Rome Ramirez Talks About Sublime Reunion

artist: Sublime With Rome date: 04/30/2010 category: interviews
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views: 339 writer Reservoired Dog recently conducted an interview with Rome Ramirez, guitarist/vocalist of Sublime With Rome, the new incarnation of legendary ska punk band Sublime. An excerpt from the chat follows below. NerdSociety: First off, I want to say congratulations on an amazing show last night. Both nights at the Palladium in Hollywood were sold out, the place was packed. This was the first time I have ever went to a concert and people were asking for tickets like literally on the way to the venue. I must have ran into 5 different people. It was the place to be that night and rightfully so because the minute you walked in the door you could just smell it in the air, this is the place to be. Rome Ramirez: Yup, the smell meets you right there dude [laughs]. Yeah, both shows were amazing, the crowds were amazing and it was an awesome experience. Brad's sister, Katie, came out to see the show the second night, so that was really cool. The first night I thought was gonna be the craziest because it was 420 but then the second night was just as crazy. When I was standing in the crowd watching the show there was this guy next to me and he literally lit up a blunt for every song [laughs]. Yeah I think we can expect this for the rest of the whole tour [laughs]. Let's talk a little more about you, Rome, because I know you're from North Cali but that's pretty much it. I'm from the bay area, I went to high school there and I was 11 eleven when I first picked up the guitar. One of the first songs I learned, believe it or not, was a Sublime song. What are some of the musicians that have influenced you in your career? Well, I think the obvious one would be Bradley of Sublime, but Muse, Jimi Hendrix, Bad Brains, and Kurt Cobain obliviously of Nirvana. When I heard you were going to be the new front man for Sublime I had to check out some of your stuff. I found some videos on Youtube of RAWsession and a couple of songs you had on your personal Facebook and I have to say, I way pretty impressed. How did you get hooked up with Sublime? I met Eric through a mutual friend and he asked me if I wanted to jam and I said sure, we even did a video on RAWsession together. Next we jammed with Bud for a while and naturally we would play a couple of Sublime songs. After a while the guys were like, do you wanna do this for real and go on tour, I was like, woah. What did your family say when you told them you were gonna be part of Sublime? They didn't believe me [laughs]. They definitely didn't believe it was Sublime because if you walk into my old room right now you see at least 6 or 7 Sublime posters. When I called my mom to tell her the news when she walked into my room, she couldn't believe it. You guys have done a couple of shows now and I've been reading or running into a lot of haters on the internet. To me, it's like, who are you to think you are the vanguard of the music of Sublime but at the same time it shows just how much this music means to people because they're so protective of it. You know, there is a lot of negative energy in the world and people are gonna say what they wanna say. But when there are thousands of fans screaming their heads off just loving everything we're doing on stage, nothing can stop that. Tonight's (Oakland) are 3rd sold out show, I mean people say there are haters but I don't see em [laughs]. When I was waiting for your set there was this guy talking to these younger people in the crowd asking how they knew Sublime. Most of them heard them in junior high and the guy talked about how he and his brother's band had played with Sublime way back in the day. I really think that's something awesome because we got the younger generation of fans that are gonna be able to experience this because you guys are touring, and then you got the guys that were around for when Brad was alive there as well. I think that sends a message that this is legit and that if you're a fan of Sublime you should definitely come and see the show. Wow, that's awesome, thank you man. Any chance you guys coming back around to LA before the end of the tour? Oh, of course.
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