Hinder: 'We Bring The Fun Back Into Rock-n-Roll!'

artist: Hinder date: 08/23/2006 category: interviews
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Hinder: 'We Bring The Fun Back Into Rock-n-Roll!'
After their successful debut album "Extreme Behavior," the new hope of rock-n-roll, Oklahoma City band Hinder is in the extreme demand. Guys are tearing between shows, parting and writing songs for their new album. We caught both of the guitar players of the band, Joe "Blower" Garvey and Mark King, in the middle of their Canada tour and talked to them about what it is like to live a real rock-n-roll live. Ultimate-Guitar: You're right in the middle of your tour. How is it going so far? Blower: Oh, it's awesome! You're playing shows with Godsmack. How do you get along? Blower: We're getting along actually pretty well. It's been a lot of fun, a lot of parting. Mark: We all get along, we all love rock-n-roll. Most of the time the radios are setting up afterparties everywhere, so we go tear up wherever we go! It's a good time!
"We're getting along with Godsmack pretty well. It's been a lot of fun, a lot of parting."
In your own opinion, what is that about your debut big label LP 'Extreme Behavior" that made you so popular straight away? Blower: We just live up to that extreme behavior. We're a party band, we like to bring the fun back into rock-n-roll - that's what we're all about! So, that's your life-style? Mark: Oh, yeah! It's all about one big party. We just want to make sure everybody else's having a good time too. Just live the life I guess! Why did you decide to make "Lips of an Angel" your next single? Mark: Actually our fans pretty much pushed that forward. That was our most requested song apart from "Get Stoned." That was their choice. You say you're gonna shoot a video for "Lips of an Angel" soon. Can you tell me about the video? Mark: It'll be pretty literal with the song. We're gonna be jamming in a room and then do some acting. We're gonna do acting for the first time, which should be pretty funny! We'll go along with what the lyrics say - like the guy is with his girlfriend and then his ex-girlfriend will call? it'll tell the story basically.
"Actually our fans pretty much pushed forward making 'Lips of an Angel' our next single."
Do you have any plans after the tour is over? Mark: Yeah, after we shoot the video, we go out with Nickelback. We'll be touring up till Christmas and then also next year. Are you already working on the songs for the new album? Mark: Oh yeah, always writing! We just grab guitars, get a melody down and start going from there. What is the songwriting process in your band like? Blower: Usually our singer Austin and our drummer Cody write kind of the backbone and then present it to the rest of the band and we all put our inputs in and make the song happen. Your songs have a huge sexual energy behind them. How personal are your songs? Mark: Oh, they are personal! Everything happens! None of them is made up for sure! Talking about "Room 21" - a song about a guy getting it on with a bitch he met at a pub - how personal is it? Mark: Yeah, this one is personal too.
"Take all the money and put it right back into the band - don't spend it."
Ummm? who was in this situation? Mark: That was probably Austin in that one. Some musicians say they've got their own formula for popular songs. Do have any kind of formula for writing songs or they just go from your heart? Blower: Well, like we said, all of them are from personal experiences. We definitely want to get that hook in there and make it catchy, but there's no kind of formula. We just write from the heart and see what happens. Talking about your equipment, do you use different instruments in the studio and on stage? Blower: Oh yes, we definitely? Ermm? actually no. We use the ones that we tour with 'cause we want to really dial in the sound on stage compared to what the CD actually sounds like. So we try to use the same instruments to really dial in the sound of live show. How do your live and studio rigs look like and do you have any endorsements? Mark: We're endorsed by Mesa Boogie Amps, so we use those. I'm actually up to today looking for a Gibson endorsement and that's what Blower plays for guitars. Mike's on Warwick right now. Cody plays Tama drums. What else do we have, Blower? Blower: That's it right now
"Our songs are personal. None of them is made up for sure!"
Austin's voice sound like he's drunk a thousand of Jagermeister bottles and smoked tons of Malboros. Did he really? Mark: *laughing* That's pretty accurate! You've got that "Cat Fight" competition of girls on your website. I know some bands do similar staff to find girls to date. What do you do it for? Blower: I think the girls just kind of send their pictures in and we just kind of look at them and post them up as they come in. Mark: We just kind of leave it up to the fans and see what they think. Do you usually read your interviews or reviews on your music? Mark: I do the homework on myself. *laughing* Any advice for aspiring musicians and people trying to get into the business? Blower: Just work hard! And also one of the key things when we started out was playing the local scene to get a nice little local fan base. Take all the money and put it right back into the band - don't spend it. Keep building your fans. And when it comes to the band, it's all a matter of blood pretty much - finding people you wanna get with. Mark: Practice EVERY DAY! Ultimate-Guitar.Com 2006
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