Dave Mustaine: Who Would I Pick to Sing in Megadeth if I Only Played Guitar

UG exclusive: "A lot of times frontmen - unless they have their head screwed on right - can be complete assholes."

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Dave Mustaine: Who Would I Pick to Sing in Megadeth if I Only Played Guitar

Dave Mustaine was asked by UG interviewer Justin Beckner on who would he have gotten to sing for Megadeth if he only played guitar in the band, to which he replied:

"I remember when I was in Metallica, we were all excited about John Bush - I think his singing was good for Armored Saint but I don't think it was, in the long run, what I would have wanted.

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"Then Sean Harris, the former singer from Diamond Head - we were all in love with his voice. No one could sing better.

"But with that genius, sometimes comes lunacy and I think that when Diamond Head fell apart, most fingers point towards Sean.

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"A lot of times frontmen - unless they have their head screwed on right - can be complete assholes.

"I remember when we were auditioning people - that was excruciatingly painful to deal with some of the personalities that came in.

Asked whether "any of the people who auditioned went on to join bands that our readers might know," Dave replied:

"Nobody that I know of."

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    When Mustaine introduces the new singer to audiences: "Hello me, meet the real me."
    Mustaine' voice is weird to the point of being borderline cartoonish but after all of these years I can't imagine Megadeth without it... or any other band with it. It's one of those rare cases where not-so-good but extremely unique just really, really worked.
    Very well put. Not every musician is the best at what they do but we like them anyway
    Geddy Lee and Billy Corgan are the same for me. Not the greatest of voices but it ain't a Rush song unless Geddy does it. 
    That cartoonishness is part of the charm. Pretty much everything from Countdown on his vocals (at least on the records) are pretty good. There are silly parts but they fit the quirky, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are part of the Megadeth DNA. I think the main issue is his live vocals. Even during the Risk era when a deliberate attempt to legitimize his vocals was taking place, and WORKED (again, on the album) he was still phoning it in live. And when his abilities really took a turn for the worse around ten years ago it was obvious to this day he's making absolutely no effort to rectify it. He could easily be doing coaching and vocal warmups and exercises yet he seems to struggle with even the lower pitched stuff. Meh.
    I must be out of the loop, im not sure why many think dave is an A- Hole. Ive seen him in a few interviews and he seemed cool to me. No matter i love Megadeth and his personal attitude isnt going to change my mind
    "A lot of times frontmen - unless they have their head screwed on right - can be complete assholes. "Dave Mustaine"
    Notice how the question was "who would he have gotten to sing for Megadeth", and the answer starts off with "when I was in Metallica". No one asked about who would have sang for Metallica, just Megadeth. Just his regular crowbarring of how he was in Metallica into every interview.
    Honestly I wish Megadeth would have a different singer. I love the instruments and playing but I really can't stand Dave's voice.
    I don't get the downvotes. Mustaine sings like a cat who steppet on his balls. He's probably the worst singer in the genre. That's why Megadeth is not nearly as big as they could have been.
    Granted he isnt the best singer, but neither is Bob Dylan who is an icon in American culture and who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2016
    I like it, but I know tons of people who say the exact same thing. Great music, but that just can't get past his voice.
    Dave was drunk, ranting on how much Metallica sucks and poured A Tout Le Monde on the interviewer's voice recorder.  But on serious note I think Megadeth would be obscure or even doomed to disappear completely if they had anyone else other than Dave on vocals. I doubt he could have kept any singers longer than his other bandmates. It's not a good thing that vocalist would change every couple of albums. Dave is the perfect choice in good and bad because his voice has always been there and makes the band recognizable and unique even if it's somewhat polarizing. If they wanted popular "music" success especially these days they should just program drum machine and hire some Kardashians to put some cellulite on display. And that's not what Megadeth's about, right?
    John Cyriis of Agent Steel says he was asked to sing for Megadeth originally, but that Mustaine got along with him so badly that he won't even acknowledge the fact that he auditioned for the band.