Rex Brown: As Much as I Love Metal, I've Had Enough of Playing It

UG exclusive: "I was the rock 'n' roll guy in Pantera."

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Rex Brown: As Much as I Love Metal, I've Had Enough of Playing It

Pantera bassist Rex Brown talked about his latest musical direction with upcoming solo album "Smoke on This," telling UG interviewer Justin Beckner:

"I was the rock and roll guy in Pantera. I was always listening to Humble Pie and the whole gamut...

"My sister was 17 years old so I got to hear all The Beatles and The Stones and The Turtles and Strawberry Alarm Clock.

"Actually before that, she had Bill Haley and Chuck Berry and I actually have some old Elvis singles that she gave me.

"So my lineage goes way back further than just the metal thing.

"As much as I enjoy playing metal, and I still do, it's time to do something else.

"I've been playing metal long enough - I've been out on that bus for 25 years playing the same style of music - that's enough."

Rex also talked about how the need to make more rock-oriented music came to be, saying:

"I was doing some dates with my other band, Kill Devil Hill and I just felt burnt. It wasn't happening.

"I wanted to go for a different vibe and a different style and I had written some other stuff and presented it to the band and they didn't get it.

"It wasn’t metal, it was fucking rock and roll. It just didn't work.

"I had written a bunch of riffs and pieces for Pantera, for Down, for all kinds of stuff, but if it doesn't fit with the rest of the guys, it's not gonna happen.

"So I just wanted to go knock some rust off and take some time off."

"Smoke on This" is due out on July 28; pre-orders here, "Train Song" single below.

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    His vocals are actually pretty damn good. Suprised it took him this long to do his own record.
     A bit like Zack Wylde - if Zack Wylde didn't do his best to sound like a Texan Ozzy. I like it. 
    Agreed! Zakk's vocals on his 90s records, Book of Shadows and P&G were gritty and soulful... Then along comes BLS and they somehow changed to...well yeah, texan Ozzy is pretty damn accurate. Lol.
    So Anselmo wasn't even the best vocalist in Pantera. Btw is it just me or the production on this song is a bit off? I would personally prefer a more stripped down sound and less post processing on the vocals.
    Vicryl 2.0
    Rex and Jason Newsted do a collab..
    YES YES. Country Folk genre please.
    Vicryl 2.0
    yeah. i think they would sound good together. they could do like a country-folk-rock with a hint of metal.
    Lol i don't know what to think about some of these comments ha but i think its safe to say we all agree its really good, and we re surprised by it, Esp vocally. Never would've thought he sings that good. 
    in one song he has already done better then anything Anselmo has done post Pantera..just my opinion.
    You're not honestly saying that his one song is better than every Down song are you? 
    I think that metal is a young man's game. Very few metal bands have done any good past their 30's