Ex-Escape The Fate Vocalist Ronnie Radke Breaks His Silence After Prison Release

Radke opened up about his new band's forthcoming music, what jail was like, how he's changed and how he feels towards Escape The Fate.

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Former Escape The Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke is out of prison, after spending nearly two-and-a-half-years there. He has finally broken his silence since his prison release and has talked about his forthcoming music, what jail was like, being sober, how he's changed and how he feels towards Escape The Fate and his replacement, Craig Mabbitt.

In January 2008, the 27-year-old was convicted of battery with substantial bodily harm for his role in a high-profile May 2006 fight in his hometown of Las Vegas that left 18-year-old Michael Cook dead. Radke originally avoided jail time, but after violating terms of his probation, he was sent to prison in August 2008. While incarcerated, Radke started a new band, From Behind These Walls, which is now known as Falling In Reverse. The band are planning to leave next week for Orlando, Florida, to record their debut with producer Elvis Baskette.

AP: How was your first weekend free?

Ronnie Radke: It was a lot of anxiety. I can't be around too many people, and I'm nervous and shaky. Today was a lot easier. I went to the mall for the first time, and there were people trying to film me to put on YouTube. I ducked and I covered my face. Getting back to reality, you know?

That's intense.

It is. I'm the same person, but a lot has changed, though. [I'm] sober now and sticking to it. All I want to do is workwork on my record and my career. That's the main focus.

So far, what's the biggest change for you being out of prison?

The biggest change is trying to adapt to my surroundings. It's harder for me, because I'm more famous than before I went to prison. Like, way more. I didn't realize how famous I got since I went to prison. I got fan letters, but I didn't realize it blew up like that. I get out, and everywhere I go, it seems like people know either about it or are a big fan. I don't know, I got a lot more eyes on me than a normal prisoner would, right? It's hard to get used to, but I'm doing it, though. I'm doing pretty good.

There are a lot of people around you in the past who didn't have your best interests at heart and were bad influences. To get clean and stay clean, you almost have to cut people out.

It's almost impossible when the dudes in your old band were doing drugs with you. When the ball drops, when everything starts crumbling, there's only one person to blame after that. That's when you figure out who your real friends are, if you know what I'm saying. It's like all of a sudden, it's all my fault. [Escape The Fate bassist] Max Green used to help me get drugs. He used to help me steal money. He used to drive me around cause I never had a license, so he was the one that was driving the van. We'd stop at places and we'd sell our merch to get drugs. And it was him driving. [A representative for Green, who is currently in rehab, declined to comment at this time. ed.]

I remember Brett Gurewitz from Epitaph RecordsI had just got out of jail for these traffic tickets, and he's like, You gotta go to rehab. And he's like, Max, I'm trusting you to pick him up and take him straight to rehab. [Green was] like, Yeah, man, I got it. No one knew Max was a drug addict then. He kept it on the down-low. Right when I got out, Max was like, We gotta go to rehab. But do you want to stop at the drug dealer's house first? I was like, Yeah. Seven days later, I finally went to rehab.

Have you talked to Green lately? When's the last time you've talked to him?

He's never written me one letter, no. All [Escape The Fate] do is talk shit about me.

So you haven't talked to anyone in the band?

No, they've never written me any letters. Not even one.

Do you miss them?

No. Well, at first, when I first went in, it was so fresh, I would miss them. Then it just started getting like, Oh, he got caught with heroin. They'd start making up lies. He's addicted to heroin, in prison. He got caught with heroin. Fuck him. Go suck his dick, to, like, 13-year-old children while onstage. They're telling these kids, you know, Fuck the old singer. He just got caught with heroin, he's going to be in there for a long-ass time. This next song's called Situations,' and then go sing my song. It's just like, I don't know. I don't want to talk to [Green]. We're not friends. We'll never be friends after that. How could you be friends with somebody that would do that to you? Plus for knowing you for so long, too. That's, like, heartless, you know?

Ronnie Radke has written about 25 songs that are done, and 30 miscellaneous. His new band Falling In Reverse is planning to enter the studio in Orlando, Florida, to record their debut with producer Elvis Baskette.

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    Arky17 what the... are you talking about? Man don't even get on if you're not a fan. seriously. If you don't like Radke than GTFO cuz you cant be a fan of ETF without being a fan of Radke. He MADE the band what it is today. No doubt about it! He was stabbed where it hurt, and he's just gonna stick it right back at them with Falling In Reverse. Dude... don't criticize what you just don't understand!!!
    Ronnie is an AMAZING VOCALIST! He went through with the entire jail time issue and made a PHENOMENAL recovery!!! It's sad he isn't in Escape the Fate anymore, Ronnie's voice is what made the band AMAZING! Now that Craig is the lead vocalist, well I dont have much respect for them anymore. Ronnie's new band Falling in Reverse is OUTSTANDING!!! I love the new group and there is so much more depth and meaning behind every lyric!!! I love Falling in Reverse and CAN'T wait for more music to be published!!! Good luck Ronnie and Falling in Reverse in general!!! :
    thats not going to happen becuase his new shit is shit it sounds like a cat died in his mouth
    Actually Listen To Raised By The Wolves, or The Drug In Me Is You By Falling In Reverse, It's Pretty Good
    I feel sorry for Ronnie. I don't blame him for not wanting to talk to Max again. Glad he didn't drop the soap though. And I'm glad he's out of prison. I'd rather listen to Ronnie's new shit than "ETF" new shit.
    Exactly Ronnie should tell ETF to shove it up their.... ETF is nothing without Ronnie, what Max did was wrong, decietful and scandalous. I can't blame Ronnie for not wanting to talk to Max.. he lied and framed Ronnie for something he did aswell. ETF has lost so many followers thanks to Max.. I hope he's happy.. ETF is going no where and Ronnie's just blossiming.. If it was me that got framed I'd rise up and beyond them :3 I love You Ronnie.. and Max can suck a .....
    Craig has got nothing on Ronnie. I'm glad Ronnie is back and his new stuff is already shoving it in ETF's face, best music I've heard in a long time! Would be awesome if FIR could make it to Oppikoppi one year but don't think that will happen, so I rate I'll go all the way to the U.S just to see them perform, all the way from South Africa Can't wait to hear the new songs the King can come up with
    Looking forward to hearing new stuff now. I honestly hope he sticks it to ETF and they become nothing more than an after thought.
    (Looking forward to hearing new stuff now. I honestly hope he sticks it to ETF and they become nothing more than an after thought.) thats not going to happen becuase his new shit is shit it sounds like a cat died in his mouth
    soul eater4444
    honestly ronnie is my idol but without the drug part but i dont think any less of him for doing drugs or stealing money and i hope he givesETF what they deserve a great big kick in the @$$!!!!!
    BassDante wrote: interested in seeing how it compares to etf's first album.
    Oh yeah it shoyuld be pretty interesting
    Darkhorse V
    ETF is at least twice as good without Radke. He's an entitled prick with Dave Mustaine syndrome. You're a dumb@$$ and your band is better without you. Get over it. Slandering them won't help your career, it just makes you look like a child. Good luck with Falling Faceward!
    I hope it works out for him, but in the full interview it doesn't sound to me like he's learned as much as he is claiming to have learned...