Sammy Hagar: Chickenfoot Better Than Van Halen

artist: Sammy Hagar date: 01/31/2012 category: interviews
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Sammy Hagar: Chickenfoot Better Than Van Halen
If you've been following the news articles on Ultimate Guitar in the past couple of months, you'll know that ex-Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar has been very vocal on his thoughts about the band's recent reunion with original singer David Lee Roth. Now, in a new interview with Radio Metal, Hagar has compared his current act, Chickenfoot to his former band mates. According to him, his current group comes out on top: Radio Metal: Anyway, does that bother you when you hear people comparing Chickenfoot and Van Halen? Hagar: Oh, no, I think it's fantastic. Really, it's fantastic. Are you kidding me? If you takeJoe[Satriani] versusEddie, you takeDave[Lee Roth] versus me,Wolfie[Wolfgang Van Halen] versusMikey [Michael Anthony] ,Chad[Smith] orKenny[Aronoff,Chickenfoot's touring drummer] versus Al[Alex Van Halen] I mean, come on! You know what I mean? Man for man, who can sing the best?Daveor I, today? Who can play the best?JoeorEddie, today? Who could play or sing the best?WolfieorMikey? I think it's a joke. Sure, I love the comparison as long as it's fair. Not because you're a bigEddie Van Halenfan, you think that he's God, therefore you think that he's better thanJoe; you have to be bipartisan and just listen and watch both of them play. Listen, I played with them both, I can tell you right now: there is no comparison today. Never mind the innovator that Eddie was. I'm talking about what they can play today. So in other words, Chickenfoot is way better than Van Halen? As individuals, absolutely! I've been in both bands, I can tell you right now. Take the new albums and compare them track by track and then tell me. Hagar also criticised Van Halen's decision to recycle a number of their original demo tracks for their new record, A Different Kind of Truth: So you think they don't have any inspiration today? I don't think so. I think there's zero inspiration and zero creativity. If there was any, they would write new songs. What does the band do? WhenChickenfootgot together for our first album, we were four new guys and we got together and wrote ten, twelve songs and made an album. When we decided to do our second album, we didn't go back and take the two songs that were left over from the first album, we wrote all brand new songs. Because we're new people, we're inspired. Here's what we have to say, here's what we want to play now, here's who we've become since then.
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