Papa Roach: New Video Interview With Jacoby Shaddix

artist: Papa Roach date: 05/27/2008 category: interviews
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According to, Gus Griesinger of conducted an interview with Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix prior to the band's May 17, 2008 performance at the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio. The 11-minute clip, which includes live footage from Rock on the Range. Papa Roach recently changed the working title of its next album, which was originally called "Days of War, Nights of Love". The new title for the band's fifth major label CD is "Metamorphosis". Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix told The Pulse of Radio what the name is all about and what to expect from the disc. "The album's titled 'Metamorphosis' and the album is just that," he said. "There's some stuff that's, like, harder and faster on this record that we, you know, have kind of delved away from for a little while. But then also there's, like, a polarity to that. It's like, for us it was just, you know, just kicking down new doors. That's what we do all the time with our music. It's definitely a diverse record, and some of the most powerful music we've written." "Metamorphosis" is expected out in late August or early September. The band has yet to decide on an exact release date or first single. The disc will mark the recording debut with Papa Roach of ex-Unwritten Law drummer Tony Palermo, who replaced founding drummer Dave Buckner last year after Buckner went down with substance abuse issues. The band will join Mtley Cre, Buckcherry and others this summer on the first Cre Fest, which will begin on July 1 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Mtley Cre guitarist Mick Mars will tentatively contribute some lead guitar to a song called "Into The Light" on the new Papa Roach album. Jacoby Shaddix recently sang background vocals on the title track from the Cre's upcoming new release, "Saints of Los Angeles".
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