Evile Frontman Discusses Debut Album 'Enter The Grave'

Evile frontman Matt Drake discusses the group's signing to Earache Records, debut album "Enter the Grave" and the works of Slayer and Metallica.

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In a brand new and recently published interview by Lucem Fero's Welsh interviewer Anthony Morgan,Evile frontman Matt Drake discusses the group's signing to Earache Records, debut album "Enter the Grave", collaborating with Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Artillery, Morbid Angel, Blind Guardian) and the works of Slayer and Metallica. A few excerpts from the interview follow:

Lucem Fero: Could you give me an introduction to Evile's debut album "Enter the Grave"?

Matt Drake: It was recorded with Metallica's previous producer Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark. The album is ten tracks of thrashy goodness. I'm actually really proud of it, and I'm really chuffed. We wanted to go into the studio and record an album that was modern, but with that eighties feel to it. We weren't sure who to get to do it, though we looked at people like Andy Sneap. You said that Andy Sneap has a more specific kind of sound. Yeah. He has a set way of approaching the production of an album. Well, he seems to. I don't know his tricks, but that's personally not what I imagined the sound being for this album. I didn't see it being that way, though I don't know about the other guys in the band. "Tempo of the Damned" (2004) is one example, and I didn't see it sounding like that. I wanted it to have a more looser, somewhat live'ish feel to it. For a laugh, we just thought; "Oh, Flemming Rasmussen.. Why not? Hahaha, let's email him for a laugh". "Sure he'll record our album?". "Yeah, fucking hell!". What films were you inspired by for your lyrics on Enter the Grave?

Obviously "First Blood" (1982). "We Who Are About To Die" came out when I watched "Gladiator". "Bathe in Blood" is inspired by a local urban legend about Countess Bathory. Apparently, she killed virgins back in her day. So she could keep onto life, she'd bathe in their blood. She'd gain her youth from their blood, and I thought that'd make such a great song. "Burnt Alive" was just about..

I read that there might be a tour during 2008 with Exodus. Ooh, did you read that? That's what I read. Yeah, hopefully. There might be. There might not be that much chance of it now, but the situation is changing all the time. How far have talks progressed for Evile to support Exodus in America? It's at a really early stage, so it's just been floated around. We got told the following; "Exodus have got a new album out, and they're going to tour next year. We can probably get you guys on that". We said; "Please God do because that'd be fucking brilliant". Would a tour of that nature get Evile's name out to the American heavy metal fans? I hope so, and thought it would do. Exodus have got a big name; if we toured with them, then that would help us a lot. Are there any films that you think you're going to write songs about in future? Yeah. I want to write a song about "Aliens" (1986). Sigourney Weaver? That's right. I need to write a song about "Aliens", but I want to do it in a slight way. I don't wish to write something like "Alien Queeee-een!!" thump-thump-thump as I want to get away from that. To access the entire interview go to this location.

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    IMO, Evile are the worst band of this thrash revival. Municipal Waste pull off the whole crossover thing, but Evile just sound like a bad amalgamation of the Big 4 of Thrash.
    I kind of agree... Municipal Waste pretty much defined their side of thrash and did it extremely well... As for Evile being 'worst band of thrash revival'... Meh, Too harsh.. Good effort
    Why has this been put in the news again? Anyhoo, I take back the 'worst thrash revival band' thing. Sure there are probably worse, but Evile are far from my favourites. Big step down for Rasmussen.
    Big step down for Rasmussen
    no way. enter the grave kicks the shit out of any other thrash album ive heard for a while. "Alien Queeee-een!!" would be rad!
    Evile = bets new thrash band. They were even better than Megadeth in Nottingham the other day. if you dislike Evile, you're not a metal fan and you can stfu and gtfo!