Kerry King: Metallica Is 'Sinking Ship'

A few assorted quotes from Slayer guitarist Kerry King has been published online.

Ultimate Guitar
0 has published a few assorted quotes from Slayer guitarist Kerry King ahead of the band's appearance next Wednesday (January 24) at the Tucson Arena:

  • On President Bush:

    Kerry King: Everyone in the world's laughing at him. I don't really pay too much attention to politics, but I do know that.

  • On politics:

    I don't understand politics and I like it that way.

  • On super-producer Rick Rubin, who worked with Slayer on several albums in the 1980s and 1990s:

    I'm surprised he's going to be doing the (next) Metallica record because I don't know how he's going to right that sinking ship.

  • On Dec. 8, the anniversary of the murder of Pantera's Dimebag Darrell:

    From now on, that's going to be 'Drunk Day' for sure.

  • On the meaning of Christmas:

    Christmas isn't about religion. Christmas is about presents, if you ask me. I know originally it was supposed to be about the birth of Jesus, but anymore? It's about capitalism and hey, I'm all about getting presents.

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      Who is Kerry King to talk smack like that about Metallica? First Jonathon Davis, now Slayer? What other sucky group's gonna talk down on Metallica, who's way, way, way far superior to them. I'll give Kerry credit for not wanting to be political since I don't like those whiny liberal bands like Rage Against the Machine or Eddie Vedder and Co., but come on ! He ain't even half the guitarist Kirk Hammett is. I'll admit, St. Anger wasn't there best effort, 'cause it most certainly by far could've been better. . . but sinking ship ? I can only pray this new album Metallica's got coming out this summer rocks hard.
      Stonewall X wrote: Kerry King has no talent on his instrument and has one of the weakest intellects I've ever known.
      +1. He just thinks he's so 'hardcore' with his pointy guitars and tremelo picking. Well done. Have a cookie.
      Jim Page
      Hey guys... I have a little idea... Let's all stop slamming each other and have peace... OK? Opinions are like *****s, everyone has one, so that's the whole point... We are living in a free world... Jesus, I'm a religious person but I still listen to slayer, bathory and I don't know... Metallica went kinda' in a new direction with st. anger, but hey, who are we to judge? They have the right to try new ideas! Just like some people sh*ting at Risk from Megadeth.. risk is a good album!!! Megadeth is one of my all time favorite bands and I really don't like when people start talking who is better : Meg or Met?... THey are both great Metal bands and everyone should listen to what they want, am I right? Yes I am! So Peace Sells.. You buyin'?
      Seriously, Metallica doesnt give a shit whether theyre sinking ship or not. They had their fair share of succesful records and tours. With 90 million records sold on their shoulder, I think they got nothing to worry about, too bad Kerry still doesnt get it
      They are quotes.....out of context quotes.....there could be a crap load of words before and after each of them that could change the meaning of the whole statement.....
      got say this. To the guy having a go at RATM. They express their views on important things that need to be brought to peoples attention through their music. Whats wrong with that? The reason Kerry DOESN'T give an opinion on politics is like he said he doesn't understand it. He's dumb and at the end of the day Slayer suck the big one! He has the right to his opinion,yes, but Slayer sunk a long time ago. I suppose thats why he's so angry. And to anyone who says he is a guitar god is Deluded. All he does pull heavy on the whammy bar. His solos are ****ing dreadful and you know it. RATM forever. Oh yeah and lets get something straight. Metallica have tried many different things over the years. Whether they worked or not is a different story. The fact of the matter is is if any of their last 3 albums had been released by any other band they would have been hailed. But everyone wants to judge them by MOP. Whereas Slayer have done the same crap for god knows how many years. 1 song they have worth a listen,1 song! now that says it all
      "Tele" Steve
      Politics is not that difficult to understand if you make an effort. And you really don't have to make that much of an effort.
      well i read that lars said that slayer would watch metallica and be like oh we need to play fast too and lars said "its obvious where their influences come from" i personally think metallica should either hang it up or just tour and play old music
      Wow, hes got some negative shit to say about everything. Not all of it is untrue though, so kudos for speaking your mind.
      I'm a metallica fan... and a slayer fan... i've seen both live. Slayer puts on a way better show. And yes, metallica's a sinking ship. Thier original albums were great, but St. Anger left a hell of alot to be desired... The "new songs" they've been flaunting around thier shows sound like St. Anger all over again, so i'm not expecting much from the next album.
      TONY strat
      kerry is s*****...plain and simple and about metallica metallica's loads are better then his **** albums and satanism songs where he thinks it's cooler to talk about satan then jesus... he needs a wake up call,with some guitar courses cause he is sleeping with fishes who is a seaweed...damn fa****
      as far as i'm concerned king is overrated too. his band blows i hope the next metallica album rocks and puts them back in peoples heads again.
      every one says that st anger blew but it was a blody good album but cuz it dosnt sound like there 80s albums everybody imediately flames them for it. what every one also seems to forget is that, although i like it, st anger is the worst album they have ever recorded and yet it was still numer 1 in 30 diferent contries when was the last time slayer did that,the word never comes to mind and compered to kerry king kirk hammet is a ****ing god. kerry king = talentless douche
      Kerry King, Dimebag, Jimi Hendrix, Kirk Hammett, BB King, Joe Satriani, Kurt Cobain, Steve Vai, Matt Heafy and Cory Bealieu, Syn Gates, Zak Vengance, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Alexi Laiho, Tony Iommi, Angus Young, and Jimmy Page are all overrated to me.
      I think this guy is an idiot... Slayer blows. But beyond that, this "interview" has got to be the stupidest crap I've ever read... Christmas is about Capitalism? Why am I not surprised he doesn't understand politics, he sounds to me like an ignorant SOB just out to "shock" everyone with the stuff he says...
      Agreed. Now, King is an amazing guitarist. Granted. Not an excellent musician, but still a decent player. Nothing compared to Hammet, though. Have any of you stopped to think about where Kerry King would be right now without Kirk Hammet? Metallica is infintely better than Slayer could ever be. And Slayer is almost all shock factor. All the crap they say about worshipping Satan and necrophilia and all that stupid s*** is all image. I've read interviews with the guys, and not one of them has ever honestly said that they're Satan worshippers. And, personally, I think that, as good as King may be, Synyster Gates is much better. I know that's kind of off subject, but I just thought I'd put another amazing guittarist here in the ring. P.S. - New Metallica album will be way better. I guarantee it. St. Anger was recorded amidst group therapy and the filming of a movie. Now they can focus on the music.
      hehe he has more hair on his chin than he can grow on his head. now im not bashing bald people but the picture of him reminds me of a time my dad made a perverted comment about a hot chick and her bald husband at the grocery store
      King is entitled to his opinion, just like I'm entitled to mine. Kerry King is ****ing obnoxious. Before he talks about "sinking ships" he should look at his own career. He hasn't put out any original sounding material since Seasons in the Abyss.
      "Tele" Steve wrote: Politics is not that difficult to understand if you make an effort. And you really don't have to make that much of an effort.
      him sdaying he likes not knowing politics & then saying bush is an idiot is an oxymoron if he doesnt know about politics then knowing him ... he'de not vote ... not voting ... enabling someone else to take power b/c you dont care. So he cant say how bush sucks if he helped him get there (by not voting)
      Hello all, I would just like to say that Kerry and jeff are the riffmasters of metal, and carriers of the torch, but when it comes down to it, bands like testament and Arch enemy and in flames represent the new face of metal, where melody is not sacraficed for the sake of playing an e- chord really loud and making the same song over and over again. as for metallica, I will not give up my loyalty to them, even through saint anger, which is a departure from the metal, still is a far more complex release than any garden variety radio band today. its catchy, and I respect their ability to give us some solid groove, and admit it people, saint ankey is filled with groove, but robert trujillo is too good for them, i mean, the infectious grooves changed my outlook on metal and music period, and if the met used him to his full potential, they would make justice 2, now wasnt that the best album ever to hit modern metal? just agree please. Metallica is trying to stray and grow into some kind of monster, and it wont work unless they get mad again, its ****in' metal!!!!! it is metal, an angry, emotive killer of the ears, so all who agree that metallica needs to get pissed off again, and apologize to jason, say I
      The thing I love to read about even more than all the whiny ass little bitches here on UG is how "professional" musicians make judgements about other bands that they are in no way affiliated with. It would be like Bill Gates telling Peyton Manning how to throw a ****ing football. IMO, Slayer kicks ass and Metallica kicks ass. I've seen them both live, can't say whose better because it was two entirly different shows. As far as "constructing music" goes, Metallica blows Slayer out of the water. At this point in my post, your probably like, WTF is he talking about? which is my point. Its makes no ****ing sense just like all the people talking shit about Metallica makes no sense. If there are Metallica albums you like, then listen to them, if there are Metallica you don't like, then don't listen to them. Either way, please do me a favor as well as the others that agree with me and SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT METALLICA.
      Kerry's right about Metallica. It's not that the music started to suck (I'm not saying that's not true, though), but the reasoning behind the switch in sound that pisses so many people off. Metallica sold out, plain and simple. They had some decent success with Master of Puppets and AJFA, so they hired Bob Rock to completely overhaul their sound into something commercially acceptable. Notice how after the Black Album, the albums kept on changing to suit the flavor of the month-Load and Reload were trying to cash in on grunge/hard rock, and then they switched over to a nu-metal sound to try and cash in on that, saying they were going back to aggressive music. Sure, they may have had a few good songs from that era, but they did it just to sell more records. It's not like they were tired of playing heavy music, it's that they got greedy. Hell, around the time that they hired Bob Rock, they even said they were hiring him to get a more commercial sound! If that's not blatantly selling out, then I don't know what is.
      Whether they worked or not is a different story. The fact of the matter is is if any of their last 3 albums had been released by any other band they would have been hailed. But everyone wants to judge them by MOP.
      Load and Reload, maybe, but they still shouldn't have been Metallica albums in the first place. If they had been metal records, we wouldn't be getting half of the "Metallica sucks" comments we see now. We're not judging them by MoP, we're judging them by what they used to be and what they became, and why they became it. And St. Anger would have sucked regardless of who released it. God, that album blows.
      Yeah dude. The New Testament rocks. The Old Testament is good, but the New Testament has more life
      FS Guitar wrote: wow what misleading headline. it should read "Kerry King comments on current issues" or something. not some tabloid over-exageration. and yes, metallica is a sinking ship. personally i dont care that much for AJFA but i do like some of the black album and load/reload. but st. anger was in the wrong direction and the "new songs" sounded pretty lame. but hey, its his opinion and interview. so whatever. agree, disagree, it doesnt matter. and while most of his comments seemed pretty blunt and dim, his last one on christmas was on the mark. no one cares about jesus. its all commercial. tell it like it is king.
      Amen to that brother, believe it or not, I'm a Christian even though i listen 2 both Metallica and Slayer.. it's all about the music, Slayer might sound a little blasphemous on their records, but what King said about Christmas is totally true.. i really don't know what 2 expect on the new Metallica album, on a musical/album selling note, yes they are a sinking ship bcos i'm sure their are loads of bands making better music than what they are. but IMO, Metallica will always go down as one of the legends in heavy metal.. \,,/
      i'm not going to go bashing Kerry King because I would merely be stooping to his level, although I think his playing is on the sloppy side. Kerry King has these beliefs and he is entitled to them, although so is everyone else but these are merely beliefs or opinions...not the facts, not pure knowledge, nothing but thoughts. The fact is that both bands are doing well for themselves, they are both successful, they have a very strong fan base all around the world and one fact is that Metallica has a stronger fan base, maybe due to the fact that they "sold out" as most would say, or that they changed their style to diversify their sound and there is nothing wrong with that. According to Kerry King, Metallica is a sinking ship. Although they may have lost fans with their deciding to change, their true fans will remain devoted to them. I am fine with King's opinion, although he, like many of the people who share that opinion of Metallica, are just influenced by the masses who don't like Metallica.
      Kerry King is too harsh on Metallica. I agree that their albums since Load haven't been top notch records, but after hearing the new songs I feel that Metallica's music is getting back on track and I have a good feeling about their next album.
      And btw, I found ALL of Metallica's records enjoyable, including Load/Reload, Garage Inc., even St. Anger (since everybody's going on about how bad it is, I don't feel that way) But this is about Kerry King, not Metallica, so I'd best not go on too much. Kerry's opinion on politics is not a good one. Not caring means the wrong people have a better chance of getting away with things they shouldn't be doing. And yes, Dec 8 is going to be drunk day (although I don't drink I'll just listen to all the Pantera albums all night and get drunk on Cocacola)
      Its amazing to see How every review seems to draw attention to Metallica ( and how they sold out ). Metallica is the most popular band on the face of the earth, never before has any band been commented on so many times! ( at least i dont think so ) The fact of the matter is, leave Mr. Kerry "Queen" have his opinions. Personally, I never did like Slayer. Oh and as for Metallica, they will definitely kick out ass' on the new album.
      F@ Man
      i thought half the point in 'slayer' is to piss off as amny people as possible? missions succsess i say...
      Do Re Mi
      Ha, good ol' Kerry King, always sayin' whatever the hell he wants. As it was stated before somewhere in here, no one knows if Metallica is a sinking ship or not. This next album could blow, or they could have a hit. I completely agree with him about the whole Christmas thing. I'd rather have it the way it is now, without all that religous crap attached to it (even though religion did start the whole holiday, but who cares). I like how all these Metallica "fans" yell and cry when someone makes fun of their "favorite band". Meanwhile, I'm sure they're quick to critizcise stuff they don't like. He's speaking his mind, and it's his opinion, not yours. Complaining about someone's opinion isn't gonna do anything. Especially to a guy like King. He's always been a guy who's stuck to his opinions, spoke his mind, and never watered down what he wanted to say. I have a lot of respect for that, because in today's society, people (like many here) get angry and offended everytime someone says what they want to say. People have said "who cares? millions of people already think they suck. why should it matter if he says it?". Remember, it was an interview, and he was probably asked to give his opinion about Rubin doing the new Metallica album. And King, being the guy he is, said exactly what he wanted to say. And as for this...
      prsfloyd wrote: Wow, my only conclusion from that little article is that Kerry King is a douchebag
      You read one article about him, a little snip of information, and you draw a conclusion about his entire personality from that? That's messed up.
      Pennywise33 wrote: where do i start? king has no right to dis metallica as they are infinitely better than Slayer (flame away), you have to be an idiot not to know ANYTHING about politics, and the Christmas is just dumb. i mean its not even funny or intelligent. i hope one day ill grow up to be an obese man with a tatoo on my head!
      Sure he does, he might not BE right, but he does HAVE a right...unless you're from Iran or something. And it might be a little hypocritical to slight someone's intelligence considering your lack of grammar and misspelled words (tattoo). I'm not trying to be a grammar nazi, just don't say someone is dumb by typing like a 2nd grader. It defeats the purpose.
      Stone the man for having opinions...I just find it ironic that people bitch about him and what he says, and then go on these forums, say the opposite and get all pissed off when someone doesn't agree with them. You can bitch and moan all you want...I'm pretty sure Kerry King doesn't really give a damn...which is why he acts like he does in the first place. I might not agree with what everyone says, but that's why life is interesting and I support their right to say it. For the record, I find King pretty banal most of the time, but he's usually right to some degree. Kudos to him and Slayer.
      Lol all i can say is, considering Slayers newest album is s**t compared to their older stuff, how can he call metallica a sinking ship?. Oh and christmas never was originally religious about the birth of jesus christ, it was a pagan festival in England, and the romans adopted it for christianity after conquering the Celts and other british tribes etc...
      palefire wrote: Pot calling kettle black much?
      true that, every interview i read with this guy, my respect for him decreases. Sounds and looks like a fool.
      monkey of doom
      Ha thats funny what he said about metallica. Does he realise he's being a hypocrite? He comes off as an ***** when I'm reading this. And he calls Dave Mustaine one?
      GNR's Fan
      So metallica had the balls not to do any solo's and come forward with their problems and solving them ! I mean would you rather have metallica go the GNR's Way with Axl Vs The world ? Yes you are aloud to have a opinion but why does it have to be a news article is this "Ultimate Music Gossip" Who cares what he thinks of metallica ? All that happens is that fans start bashing each others bands.
      Feel free to make the same idiotic presumptions about me, but you'd be totally incorrect. I think this guy is an idiot... Slayer blows. But beyond that, this "interview" has got to be the stupidest crap I've ever read... Christmas is about Capitalism? Why am I not surprised he doesn't understand politics, he sounds to me like an ignorant SOB just out to "shock" everyone with the stuff he says... And I'll bet ten bucks the guy I quoted thinks he knows everything about everyone... so I'd love to see who he thinks I am.
      Thats lovely.
      what a wacko, he's making himself look stupid saying i don't know politics but i don't like bush and everyones laughing at him. i don't like bush but kerry made quite a fool out of himself just now
      Interesting. Well, I call bullshit. On all his opinions there. (Except Bush, who really is an ass)
      dude kerry king is the best of em all!! I dont care about anything in life more than him, i honestly gave myself a tatto of his face on my hand so he can like, spiritually guide me through some sweet shredding!!
      You know what I think is pretty funny, how people don't think bands can have an opinion of another band or another person. It's the whole, "OMG! I can't believe he said that about legends!" Obviously if people thought that we could do no better than our idols than we would cease to create new bands. Yes, some bands go downhill, that's why that call it their "prime". But every person here has an opinion of a band they don't like, only difference is you don't have someone interviewing you. So lighten up on the issue and let it be. And by the way, I like presents too.