Emperor's New Video Interview

artist: Emperor date: 08/21/2007 category: interviews

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MetalKult.com has posted a new video interview with Emperor's Ihsahn in which the Norwegian black metal singer/guitarist talks about a range of topics, including the motivation behind his group's early diabolical image, his feelings on Emperor guitarist Samoth and ex-drummer Faust's incarcerations and how he managed to avoid trouble in Norway's treacherous Nineties black metal scene. "I admit I was very caught up in the whole thing," says Ihsahn of the criminal actions and controversial views held by the Norwegian black metal scene. "But I've always been much more interested in the musical and lyrical side of things, and I've never been a violent person... I play it safe, in a way." The video was filmed in New York City on 1st June, 2007, while Emperor were in the city for one of only three U.S. tour dates. Also on MetalKult.com is live footage of "Curse You All Men!" from that show. Thanks for the info to Blackmetal.co.uk.
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