Dave Mustaine: The One Megadeth Riff I'm Most Proud Of

UG exclusive: "To play it right is one thing but to play it right and sing is a whole other ball game."

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Dave Mustaine: The One Megadeth Riff I'm Most Proud Of

UG interviewer Justin Beckner asked Dave Mustaine to single out the riff he's most proud of writing, to which he replied:

"Probably the riff in 'Loved to Deth.'

"That's one of my favorites because it’s really difficult to play and it's got a really cool funky rhythm pattern to it.

"So to play it right is one thing but to play it right and sing is a whole other ball game."

"Last Rites/Loved to Deth" is the opening track of Megadeth's 1985 debut album "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!".

Dave described it as his "version of a love song" dedicated to his girlfriend at the time, telling Metal Hammer:

"'Loved to Deth' was a 'boy-falls-in-love-with-girl, girl-doesn't-love-boy, boy-kills-girl' story. A lot of kids understand that 'If I can’t have you, no one will' mentality."

You can give it a spin below.

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    I always loved that riff during the verses of "Loved to Deth". The stuttering, off-time feel gives it a real chaotic quality. It makes me wonder why they never really did more of that on later albums.
    Why would he do more of the same? We're talking about Megadeth here, not Nickelback.
    Are you implying that Dave has never recycled his own material? That's pretty much what he's been doing from that Tg1rt3en album onward.
    Dave has been using material that he wrote decades ago for a long time. He apparently has hundreds of riffs and just draws from it when writing a new album, probably why riffs sound similar to stuff that they've already released at times. Certainly been going on for longer than Th1rt3en. Endgame and UA also had tons of old riffs, you can hear it.
    this is not saying he will play the exact same riff, it's just saying that he could use the same concept to create other riffs, and this is very different from 'do more of the same'
    The idea of using more off-time, "chaotic" riffs is a pretty broad statement.  I meant that I wonder why they didn't write that many more of those KINDS of riffs later on, not the same riff exact riff recycled. 
    YES! I love that syncopation feeling. You can find songs with that quality by watchtower if you haven't heard of them \m/
    When you really break down some of this stuff, and listen to the melodies, over riffs, and the singing, all that thrown in together, as others have said, my gosh it almost doesn't seem humanly possible. It is easy to take some of this for granted when listening,  Takes a certain mind, and a certain talent to do this complex stuff. But to think how much alcohol was involved most likely, is even more impressive considering the altered mind set, my goodness! 
    to me, don't think any riff will beat "Wake Up Dead" after the first solo 
    That riff you're talking about is the one that got me right into Megadeth. Still one of the heaviest riffs i've ever heard. Headbanging is a must. 
    I heard, he's thinking about rerecording the whole album. I 'd love to hear the songs in a better sound, but I'm not sure, if the singing would have the same raw and fierce "quality" nowadays.    
    I also feel like a riff like this would be completely lost on the band recording to a click track, which is pretty much how they do things nowadays.
    That´s the key, being able to play those kickin ass riffs and to sing at the same time, the only way i find it possible is that he´s using both sides of his brain in a high degree.
    shit that's a couple of complex riffs there, kudos for dave for being able to sing over that 
    Actually, this is his most complex riff/melody over which he ever sang:
    ;t=1m44s Here's a live performance of it, although the quality sucks:
    Virtually impossible to choose as the guitar riffs are Megadeths strongest forte, and each song has at least 3-6 different riffs, but if i was held at gunpoint i'd have to say Tornado of Souls...most chaotic? Poison was the Cures 4th lead guitar riff at around the 2.06 mark, followed by one of my favorite solos
    Every time I read something Mustaine says, it´s ALWAYS some kind of patting on his own back, "oooh I´m so good, don´t you forget that, I´m GOOD!! Look! Look!!" meh (opinion)
    Everyone talks about Holy Wars, THAT'S where the real deal is. How in the FUCK did he get to play and sing that without skipping a beat goes way beyond me
    Because some people just have the coordination skills to do it and some don't. There are plenty of great guitar players that can't sing at the same time. It's a matter of your brain's coordination.
    I can, it just takes practice. Holy Wars is way easier then Loved to Death last rites, I don't know even where to begin on that one.
    Yeah I know, I can play and do vocals of holy wars but last rites? that shit is insane, and chosen ones aswell.