Noel Gallagher: 'I Don't Want To Make An Album That's As Bad As Oasis' 'Be Here Now''

The former Oasis chief claims he wants to take time out to avoid making another album like "Be Here Now".

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Noel Gallagher has revealed that he wants to take a break next year.

The former Oasis chief claims he wants to take time out to avoid making another album like "Be Here Now".

Speaking to XFM he added: "I'm taking a well earned break after this. Why mess with brilliance? I'd only f--k it up. Look what it did to the aftermath of "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?". Shit on it! "Be Here Now"?"

Oasis' third studio effort is widely considered to be one of their worst albums with Gallagher himself describing it as "the sound of a bunch of guys, on coke, in the studio, not giving a f--k. All the songs are really long and all the lyrics are shit and for every millisecond Liam is not saying a word, there's a f--king guitar riff in there in a Wayne's World stylie".

His latest comments come after he recently emphatically ruled out the chances of Oasis reuniting on NME Radio, saying that he wouldn't reform the band, even if "all the starving children in the world depended on it". He added that he has no need to reform Oasis, even though he knows the band's fans would love to see it. You hear the interview below.

Thanks to NME for the report.

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    @ jordo Metallica or GNR had more success only by way of being in America, because their population is what, ten times larger? You'er right, Noel is crazy thinking he always that huge, but they were definitely top 5 in 1995 and in the UK. Btw, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich are huge Oasis fans, Lars Ulrich has even mentioned he wish he could drum for Noel Gallagher. Anyways, don't agree with this. Be Here Now was decent. The worst Oasis album was Standing on the SHoulder of Giants, it was utter shit. Really, the only 2 good albums are the first two, and the Masterplan.
    I know this isn't related to the article, but the population is TEN TIMES LARGER?!?! Nice estimation skills bro
    Be Here Now was brilliant! Stand By Me, Don't Go Away, The Girl in the Dirty Shirt, It's Getting' Better Man, and not to mention Fade In-Out with Johnny Depp on slide guitar!
    Nothing wrong with be here now. I never understood the bashing. Don't believe the truth is their worst by far.
    I don't know whether it's just the people I know or have seen, but brit pop bands and fans all seem to think they were the biggest things going at any given time. Have they never heard of Metallica or GNR? Not to mention every Oasis song sounds the same.
    Mate you havent got a clue, i'm a big GNR fan but in 1995/96 they had fizzled out, which is when Oasis were at their height, so what youre saying is rubbish. besides by this time 1 in 4 households in britain owned a copy of morning glory which is a pretty good aceivement - and all their songs dont sound the same, thats just something that people who know shit all about music sy about bands they havent taken the time to listen to - go do one mate
    1 in 20 people in the UK tried to get a ticket to see them at knebworth. Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova were huge songs you can't deny that. Oasis were easily as big as Guns N Roses and Metallica.
    I have listened to their music, and it sucks, end of.
    Yes mate. Your opinion is definitely the most valid thing on this entire comments section. Or the world for that matter. It definitely matters more than 25% of Britain anyway.
    Stop being so full of yourself Noel. One of the 5 biggest bands in the world? Come on. Also, you were a part of this album. You contributed to make it.
    If what he says is true, he's gonna have to build a time machine so that he can go stop this High Flying Birds thing before it gets off the ground. It's easily just as bad as Be Here Now.
    Be here now was ****ing brilliant, its just that songs were too unnecessarily long, like all around the world (still top song) I love that album, almost every song there, specially i hope i think i know and the girl in the dirty shirt!