Simple Plan Inspired By My Chemical Romance And Fall Out Boy

artist: Simple Plan date: 04/22/2008 category: interviews
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Simple Plan have admitted that they are inspired by the ambitions of bands like Fall Out Boy, Green Day and My Chemical Romance. Speaking to Gigwise, the Canadian rockers say that although they are not directly influenced by such bands, the three bands' latest records did help shape Simple Plan's eponymous third album. Lead guitarist Jeff Stinco told us: I think that when Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Green Day came out with their ambitious records, we weren't necessarily inspired by them musically, but by their desire to push it further and make grand statements. We wanted to find our own way to do this, without copying what they are doing. Elsewhere in the interview, the band also warned fans considering getting a Simple Plan tattoo to think about it thoroughly beforehand. Jeff said: Getting a tattoo of your favourite band is awesome but you need to pick them wisely, and specifically where you are going to have them. Find more at Gigwise.
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