Sepultura Guitarist Talks About Cavalera Conspiracy Debut

artist: Sepultura date: 03/17/2009 category: interviews

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MetalPaths recently conducted an interview with guitarist Andreas Kisser of Brazilian/American thrashers Sepultura. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. MetalPaths: "There has been about a month since your 11th album, titled "A-Lex", is out. Of course it is kind of early yet to build any conclusions, but are you satisfied with how things are moving so far?" Andreas Kisser: "Yes, very much. The album has been received very well from our fans and the media in general, we are happy with the recordings and the songs. The shows we did in Europe so far went really good and it is a great start for the "A-Lex" tour." MetalPaths: "The album is based on Anthony Burgess' novel "A Clockwork Orange". Were you a fan of the book or a fan of Stanley Kubrick's adaptation? What makes it so special for you?" Andreas Kisser: "I'm a big fan of the movie, I didn't know the book until we decide to work on it for the album. I think the book is much more complete and intense, the movie is great but the book is stronger, so we were much more influenced by the book in comparison to the movie. I think the novel is very complete, it talks about drugs, music, politics, family friends, religion so we could express our ideas and points of view through the book." MetalPaths: "This is the first time you record without any Cavalera member [drummer Igor Cavalera left Sepultura in 2006, ten years after his brother, guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera, exited the group]. Was it a bit strange getting into the studio without Igor? Did you worry about a possible negative result for the album?" Andreas Kisser: "No, it was not strange at all. The mood of the band was one of the best in our history, we all enjoyed a lot working on this album and we were not trying to copy anything we did in the past. Every time we get on the studio is because we are doing something really new, so there's no room to miss anything. I have no fear to try out anything in music." MetalPaths: "Have you listened to the Cavalera Conspiracy debut album [featuring Igor and Max Cavalera]? Do you think that maybe one day will happen to co-operate again with Max and Igor?" Andreas Kisser: "I've heard the album. It is not bad, but they could do a lot better. For what people was expecting, I think it is very weak. Who knows what the future will be? This is something we don't think about, I am looking forward to see, respecting our past but working towards the future." MetalPaths: "Jean Dolabella is a pretty good drummer though and has left the worldwide press with the greatest impressions and there is no need I guess to mention Derrick's great work all these years. Was it difficult for you to find members who would perfectly fit to the band?" Andreas Kisser: "It is always hard to change a member, especially such great musicians like Max and Igor but we are lucky to find even better ones like Derrick and Jean. They are exceptional guys and musicians, who are helping SEPULTURA on every level." MetalPaths: "There is only one official live CD released from the band so far in November 2005. Are there any plans for another one (CD or DVD) with a new footage?" Andreas Kisser: "We have plans to do another live DVD for the next year, playing the complete "A-Lex" album and including an orchestra." MetalPaths: "You are a person pretty close to your family. You have three children and a wife and you seem to be very focused on them. How do you feel when you have to be on tour for a long time away from home?" Andreas: "It is a part of what I am. I have to be on the road in order to support them. This is something that is very clear in our minds. It is not easy but this is what I do. I'm a musician and I have to play everywhere." Read the entire interview from MetalPaths .
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