Lacuna Coil: 'Kids Are Not Buying The Albums Anymore'

Singer Andrea Ferro talks about the current state of music industry, saying it is impossible for a young band to reach rock super-stardom.

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It seems that being a rock or metal musician these days is more difficult than ever. A lot of bands complain on the decline of album sales and general lack of public interest for rock music. And Lacuna Coil vocalist Andrea Ferro seems to be joining that crowd with some of his latest opinions on the current state of music industry.

In a recent interview on Yahoo, the frontman stated that he finds it impossible for a band to reach rock super-stardom and sell out stadiums these days, naming the lack of time as one of the main reasons. When asked whether he thinks we will ever see new big rock bands, he said:

"Nowadays, as things are right now, it is impossible for me in rock music at least. There is just not enough time, money invest to let a band become that band. You need at least three records for a band to become developed properly, their style. Metallica, if you think about it, their first record was great because it was new and fresh, but then their best album came later, 'Master Of Puppets' and '...And Justice For All', those big records. It's the same for all the bands. You know sometimes you have a band that has a great debut and then they go down. It usually takes at least three records to develop a personality for a band."

"There is not that kind of time anymore. If you dont make some attention in the first year or two when the band comes out, the label is not investing in you because theyre going to lose it. The kids are not buying the albums anymore. Everything is changing and moving to digital. It is hard to say where it is worth to invest in a band. Even a band like us, we have a name and we can tour Europe, South America, Japan, or America here, and it is still tough for us. We have built a name in the years, but it is still very difficult to make a living out of it. We live with it, but we dont make a lot of money out of it anymore."

Ferro went on to explain that the decline of album sales has forced the bands to tour more, causing a market saturation in all parts of the world.

"The market has changed so much. It's not true that it is easier now. It's easier to get attention for one day, but tomorrow there will be another millions band on You Tube. You can put your band on YouTube and everyone can watch it for free. But then, tomorrow there are another twenty bands that just move your video somewhere else."

"Touring a big part because you still make some money out of touring. But the problem is, everybody goes on tour now because they don't make money from the records anymore. The market is saturated. Even South America. Before nobody was going to South America. Now everybody is going to South America, or India, or Japan, or Thailand, or Indonesia. I don't know. I dont see a clear way out in the immediate. Maybe there will be in three years there will be a new technological innovation that will move to a new spot."

Lacuna Coil is currently touring the US with Sevendust and will remain on the road until the end of April. Their latest record, "Dark Adrenaline", was released back in January 2012, debuting at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 chart with 20,000 copies sold within the first week.

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    moody git
    So let me get this straight.. Digital is becoming more prevalent and labels are in it for the money? News to me.
    He has a point, as a young band you would really have to turn water into wine on stage to reach that stadium rock band status these days
    Meh. As long as I can sustain a living in my musical pursuits, I'm good. Superstardom would be nice, but with the paparazzi these days it'd be a lot of pressure. Justin Bieber has one toke on a joint and the media have a ****ing fielday, for example.
    Anyone can put a vid on Youtube with varying quality. I guess people don't care if the tunes sound like crap when they get it for free. No wonder the economy has turned to sh*t.
    "There is just not enough time, money invest to let a band become that band. You need at least three records for a band to become developed properly, their style" I have a problem with the way he says this. You can develop your style before getting popular. A lot of bands record an EP or two before they ever record their first album. It's quite possible to develop as a band before you get much attention at all. It's also becoming easier to self produce them with all of the technology that's available. Plus you can find recording studios all over the place if you live in or near a city and it's not ridiculously hard to find ones that have a good reputation but are still affordable. I don't disagree that everything going digital has changed things. It's important that people learn how to adapt. Plus it might not be a bad thing. We might start hearing less filler. If you want someone to buy your music, you're going to have to make it worth buying. We might see less filler. Though if this happens EPs might become more prevalent since bands will just release the songs that are actually worth listening to. Also where it's gotten hard in some ways, it's gotten easier than others. Self promotion is much easier than it used to be. I wouldn't have ever found most of whats in my library if things hadn't went in this direction.
    millions band on You Tube. Touring a big part because you still make some money out of touring.
    This all has come so far that in my town here there isnt a single cd store left ... i can only order ... i miss buying a new cd and running home excited to listen to the new piece of art .. anyone remembers how new booklets smelled ? .. For the sake of "free stuff" our small music community (blues , rock , metal) is dying .. i hate this