Motion City Soundtrack: New LP Is 'Continuation Of What We've Done'

artist: Motion City Soundtrack date: 09/18/2007 category: interviews
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Motion City Soundtrack: New LP Is 'Continuation Of What We've Done'
Motion City Soundtrack has been together since 1997, making music and recently making their way into a mainstream spotlight on TV networks like FUSE. With their past releases of I Am The Movie, in 2003, and the release of Commit This To Memory, in 2005, the band is ready to release a new album entitled Even If It Kills Me. The first single off the album, "Broken Heart", recently hit airwaves. The album is released September 18th, and Dylan Newell recently got some questions answered from the band's bassist, Matt Taylor. Information on the new album, writing processes, producers, and tours was discussed. Ultimate-Guitar: How does Even If It Kills Me compare to your past two albums? Matt Taylor: It's a continuation of what we've done in the past. It's louder and quieter. It's happier and a little more sad. Does the album have any references to your past albums? I don't know that there are references to our past albums, but some of the lyrics definitely expand on things we've said before. What was your overall game plan when you started working on the new album? Well, there's always that thought in the back of your head that says remember you have limited time and budget. It can be really stressful if you let it be. So basically, the idea is to get together and be productive and creative and have fun with the songs you're writing and not let that lingering thought obstruct any creativity. Our game plan was simply to get as many ideas on tape and go through with the producers and trim the fat and find the best possible songs and structures. What does your writing process consist of? Our process is that the 5 of us recognize that we have no process. Ideas for songs will begin with one person messing around at home and bringing it in to the rest of us or sometimes they'll pop up when we're rehearsing or sound checking. Occasionally we'll piece the song together on the spot or we'll spend months chiselling away at the structure.
"Even If It Kills Me sounds like the same band, but with a few more tricks up its sleeve."
What can fans expect from Even If It Kills Me? This is always hard to answer being so immersed in the process of making a record, but i'd have to say that Even If It Kills Me sounds like the same band, but with a few more tricks up its sleeve. I feel like the songs are tighter, more focused, more to-the-point. This time around we've added strings too, which we've never done before. The songs vary from dark and personal to overly descriptive and kitschy, which, I feel, is a continuation of what we've done in the past. Is there any significance to the title of the new album (like, Commit This To Memory was a lyric in one of the songs on that CD)? Yes there is. You'll be able to figure it out when the record's out. I don't like to spoil things. I will say that it's a much more positive title than it seems. What was it like working with Ric Ocasek? It's strange working with someone who's been so present in popular music for 30+ years, not to mention being in one of the most influencial bands in the world. I think it took us a little while to warm up to him just because of that fact. I will say that he is, by far, the most laid-back person we've ever recorded with. He's very kind. How different is it working with the producers you have this record compared to Mark Hoppus on the last one? The individual personalities are really the only difference. Mark is very energetic and bouncing off the walls a lot of the time, whereas Adam, Eli, and Ric were all fairly chill guys. All the producers we've worked with have been great on the production side, being full of ideas. You have announced various guest vocalists, why did you choose these people? We had Max Bemis from Say Anything, Shawn Harris from The Matches, and Rachel Minton from Zolof The Rock N Roll Destroyer sing. We chose them simply because we love each of their voices. They all have such unique qualities as singers and we wanted them to be a part of our record. They really added a nice new dimension to the songs. Do you plan on revealing any new tracks or a single for the album soon? Yes! We just released a video for a song called Broken Heart. What music are you currently listening to? I just bought a record called "Mirrored" by a band called Battles. It's currently blowing my mind. I've also been listening to Sufjan Stevens' record "Illinoise". I'm also in a big Tom Petty phase right now.
"Our writing process is that the 5 of us recognize that we have no process."
What is your favorite band or bands to tour with? All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Maxeen, Boys Night Out, Sugarcult, Ok Go, The Spill Canvas, Sherwood, The Forecast. What is the typical equipment used by the band? Fender guitars and basses, Gibson guitars, Vox amps, Ampeg bass amps, Pacific/DW drums and hardware, Sabian cymbals, Audix mics, and Sennheiser wireless systems. What items do you guys like to bring on the road? Computers, iPods, books, movies, cameras, video games, snacks, deoderant, smiles. Are you guys to the point that you are recognized on the streets? Sometimes, yes. It depends on the street really. I typically only get recognized in my parents' driveway. Any awesome tour stories? I've been out for 5 years straight, so there are way too many to choose from. Just being able to tour with great bands and play for people every night is amazing. Do you guys play Guitar Hero at all? Any chance of a freakin sick guitar solo from MCS in the next Guitar Hero? Yes, a couple of us play. I think the opening song on the new record would be a great track for the next Guitar Hero. It has the most raging guitar solo we've ever done. Ultimate-Guitar.Com 2007
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