Dethklok: 'We Like to Sacrifice One Fried Chicken Before Each Show'

The creator of "Metalocalypse," Dethklok, and "Galaktikon" had a spare moment between guitar riffs to address Ultimate Guitar readers' questions.

Dethklok: 'We Like to Sacrifice One Fried Chicken Before Each Show'
The creator of "Metalocalypse," Dethklok, and "Galaktikon" had a spare moment between guitar riffs to address Ultimate Guitar readers' questions. After conking Skwisgaar in the head with his Thunderhorse, tying up Pickles, locking Toki in another room and threatening Charles with a lawsuit, Brendon took some quality time to send along the following. Immediately upon completion, Skwisgaar got up off the floor, Pickles untied his bonds, Toki picked the lock and all three confronted the guitarist and beat the shit out of him.

Wininacan: Why did you have your lawyers tell all sites to take down your tabs and stop your fans from being able to learn your music?

Brendon: Dear Complainacan, my lawyers didn't do that. I believe it would have been Turner Broadcasting's lawyers who took it down. I'm sure that deep down in your heart you know the tab books weren't ever meant to be free. What kind of business model would that be? However, you can always buy it. And if you can't afford it, you always have your ears - that's free - figure it out! I just played with amazing kids - 10- to 17-year-olds - who nailed the toughest Dethklok stuff by ear. Figuring out by ear just makes you a much more solid musician. Soooorrrry but it's truuueeeeeeeee.

starlong: Brendon, I understand that you wanted to finish Metalocalypse with a mini-series but Adult Swim refused because of money and (more importantly) because they ams dildos. Have you considered crowd-funding to finally finish what is the most zazzy comedy of all time?

Brendon: I've gotten only murky answers regarding the possibility of crowd-funding with Turner. Sorry for such a vague answer.

Mootallica: Fans have desperately been awaiting the release of Season 5 of Metalocalypse. What is the current situation for the final conclusion? Is there any chance for it to be made on Netflix?

Brendon: Here's all that I know: I have a final story I really like, and I think since Hulu currently has a license for the streaming rights I believe that would be a good place for the final story. If they were to partner with Adult Swim, then maybe we'd have a place for the shows that still have a strong audience that the network can no longer afford. Get on Twitter or Facebook and tell Hulu how much you love "Metalocalypse" and who knows what'll happen?

dave746: Pickles, what is the best drug/drug combination in the world, and why?

Pickles: It's very simple: a hot tub filled with liquid cocaine and a snifter of brandy. "Why?" you ask?

Batmaniak: How come Skwisgaar has never been on the G3 tour?

Skwisgaar: Goods questionsk Batsmaniasks! I has been askeds before, but outs of niceness dey alsos askes Toki toos. Ughs. What's a bummers, rights? Whats? Ams we's connecteds at de hips or somethings? I woulds wants to do a Gs3s to gets aways from Tokis.

RJDfan666: Will Dethklok ever play a live acoustic grandpa's guitars set?

Nathan: Two words: FUCK NO... I mean maybe.

Peres.T.Peanut: Pickles, any chance we get another Snakes N' Barrels album with you?

Pickles: I'd love to do it but Snizzy Snazz has fallen off the wagon again and disappeared. We think he might be in Mexico somewhere. So you know, if he's not beheaded by the Mexican cartel den maybe we can reunite?

josonmj: Skwisgaar Skwigelf and Brendon Small: I find it difficult as a newbie guitarist to do an effective warm-up before I jam or practice. What warm-up routines would you recommend for someone like me? How important are these?

Brendon: To warm up I do a lot of legato straight 8th note exercises at very slow tempos (sometimes three note per string scales). Focus on accuracy and not pressing too hard. After 15 minutes you'll find that as long as you don't strain yourself that your hands will be warm and relaxed and ready for some real playing.

Skwisgaar: To warms up my hands, I soaks my hands in a bowls of warms panda milks. Very expensives but it's warms ups my fingers!

quivering.sores: Did you write the music before you created the show or was it a write-as-you-go kind of journey?

Brendon: I spent four months writing a ton of music after I initially sold the show. My tendencies are to make everything more melodic and I heard that in my early demos so I kept tuning lower and putting uglier riffs together and then it started sounding like what would be Dethklok. However, all the stuff I wrote that was too melodic would end up becoming "Galaktikon." After that I just wrote music as I was writing scripts. They both evolved together.

wursty: Brendon, are there any plans on bringing out an Epiphone version of the Snow Falcon? I have the Epi version of the Thunderhorse and love it. The only changes I did was replacing the burstbuckers with a Gibson 500T and 496R and installing a killpot.

Brendon: Epiphone Snow Falcon will be a reality very soon. I was just sent a prototype and it's great! And customizing your axe is part of the fun of being a guitarist. Also be on the lookout for the Gibson Snow Horse - that guitar will rule!

wursty: What are your current plans as of touring and/or releasing a new album? I'm currently recovering from facial reconstructive surgery due to my face melting from the "Doomstar Requiem" release. I'm using a Braille keyboard so I can type since I'm blind now because my eyes blew out of my head.

Brendon: See below re: new music. But I am very glad you enjoyed "Doomstar"! Those songs are still stuck in my head.

Aryan Death Man: Skwisgaar, what is the best sexual encounter you ever had?

Skwisgaar: As we all knows: de best sex ams with yourselves.

17thmoon: Who are Skwisgaar and Toki's favorite guitarists?

Brendon: I think Skwisgaar loves all the shredders that ever lived from Yngwie to Steve Morse to Satch and Vai and I think Toki's favorite guitarist is Skwisgaar.

thenerdette: Hey band! Kind of a random question, but so many are dying to know. Where exactly did Charles even come from? He doesn't seem like he would've been someone in your friend's circle/s. Did he just show up one day offering to manage you guys? Was he a fan first?

Brendon: I would tell you Charles' origin story but then I'd have to Hamburger Time you...

pinheadslts75: What is the hardest Dethklok song to play live?

Brendon: It took me a really long time to get the riff and vocal happening for "Burn the Earth." The riff is in a repeating 3/4 and the vocal is in 4/4. And it's a nonstop 8th note, tendonitis-inspiring pattern. Not the hardest riff but when you combine all of that, it starts to get to be real tricky.

mar158: When you guys take Dethklok on the road again, what bands would you want on the billing as support?

Brendon: I'd like to take Don Rickles [comedian] and one of those Peruvian pan flute bands... and Gojira.

Leather Sleeves: Brendon and Skwisgaar, who are the main musical influences upon the music of Dethklok?

Brendon: I love classic thrash and I love Brian May and Queen's baroque take on rock. And I found out that when you combine the two and some sounds of modern extreme metal you get Dethklok.

Skwisgaar: I ams influenceds bys myselfs.

sindreoaland: Skwisgaar, why do you play lead guitar with an Explorer and not a V? Dat fat neck must be a pain in the rævhål.

Skwisgaar: If you knows anythings about guitars dens you knows dat de fatters de necks, de betters de tones. But de V's ams prettys goods toos and de necks are actullys pretty similar.

brak1919: To Brendon: will you continue to make Dethklok albums after the final season finally happens? And/or will you make another "Galaktikon" album because that album was awesome?

Brendon: I have a lot of demos that I've been cranking away on over the last year. And I'm really digging some of them. I might just put out something that's a hybrid - a Galakti-Klok style thing not too long from now.

karma_wreck: Dear Dethklok, do you guys have any pre-gig rituals to rev yourselves up for the show?

Nathan: Oh yeah we do! We like to sacrifice one fried chicken before each show. And then we draw pentagrams on our stomachs with ranch dressing. Then we know it's time to kick some ass...

pinheadslts75: To Dethklok. What was the worst concert you ever played?

Nathan: The worst shows we do are the ones where we have collective diarrhea during while we're playing.

Pickles: Which happen to be most of the shows.

Nathan: Yeah.

Skwisgaar: Yeah.

Toki: Yeah.

Murderface: Yeah [diarrhea shits his pants].

Nathan: Goodnight, folks.

Interview by Steven Rosen (C) 2015

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    Just threw in a silly question, but that's awesome, I got an answer from Nathan! .... Brütal.
    Awesome! Got two of my questions answered, Need to start saving up now for the Snow Falcon.
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