Glenn Danzig Talks 20th Anniversary Tour, Future Plans

artist: Glenn Danzig date: 08/22/2008 category: interviews
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Glenn Danzig recently answered a few questions for his official web site. A few excerpts from the chat follow. Q: Tell me what you have planned for this upcoming 20th anniversary tour? Glenn: It will be my first full U.S. tour in three years. There are even two Canadian shows and possibly some dates in Mexico and South America. You mentioned before we started the songs in the live set would be special? For this 20th anniversary tour, the set will start off with "Skin Carver" and then go in sequence from Danzig "I" to "II" to "III" and on and on up to the present. Wow, so for the Danzig fan this is probably the ultimate set list? I hope the fans will be happy with the song choices I've put in. Obviously each person has their own favorites they'd like to see performed, but I've tried to make sure there is something to appease every Danzig fan from each record. Can you tell me what songs you'll be playing? I think i've told you enough as I'd rather it be a surprise. I can tell you that there will be an acoustic number in the set. Any chance of a new Danzig CD this year? No. But I have been in the studio here and there working on new songs but don't know when they will come out. I was thinking of putting one up on the Danzig site so the fans could check it out. Even thought about doing one on this tour. Really, any song in particular that you are talking about? The first track I started working on called "Black Candy". I would love to do it on this run, even if it's only at a few shows. OK, so the Audiences on this tour may also get to hear a new song? That would be awesome. I'm glad you think so and I would hope that the fans would also like to hear a new song before it gets released. I used to do it all the time on the early tours. "777" and many others were done in the Danzig set well before they were released. Did you ever think Danzig would still be playing and recording 20 years after that first release? Well, that was the idea, originally. One of the reasons Rick [Rubin] and I decided it should be called Danzig was so when players in the band left or were replaced , the name would'nt have to change. My band, my songs, my vision. So, yeah, as long as I want to keep doing it, it will be Danzig. Would you ever do another project other than Danzig? You mean be in someone else's band? Yes, or start another band with some of your contemporaries? I've never thought about it, really. I'm pretty busy and don't even have the time to do all the things I'd like to do, let alone start or be in another band. Hank III and I did a couple tracks together when we were rehearsing for the 666 show. I also did my first duet of my career with Melissa Auf Der Mar on a track for her new CD. Will you ever do that blues record with Jerry Cantrell [Alice In Chains]? I actually saw Jerry at the Ministry show here in L.A. and while we were talking he said, "We should do that blues thing," to which I ageed. It's really just finding the time to sit down and do it. I think it will eventually happen someday. Read the entire interview at this location.
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