Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Speak Out

artist: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster date: 01/30/2009 category: interviews
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Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Speak Out
Soon after Dallas Taylor's departure from Grammy-nominated metalcore act Underoath in 2003, a new project surfaced just one year later with the title Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. Although both bands share a vocalist, there are hardly any similarities in both the vocals and the music. At present, the band would best be described as Southern Metalcore, but they have plans to take their sound in a new direction on their third album - 3. Ultimate-Guitar correspondent Evan Greenblo chatted with Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster guitarist Kelly, one of the newer additions to the band who was also in Underoath at one point. UG: Your first headlining tour is almost over. How did that go? How does it compare to supporting, and to something like Warped Tour? Kelly: This tour has been awesome! We have had a blast with all bands and the diversity of the tour. As far as support goes, it is a little harder in some ways because we have a little more responsibility with being the headliner - suppose to being just support. Point in case when you're support you load on stage, play, and then load right off. Pretty easy! Warped is just stressful but a good kind of stress! After the tour you're almost going into studio immediately. Does the majority of the band's songwriting happen on the road? Yeah for this record we traveled with a Pro Tools rig so we could demo out song ideas and riff ideas. Then we would sit and listen to them and make song ideas with those riffs. Back in August we took 7 weeks off and took 2 of those weeks and wrote in our rehearsal space for hours at a time, and then went into my studio and demoed out the ideas. It was a great experience for us being new guys and all. How does having three guitarists in the band change your sound as opposed to two guitarists? Does it complicate your live show and/or recording process? With having 3 guitar players it does allow you to do more things. On the record there are a lot of harmonies stacked guitar parts and being able to re-create all those ideas live is great for us but also to the fans. Italso allows just for a fuller sound. It does complicate things sometimes only because of stage size.
"The new record will be a little more Rock 'n Roll I think."
I feel like there was a big difference in your self-titled compared to II, especially in terms of the heaviness and vocals. How will the sound change on the new album? Secondly, will the new album be conceptual? Any other beans you're willing to spill? The new record will be a little more Rock 'n Roll I think. We are trying to look back to the original sounds of the south and bring some of that back into the music. There is a big difference between the first two records and we feel this one will be another step in the process. The new record will have a theme but can't give that away yet.... the new record will be called 3. There's been quite a change in the lineup recently. Kelly, you're one of the new guys. What has it been like? What will you and the other new guys bring to the band? It has been great so far. Dallas and I have been friends for a long time and when the slots opened up, him and I had always wanted to work together again so I jumped at the chance. We had a great time working together in Underoath, so it gave us opportunity to do so again. I think the new lineup brings a little bit of diversity to the band. We are all from different areas of song writing and backgrounds in what we like so with us incorporating that into some of the new material it should be interesting. When you released II it leaked about a month before. How do you feel about leaks? Will you try prevent the chance of your new album leaking? Of course it sucks when your record leaks before because you would like to have people wait until it officially comes out so everyone can hear it together but I understand in this day and age it happens. I downloaded the new Metallica before it came out, haha! If it happens it happens we would like for it to come out on the release date but I am sure someone will get an advance copy somehow. I believe you'll be heading to Australia in February 2009 for your first time. What are you expecting? Do you feel like the music scene outside North Europe is a whole new ballgame? Well we went to Australia early this year and headlined 4 shows there, so we kinda know what to expect going over there in February. It is a different place to play. I think people are a little more accepting to heavier music in general compared to the States where it seems rap, pop and country are the more popular music tastes and metal over there is a big deal.
"We are trying to look back to the original sounds of the south and bring some of that back into the music."
Although you guys are somewhat a 'Christian band' I feel like you're one of the few that doesn't push their ideas onto the fans. What are your thoughts on bands that have a strong religious message in their music and live shows? For us our faith is what makes us. We believe in showing our fans respect and kindness. I love it when bands minister, as long as their lifestyle off the stage lives up to their life on stage. Nowadays it is kinda clich in some markets to be a Christian band but being that in itself is hard and sometimes can put a bull's eye on your back. It is not an easy thing sometimes, but no one is perfect. But living to the standards of what you preach and talk about is a big deal and something we chose to do everyday. The Taco Bell contest - are bands really that desperate these days? Haha. That deal should be illegal, unless they throw in a free gym membership or something. Come On Now! Life time supply of Taco Bell! Who wouldn't want that? It is a great contest for bands like ourselves who can get national exposure. It is a good thing I think. We're almost done, but I've got two for Dallas. I'm sure you get this a lot, but was there bad blood between you and Underoath from when you left the band until the time you toured with them in 2007? How did you guys work things out? Dallas: At first I was pretty upset about the whole thing, but a lot of it was due to a lack of communication. From then on it was just a little awkwardfor me and them, we just didn't know how to go back to everything being normal, I think it is that way with any old membersfrom a band. I just think things worked themselves out, and we are not just like before like nothing ever happened. Things happen for a reason we just might not see the greater picture at first. How has the birth of your child changed things? It has made me who I am, and how I write music. I live and stand by the beliefs, morals, and surroundings I have been raised with. Itis a big part of who I write lyrics, and how I see the music we write. Interview by Evan Greenblo Ultimate-Guitar.Com 2009
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