Dave Mustaine Says He Doesn't Believe in Evolution

artist: Megadeth date: 03/26/2013 category: interviews
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Dave Mustaine Says He Doesn't Believe in Evolution
In a recent interview with Shockwaves/HardRadio, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine discussed the new album "Super Collider," stories behind new songs and the recording process in general. When asked about the album title, Mustaine told an interesting story about the so-called God particle, sharing some of his views on science along the way by saying he "doesn't believe in evolution." "I was up in Santa Barbara, and USA Today, as a newspaper, I started reading a long time ago because it had Sudoku in it. And there was a story in there about how they finally had identified the mass that goes around the molecules and stuff; it's called the Higgs Boson and we had done that with the Super Collider. And I thought, 'Wow, that's a really cool story.' Actually, the stuff's called the 'God particle.' And I thought, knowing how closed-minded people are with my faith and thinking that that's gonna change who I am as a person - which it did - and that that would also correlate into changing my guitar playing, which it didn't, I didn't wanna have a song called 'God Particle', because every village has its idiots, and unfortunately for me, a bunch of them follow me on the Internet." "So we opted to call it 'Super Collider'. And this first song is kind of, like, a song about no matter how bad things get, come with me, we'll take the high road and we'll hang out and have a great time and we'll stick together until the end of the world, so to speak, when the world explodes like a Super Collider. Because the whole theory of the super collider is atoms swirling into one another at millions of miles an hour, I guess. I love the concept, I love the artwork that we have for this record - it's the Hadron Collider, and that is a remarkable machine." The frontman then went on to say that although he can't see a way the Super Collider can affect lowering gas prices or "stop the dumbing down of America," he finds the machine itself fascinating, stressing that science can only reach him to a certain point. "Science is really interesting. I mean, I don't believe in evolution, I believe in creation, so science only goes so far with me, but I really dig looking at that whole way that's set up with the tubing and the piping and the reactors and all the stuff that goes along with it. You have to see it for yourself." As far as the new album songwriting process goes, Mustaine has revealed that the "Super Collider" saw a higher amount of involvement from guitarist Chris Broderick, while the rest of the band basically gave their usual input. When asked about working with producer Johnny K once again, the singer/guitarist went on to call him "a breath of fresh air," after already praising the producer on his Twitter account. "Chris has gotten more involved in the songwriting, Shawn's still kind of at the same degree, although we haven't finished all the lyrics [at the time of the interview]. But Shawn, he's just happy to be here. David Ellefson has submitted a bunch of music, and at this point, right now, I think that with his... One of his strong suits is lyrics, so we've got a few more [sets of] lyrics we need to work on. And I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the band guys in that area, 'cause I've already sang nine of the 14 songs." Some of the new song titles were also revealed and include "Forget To Remember," "Dance In The Rain," "The Blackest Crow," "Burn" and "King Maker." Mustaine gave a detailed explanation of each of these songs, reaching various subjects along the way, such as the fact that the new Black Sabbath album "13" has the same title as Megadeth's previous studio effort. "Sabbath just named their record '13', for God's sake," Mustaine commented. You can check out the full interview transcript and a more detailed story over at Blabbermouth.
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