Fort Hope: Exclusive First Interview

artist: Fort Hope date: 01/14/2013 category: interviews
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Fort Hope: Exclusive First Interview
During 2012, My Passion was a band who was on the cusp of something big. Having racked up a CV that included several well received European tours, the release of two well-received full length records and high-profile appearances on the cover of Kerrang! they were climbing their way up the rock music ladder, something which the release of their third album looked set to cement. And then, on December 3rd 2012, after six months of relative silence following a performance at Download Festival, came the surprise announcement that the band was calling it a day. Yesterday (12/01/2013) evening, former My Passion members John Gaskin, Ande D'Mello, Simon Rolands and Jamie Nicholls announced the formation of a new band called Fort Hope, releasing a new song entitled Control via their Facebook band page. Now, Ultimate-Guitar has an exclusive first interview with the group, talking with guitarist Ande D'Mello about life after My Passion and the direction for the new band: What was it that inspired you guys to keep working together after the dissolution of My Passion? We are all very keen on creating music. We've all been doing it from a very young age and the dynamic between the 4 of us is just so good. It would be a shame not to continue working together. After My Passion split we had long chats about where we wanted to go from there and the 4 of us seemed to really be on the same page. In terms of new material, what sort of thing can we expect? Do you see what you are doing as a continuation of the My Passion sound or as a step into new territory? This is totally new for us! It's still rock, it's still dramatic but we've lost the synths and we've picked up a few new things. The music is a lot more melodic with some post-rock inspired atmospherics and I think the appeal will be much further reaching. When writing, Jon and myself have really drawn on some influences from bands such as Silverchair, Sigur Ros, Thrice and Muse. There's some real drama in the music and we can't wait to transfer that to the stage. My Passion was renowned for having a strong relationship with their fans. How are you planning to incorporate your fan base into the new project? Well, as I mentioned, we'll be doing a webcam performance where we'll be playing a few tunes and after we do that we're going to be giving the fans a chance to talk to us and ask us questions directly. The video diaries will also be a way to give the fans an insight into who we are. We'll even be giving fans a chance to be part of the video diaries once we're out on tour and meeting everyone. Twitter and Facebook are another way we keep in contact with our fans. We encourage people to add us on our personal Facebook profiles and chat to us on Twitter. We love to hear what fans have to say. "Control", the new single from Fort Hope, is available to stream from the following location:
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