Stone Temple Pilots' Dean DeLeo: 'One Day I Just Said, 'Chester Is the Person to Do This''

Back home after a four-week tour to road test the new lineup, guitarist talked about "High Rise" and what it's been like to work with and without Scott Weiland.

Stone Temple Pilots' Dean DeLeo: 'One Day I Just Said, 'Chester Is the Person to Do This''
After working with Weiland for over 18 years and releasing five albums, the remaining members - brothers Dean and Robert DeLeo on guitar and bass respectively and drummer Eric Kretz - have moved into the next chapter of the band with Chester Bennington. Back home after a four-week tour to road test the new lineup, guitarist Dean DeLeo talked about "High Rise" and what it’s been like to work with and without Scott Weiland. UG: Did you come to the realization a long time ago that either Scott Weiland had to get it together or it was going to end? DD: I think everyone did whatever they could. I'm talking wives, brothers, friends and everyone. It was very sad because you made some remarkable records with Scott. He was truly a great singer and lyricist. He absolutely was, man. His lyrics were (amazing). In my humble opinion and it's easy for me to be biased. Everything he brought forth when we were all kind of running on all pistons per se - and that didn't really last very long - but when we were up and runnin', I don't think there was anybody better, man. What about Chester and what you were feeling when Scott left? I dunno, man. It really wasn't talked about much. When we kinda came to the rude, rude reality that it couldn't go on the way it was, there was no one talked about. We really weren't in that place. Like we didn't really discuss it; there was nothing discussed. It was just we knew things couldn't go the way they were. That's what we did know. When was Chester's name first brought up? One day I just said, "I think Chester is the person to do this." Immediately Robert and I are going, "That is amazing." What was your idea about the direction you wanted to take "High Rise?" Were these ideas you’d been collecting along the way? They weren't. Unlike most every other session we've done - I don't know how many records there are collectively but everyone talks about eight or nine - it was material that was laying around. I wrote "Dare If You Dare," which appeared on the last record ("Stone Temple Pilots") previous to "High Rise," around the Talk Show (Dean's solo band) days. "Big Empty" I wrote when I was about 17 years old. So unlike every other session, the songs for this session were written during that session. You wanted "High Rise" to be something brand new? It goes back to we weren't trying to recreate Scott you know. We'd be fools to try to recreate that. That's like to me? What we did together was scripture. And I think what Chester understood and understands is that he just wants to be respectful of the catalog and of the legacy and not try to recreate anything. This is a new thing kinda - you're comparing a baritone to a tenor, man. Read the full piece here.

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    Even if you don't like his music, you have to admit Chester Bennington is a kickass vocalist
    I have a feeling most of the people who are complaining haven't heard him singing with them yet.
    I think he's a pretty bang on choice for STP. Not a fan of Linkin Park but he certainly has a decent set of pipes in him
    ive enjoyed some STP over the years but i love the way Chesters voice fits the material....but then again Chester is one of the best vocalist of our generation
    Dean DeLeo is a class act. It's good to see that he's not bashing Scott as most other bands would when they lose a member.
    The Deleo bro's continue to be some of the most underrated songwriters. Robert especially. Glad my favourite band is finally able to create smoothly again. Thank you kindly for this UG. Superb interview.
    I'm mesmerized by how the same voice is able to evoke such different feels and dynamics.. It's when a vocalist can blend into any style, without changing what's special about his sound, that we know that we're in for some really awesome stuff in the future...
    Great Interview! They are a great group of guys... sad it had to come to this... but Chester is a really good replacement!
    1) Talk Show was their first attempt at replacing Scott, not a solo band. 2) Army of Anyone was their second. Why aren't interviewers asking them why they replaced Scott as opposed to getting AoA back together? 3) They admitted they wanted a "big name" singer to bring out big festival crowds, so this is a cash grab, not an artistic choice. The artistic choice would have been to go under a new name.
    since when was Talk Show "Dean's solo band?"
    That's pretty much what I thought, lol. Dean is a kick-ass guitarist and since the very beginning when they announced Chester as the new vocalist I've been 100% behind that and I'm not even a fan of Linkin Park.
    this site sucks! just sayin..... and so do the mods who will only remove comments they dont agree with... instead of addressing real problems with the so called "site" later.
    I reviewed this EP on my music blog It's got some individually great songs, especially 'Black Heart'(awesome solo) and 'Out of Time', but it isn't that cohesive; confused between trying to be STP and Dead by Sunrise.
    Dead by Sunrise had a huge elctronic vibe behind the rock sound, and the sound in whole - really different. Chester's voice is the only thing that creates DBS feeling.
    I just heard the track "out of time". Actually it was good - but some parts kinda reminded me of early Layne Staley in Alice chains. I think Layne had more soul in his voice. Chester is doing a good job - he is fitting in suprisingly good.