Destruction Unveil Plans For 25th Anniversary Documentary During 2008

Destruction / Headhunter frontman discusses the reformation of Headhunter, their upcoming album and Destruction's 25th anniversary plans.

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In a brand new and recently published interview by Lucem Fero's Welsh interviewer Anthony Morgan, Destruction / Headhunter frontman discusses the reformation of Headhunter, Headhunter's upcoming album, the music style of Headhunter and Destruction's 25th anniversary plans. A few excerpts from the interview follow:

Lucem Fero: Could you tell me when you got the idea of bringing Headhunter back to life?

Schmier: Yeah, it's always been in demand. I was very busy with Destruction over the last few years, but people always kept asking about Headhunter. Over the last few years, I've had plenty of ideas and riffs. They possibly wouldn't have fit in Destruction, and that's because they were more traditionally metal somewhat. On the outset, Destruction was very very busy touring and releasing albums. Since we had a little bit more space this year, I considered at least re-releasing the Headhunter albums for the first time. Many people have always been asking for their re-release in the last seven or eight years, and it's almost been a pain in the ass question; "When will the Headhunter albums get re-released?". They haven't been released anywhere in the world except for Germany, neighbouring countries and Japan. I was surprised about that, and so there was some major discussion as to why it all started first of all. Right now, it feels good. To me, it's a nice, extra opportunity, outside of Destruction, to do something that also deals with music. You'll be recording a new Headhunter album, and it'll be released next year. Is that correct? We're working on the album right now, and we would love to release the album straight away. I hope it's going to happen in 2008, and we'll see how special it's going to be. We're feeling so good now that we're going to be able at least to bring out the album during spring next year. At least in the beginning of 2008, we can play some festivals with Headhunter. That would be really great. Last month, Destruction performed at the Wacken Open Air festival for a live DVD. Yeah. It's going to be released on a live DVD next year. Would that be released on the same date during August of next year? We're going to issue a whole DVD next year, and that'll be for Destruction's twenty-fifth anniversary. It's going to be a huge release. I'm working with the label right now, and trying to arrange it so that there's some special bonus material on our next album. There's possibly going to be some Wacken tracks as a special bonus, and some other bonus tracks on the next album as a twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of sorts. I want to get in touch with all the old Destruction members though, and have them talk about their time with Destruction. It'll be a massive documentary about Destruction, and that documentary will be included on the twenty-fifth anniversary album's bonus DVD. Of course, all that will include some Wacken tracks. The full length DVD will be out towards the end of next year. The documentary is definitely going to include the contributions of all the ex-members, and so on. So it won't be one of those biographies which attempt to rewrite history so to speak? It's going to be a nice track for the twenty-fifth anniversary album's bonus DVD. We'll talk about how everything started, and our original drummer will be involved in that. We'll then talk about the split with all the people involved, and it's definitely going to be a great look back. It's different though, and that's as we hadn't spoken to those people for many years. It's nice that we're all friends again, and that we can still talk about this. Also, it's nice we can show it to the fans. It'll be a real documentary, and will include all the actual people involved at the time. That part will be included on the twenty-fifth anniversary album's bonus DVD - it comes out on August 27th I think. To access the entire interview go to this location.

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