Disturbed Guitarist Addresses Breakup Rumors

Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan was interviewed on July 27 by Cindy Scull of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas radio station 97.1 The Eagle Rocks.

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According to Blabbermouth.net, Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan was interviewed on July 27 by Cindy Scull of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas radio station 97.1 The Eagle Rocks. You can now listen to the seven-minute chat at this location. A couple of excerpts follow below.

On the rumor that Disturbed will break up after completing the South American tour in August:

Donegan: "What it comes down to is ever since the start of this band, we've always had a game plan of what comes next after each thing. So it's always been 'write, record, tour, let's go home for a month, let's start writing again, do the same thing all over again.' So it's always been laying out future plans. This time around, we just haven't really gotten to those discussions yet. We know that we're coming to the end of this touring cycle and we just haven't planned on what we wanna do next."

"I really don't know [if Disturbed is breaking up]. I don't have a clear answer because I'm not sure where everybody's head's at at the moment other than we're having a great time out on tour, we're going out big, we're carrying big production, we wanna end this on a big note. I think we're not ready to sit down and have the discussions of when we wanna get back together or if we're gonna. So we're kind of winging it."

On Disturbed singer David Draiman's comment in a July 13 interview with Boise's KQXR radio station that the band has "some things going on internally" and "some personal things going on" that may be contributing to the group's decision to go an in definite hiatus:

"I don't know if he said that. That might have been taken out of context. It's been a long marriage for us and we're very fortunate that our career has lasted well over a decade and going strong. But like I said, this is something new to us. We're not sure how we're gonna feel coming off the road and not having a game plan. So it's really hard to predict if some of us are enjoying that or if some of us are missing that. So it's just really all gonna be a new experience for us."

On how everyone is getting along in the band:

"It's different because now we all live in different states. As we got older and starting families, we're all in different states. I'm the only one left in Chicago, and Mike [Wengren], our drummer, moved up to Milwaukee, and David moved to Austin, and John's [Moyer, bass] from Austin. So we're split up anyways. The only times we're really together is when it is time to tour or if it's time to write and record."

On whether it's true that Draiman just got married:

Donegan: "He'll be getting married once the touring is done; he's gonna get married as well... The other three of us are married and David is the last one left. We've all gotten married being in this business and learning how to balance out family and career and all that. Everything is good. We'll all be going to the wedding. [laughs]"

On whether he would say that the 2012 "Music As A Weapon" tour is definitely off:

"Yeah, that's definitely off. We have no intentions of touring anytime soon."

On whether any of the Disturbed members are talking about pursuing solo careers:

"No. I mean, I'm not saying that it's impossible or that it won't happen, but we really haven't... Our discussion about this probably lasted five minutes, so we really didn't talk about what anybody wants to do in the 'off' time. So I don't know what they wanna do. Each guy could have a different thought and feeling on that, too. We're not making a plan this time. We're happy to be on these tours - [Rockstar Energy Drink] Mayhem [Festival] and South America - and then that's it. When we start getting the itch, if that day comes five months from now or five years from now, then we'll discuss what we wanna do then... This is an adrenalin rush and a high for us, so I don't know if I'm gonna be going through withdrawals of being away from it... You know what?! I'm just gonna go back to being a fan again and go out to concerts and look for inspiration again."

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    i like that last line. I really think thats what they need to do over the next few years.
    They get a lot of flaming, but I've always had a soft spot for Disturbed. David's voice is simply incredible. I hope they take a break for a couple years and come back strong with fresh inspiration.
    I think David's voice is part of the problem though. I was supposed to see them last October in New York and they had to cancel the show (and others) because of a recurring and potentially career-threatening throat issue. Like you said, they get flamed a lot, and say what you will about them, but they are a very hard-working band in terms of their touring schedule and consistent album releases. They deserve a break.
    I'm liking the off time these guys are contemplating. I'm a fan of Dans guitar work. When they come back, I imagine they'll be heavy again.
    ...We're having a great time out on tour, we're going out big, we're carrying big production, we wanna end this on a big note...
    With all the money I'm sure they're making, I'd hope they would have a big production now. There's got to be something there to entertain people. I've seen them live, and the band can't do it by themselves.
    I think it's kinda stupid how everyone hates on this band 24/7 but then when they talk about breaking up everybody goes to thinking they're cool again. They haven't been good for years, they've lost it. Time to let go
    I've loved everything these guys have done Would be a shame if they broke up, but that's life.
    In my opinion these guys lost their "appeal" after Ten Thousand Fists. Everything that followed was tired and more of the same. They DO have a completely original sound as a band. Great chunky tone and impressive, original (and SLIGHTLY goofy sometimes) vocals but I have mad respect for them as a band. I've seen them twice and they put on a killer show with a lot of energy. But like i said, I didn't care for their last 2 releases hardly at all. A hiatus would be great bcuz Disturbed is a band that IF and WHEN they come back they have the potential to come back with a bang. Something truly great. If they REALLY tried. Theres a potential for something epic. But it HAS to be fresh!
    I like Disturbed and I always have. I did have kind of a higher expectation after The Sickness, but I'm not going to lie, I love all of their albums. They all have a different appeal to me. I do hope for another Sickness-like album after this break and if they ever do get back together, and they really do deserve the break.
    This band Rocks!! I"ve followed them for a long time and seen them in concert. They have a distinct originality in vocals, drums, and guitar. It would be sad to see them go. There message speaks to a mass number of people who can appreciate there talent and I will always be a fan.