Mars Hasn't Changed... He's Still An A-shole

The Motley Crue's guitarist Mick Mars insists he's still an asshole even though he's now a sober one.

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The Motley Crue guitarist, Mick Mars, 61, believes he's a better musician now he's walked away from drink and drugs. And he'd vowed to keep going until he drops.

Mars tells the Miami New Times: "Lots of things change. One doesn't: I'm still no gentleman. I'm still as big an a-shole as ever. Lewd and aggressive.

But honestly, there's one thing that's really different for me: being sober. It's really helped the playing is better, the songs are better.

There are some people who drink their whole lives, but thankfully I was just like, "Ah, I'm over this shit. Over the drug thing. Over the booze thing."

It's great to be clear-headed instead of just sitting around going, "Huh?" like a dummy."

He says his only remaining vice is "playing my guitar too much" and accepts that might make him boring in some people's eyes.

But he adds: "That's how I'm going to keep going with Motley Crue for as long as I can.

Even after that I'll just keep playing and writing for TV commercials, movies, bands, whatever, right until it's all over. There's no way I can keep touring for the rest of my live I don't want to be 75 on the road like an old goat with his head hanging down.

But one way or another I'll keep rockin' till I fall down."

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    nathanwaffles wrote: what's an a-shole?
    An unfinished game of Hangman
    Im still as big an ***** as ever. Lewd and aggressive.
    Funny thing: he's still probably the nicest guy in Motley Crue. Still an idiot, though.
    Anyone who is a self-proclaimed a-hole/badass is neither of those things.
    donstr888 wrote: He's still a poser! XD
    How could someone who is 61 be a poser?
    Mars Hasnt Changed... Hes Still An A-shole
    UG, i read the title and thought that this is what YOU guys thought of him, but i shouldve known better. Just another misleading title...
    People always complain about misleading titles, but how would anyone get traffic if the title told the story. They have to make it interesting to draw in a crowd. Tired of the whining.
    ronhoward wrote: donstr888 wrote: He's still a poser! XD And here come the hipster kids trolling on everything. Good job.
    He listened to mars when it wasnt mainstream
    donstr888 wrote: He's still a poser! XD
    And here come the hipster kids trolling on everything. Good job.
    He's a great guitarist, one of my idols. But I think his writing and creativity was better in older albums.. I love all the crue stuff but the former stuff stands out more.