Judas Priest Album To Be With 'Traditional Lines'

artist: Judas Priest date: 04/21/2006 category: interviews

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Metal Temple chief editor Orpheus Spiliotopoulos recently conducted an interview with Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill. An excerpt from the chat follows:
  • Metal Temple: How do you feel about the "Angel of Retribution" album now, almost a year after its release? Ian Hill: I think it did what we set out to do. We started out to portray all the different aspects of heavy metal that we've been involved with over the years. Not just the heavier side of things, also the more commercial, the more laid back; all of the aspects of the genre. And I think we achieved that. I think it's given everyone some idea of what we've been involved with over the years. A lot of the fans never saw us with Rob [Halford; vocals] and it was just great for them to not just see him on tour but to experience a new album as well, doing all the different kinds of music we've been known for over the years.
  • So, as you said, after "Angel of Retribution", it's time now to be all locked up in the studio for 2006... That's it, yeah [Laughs]!
  • You have any new tracks ready? As far as the basic structure goes. Ken [Downing; guitar] and Glenn [Tipton; guitar], I believe, have ideas and Rob's always got a catalog of vocals he works on. So, yeah, I should imagine that there will be a few tracks that'll come together quite quickly.
  • Any clue about the overall direction of the new songs? Music wise... We're not going to go off on any tangents, that's for sure [Laughs]! It will be recognizably Judas Priest, very much along the traditional lines. We've got no plans for another 'Turbo' or something like that [Laughs]. We're going to keep it as everyone wants. Read the entire interview at Metal-Temple.com.
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