Skid Row Promise New Album In 2012

Adam Hammer of recently conducted an interview with Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan.

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According to, Adam Hammer of recently conducted an interview with Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On Skid Row's 25th anniversary:

Bolan: "I've spent more time with [guitarist Dave 'Snake' Sabo] than I have any wife I ever had or girlfriend... I've known that guy a long time. I've known Scotti [Hill, guitar] even longer actually. It's not like we haven't gone toe-to-toe with each other. There's been times when we've felt like throwing each other out a window, but at the end of the day we're literally like brothers."

On singer Sebastian Bach's dismissal from the group in the mid-1990s:

Bolan: "We thought we were disbanded and that we'd never do it again. Then we kept getting emails and the management office was getting lots of letters about people wanting to see Skid Row on stage and we really started to miss it. We knew if we got back together, we were going to do things different."

On Bach's replacement, Johnny Solinger, who joined Skid Row in 1999:

Bolan: "When Johnny joined the band, that really gave us a kick in the ass. It was a different guy there and everything that came out of that guy was positive."

On rumors of a possible reunion with Sebastian Bach:

Bolan: "Actually, there were never any talks. Ever. That was all just total rumor. We got rid of him in the '90s and never looked back."

On whether Johnny Solinger seems like more of a fixture in Skid Row than Bach ever was:

Bolan: "Absolutely. After the first tour it seemed like this is the way it's always been. It's so weird, I'll hear an old song on the radio and it just sounds so bizarre to me because I'm so used to Johnny singing it."

On whether Skid Row is working on any new music:

Bolan: "Actually, we are. Snake and I are writing when we get a chance. We've got about eight songs right now and we want to write at least 10 more and pick from that. I live in Atlanta and he lives out in Hollywood, so it takes a little bit of planning. We do what we can through the mail, but we never really feel right about something until we sit down in the same room together and write. I doubt that it will be out this year, but hopefully 2012. I gotta tell you, just saying that, 'in 2012'... When we recorded our first album in '88, I never thought we'd still be making records in 2012. That's pretty cool."

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    Well there will never be a reunion so at least get James Durbin who sung I remember you way better then this johnny guy.
    **** that, Sebastian Bach WAS Skid Row...he was everything from the face to the sound. Skid Row will never release another Self Titled or Slave To The Grind.....**** they won't even release anything that'll match Subhuman Race, so they might as well call it a day. Sabo and Bolan are dicks anyway.
    Alright, I have no #^@#'n idea who Johnny or James is, but I can guarantee these idiots saying Sabastian is out are under water here. I saw Skid Row in 1991 At Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Minneapolis MN and It was by far the best concert I have ever been to. 20 years later and many many concerts from Metallica, Queens Ryche, Staind, G-n-R, Alter Bridge, Creed, Black stone Cherry..... You get the idea, but I can still say Skid Row was the very best of Rock. Yeah, Sebastian was a trouble and caused problems, but did you bone head guitarists forget???? S@x Dr^gs and Rock n Roll MORONS. It's what us crazy people want. If you want to be conservative pu$$ies then go perform your lame asses off at a coffee shop. Wake the F up.
    P.S. My wife, I, and many friends would pay top dollar to see a show like that again Skid Row, I agree, IS Sebastian Bach!