Mumford And Sons: 'We Don't Want To Become Like Coldplay'

artist: Mumford and Sons date: 11/02/2012 category: interviews
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Mumford And Sons: 'We Don't Want To Become Like Coldplay'
Mumford And Sons have distanced themselves from media-based comparisons to Coldplay. The band is doing well on both sides of the Atlantic and has recently matched a record set by The Beatles in 1964 with a whopping six songs in the Billboard 100. The folk-rockers' lead singer, Marcus Mumford, spoke to GQ about how playing the stadium-sized venues that the 'Fix You' stars tour has a lack of appeal. When asked how he feels about being given 'the next Coldplay' tag he replied: "Oh, God. Is that appealing? Not really." Mumford also stressed that he wants his group to take a different approach to Chris Martin and co as their popularity grows. Mumford explained: "No disrespect to Coldplay. But we want to do things pretty differently. It's not about being as big as we can be. We don't want to conquer anything." The frontman insisted that playing huge stadium shows is not an idea he would ever be likely to entertain. He added: "We just want to play good shows. We may change our minds but stadiums are something we never really want to do. Arenas are plenty big enough." During the interview, the band's bassist also suggested to the magazine that he thought playing a London's O2 Arena would be a "good gig". The singer did not appear to share his bandmate's enthusiasm however. He replied: "Not interested, sorry. I wouldn't have purchased the banjo if size mattered to me." The frontman also commented on how his marriage to Hollywood actress, Carey Mulligan, has been since they tied the knot earlier this year. He discussed how the constant touring of second LP Babel has meant going for long periods of time without seeing his new wife. The 25-year-old admitted: "Yes. My priorities obviously shift. Not necessarily change altogether because our ladies all kind of understand it. But yeah, it's a big deal." Listen to the title track from Mumford and Sons' current album 'Babel' below.
Thanks to Gigwise for the report.
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