Jason Bonham About Led Zeppelin Reunion

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 10/04/2004 category: interviews
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Jason Bonham About Led Zeppelin Reunion
UFO drummer Jason Bonham recently spoke to Glam-Metal.com about his work with Phil Mogg and Co. and the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion with him on drums, reports Blabbermouth.net. Several excerpts from the interview follow: Glam-Metal.com: Me being a huge Zeppelin fan, I was wondering if you had any inside info on [the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion]? Jason Bonham: "No, there's nothing. Robert [Plant] came to see UFO during the English tour. I mentioned to him that I hear all these rumors, and I said, 'What do you think, Robert? Tell me what's going on, I hear all this stuff.' He said, 'Don't believe any of them, nothing's happening.' To me, I respect whatever they decide to do. If they want to do it and want to ask me, I say great. If not, that's up to them. It's something that they really have to believe in. It would have to be something that would be fun for them. I mean, when you're that wealthy, financial gain doesn't mean anything. No matter how much money was dangled in front of them, they wouldn't do it for that. It would really have to be for them. For me, if they ever wanted to do it, I give them my blessing. They're legends." You get along well with them right? Oh yes. We probably don't speak as much as we should, and Robert's father just died recently, and I haven't really spoken to him after that. I sometimes think, what do I say? What can you say though, you know? One of the nicest things Robert ever said to me recently was, 'You have a sparkle back in your eyes, which is really nice.' That really made me happy. Did he not like your drinking in the past because of what happened with your dad? Probably. There are a lot of things I don't want to get into about that. I don't mind talking about dad and stuff, because that's part of my life, you know? For me to pretend to be like him, and do the same things he used to do is over. I can see past it now. It took me thirty-eight years and sobriety to realize who Jason Bonham is. Sure, I totally understand. Robert has a son that's an excellent singer; all the reviews have been brilliant. His band is called Black Country Bandits. They just opened up for Velvet Revolver in the U.K. He looks and sounds stunning." Read Jason Bonham's entire interview with Glam-Metal.com at this location.
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