Sevendust - Dimebag Darrell: One Year Later

artist: Sevendust date: 12/09/2005 category: interviews
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Thursday (December 8) marked the one year anniversary of the death of former Pantera and then Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Darrell was viciously gunned down at a club in Ohio, and three other members of the band's entourage were killed. Dimebag is missed by his fans and by his fellow bands. Sevendust's Morgan Rose, with singer Lajon by his side, talked to the cameras about what he remembers about the fateful day and said he spoke to Darrell's brother and drummer Vinnie Paul immediately after the event went down. "Yeah, we got off stage and found out right when we got off stage. I actually called and actually talked to Vinnie while he was still sitting in the club and they hadn't even taken Darrell's body out yet. He answered the phone, and I was just calling to to see if it was a rumor, and it was happening. We've seen Vinnie and we've talked to him a lot and we're just here like millions of other people trying to support him because this is rough times. The holidays are coming up and the anniversary is coming up. And Darrell was really close with us, so that's the worst thing that ever happened." Please help keep our content free by watching pre-video advertisement.
____________________________________________________________ SEVENDUST ON DIMEBAG DARRELL DEATH The gunman, who we will not dignify with a mention, was gunned down by police after a stand-off where the ex-military man was holding a hostage on the stage. Meanwhile, Sevendust is on tour supporting its brand new album, Next, and a forthcoming Best Of released by their old record company, TVT.
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