hope it stops (representing makeing a comment about a controversial commnt you made) He is sorta ****ed no matter what he says at this point.