Vito Bratta Talks About White Lion Reunion

Guitarist Vito Bratta told "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on February 16 that he would love for a White Lion reunion to happen.

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White Lion guitarist Vito Bratta was the in-studio guest on Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM last night (Friday, February 16). In what was being billed as his first interview in over 15 years, Bratta discussed what he has been doing since the band's breakup and spoke about the possibility of reforming White Lion with singer Mike Tramp. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow (transcribed by

  • On the possibility of a White Lion reunion:

    AVito Bratta: As far as working with Mike Tramp again and doing the White Lion thing, I've never said 'No' to anything. I've said 'No' for certain reasons. Things have happened in my life where I've had to say 'No' to people. 'Listen, I just can't do this right now.' And there were reasons behind it... My father had a five-year illness, and it was just a nightmare. And there was no one who was gonna take care of him except for me and my mom, and that's what we did to the very end. Unfortunately, you can't just walk away. Now, in the White Lion days, it's not just you that's young you're in your 20s but your parents are young, too. There's really no medical stuff going on. I remember the tour bus pulling up 'Oh, there's a two-year tour? Fine. Make it a three-year tour.' None of this stuff [with the parents getting ill] happened. But as you get older, there's responsibilities and things. And there's you know, financial [responsibilities], too. When you're young I remember when White Lion went out me, Mike, Greg and James we never spoke about I don't think anybody ever said, 'How much are we making tonight?' No one said a word about money, because we were so used to not having any that nobody cared. But then it gets to a point in your life where you've got bills to pay, and it's not just you that's gonna suffer there's other people that are gonna suffer. 'Oh, I'm gonna go out and do this White Lion reunion tour, and I'm not really gonna make much, but I'm gonna have a blast.' Well, there's bills to be paid, and you can't tell the electric guy, 'Well, I'm just out having a blast' you've gotta pay the bills. That, and like I said, the family illness There just always seemed to be something. I never said 'No,' but the problem is now I'm gonna use one of these stupid analogies I always do When you've got a girlfriend and you break up, and she's basically cheating on you in front of you, saying, 'Well, if you don't get back together with me, this is what I'm gonna keep doing. And the more she cheats, the more you're not gonna get back with her. And the problem is that I have to keep watching Mike do these TRamp's White Lion [tours, featuring an all-new band playing White Lion songs] and all that stuff. I've always wished the guy luck, but the more he does these things, the more it makes me not wanna be part of anything. I don't know how much I can do to stop it, I just wish I could I wish that didn't exist, I wish that part of it didn't exist. I understand what he's doing and all that stuff, I don't like it I wish he wouldn't do it, but I understand why he's doing it. I wish him luck, but I'm not gonna sit here and tell anybody I'm not gonna do the White Lion thing ever again. I did kind of lie to you a little bit, Eddie, when you had asked me one time if the rumors of a hand injury were true. I said, 'No, they're false.' I mean, they actually were true. I did injure I snapped something in my wrist about 1997, I think it was, that just prevented me from playing all day. It wasn't a hand injury that In other words, I didn't know if I was making up my own excuses. This is gonna be 'Dr. Phil' now on Eddie's show. But I did have a hand injury, and the thing is that I was the type that played 14 hours a day. I mean, it was ridiculous what I was doing. I used to get home at four o'clock in the morning from club shows and play another two hours. I just was always playing. Guitar players will understand to get to a certain level, you have to maintain it. It's like an athlete. And basically I was like a marathon runner who couldn't run more than 10 feet. So how was I gonna keep it up? So these are things I'm hoping to get over.

  • Where does that stand now? Do you feel better? Do you still play? Do you still practice?

    It's gotten better, but I haven't tried to do, like The actual injury I had, when I was touching the steel strings, it would feel like I was touching a live wire, like I was having electrical shocks. And the doctors basically told me, 'Listen, it's 50-50. You could lose the use of your hand, or you could be cured.' And it's up to me to decide, do I wanna play through pain? In the midst of all of this, family stuff was happening and everything else. So I had excuses for myself coming left and right. 'Now I can't play because of my hand.' 'Now I can't play because my Dad is not feeling well.' 'I can't play because of this.' But to answer the question [of the possibility of a White Lion reunion], I'm not gonna say, 'No, it'll never happen.' I would love for it to happen today, to be honest with you. I just don't think it can happen today. But I'm not gonna shut the door. And Mike Tramp knows that. And what I keep appealing to Mike is 'Stop shutting the door in my face.' You know what I mean?!

    White Lion's "The Definitive Rock Collection", a two-disc compilation featuring the band's hit 1987 single "Wait", plus "When Children Cry", "Tell Me", and several rare rehearsal recordings, came out on January 23 via Rhino.

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      Vito is a melodic master. He blends all of the guitar works well into a song and they cannot be separated!! Allah please cure Vito...Amin!
      Vitto is great not often i fall in love with a player so quickly almost devine intervention as a record happend to be staring me in the face at a car boot and i thought hmmmm looks good i played the record (pride btw) and my mouth was on the flaw the whole time. GREAT!!
      I really like this band and Vito is one of my favorite players, I hope he gets through his shit and play for us again..
      Hi, Eddie. It was great to hear from the amazing Vito Bratta on your show. The entire hard rock population of Brazil longs for the day he'll be able to play again, and reune with Mike Tramp and White Lion. Maybe they'll play on your show! Please, keep us posted on Vito Bratta. It's the only place we could find on the web. Best Regards. Beto and Leonardo - rockers and guitarists from BHZ, BRASIL (hometown of Sepultura) LONG LIVE VITO BRATTA. PLEASE COME BACK TO WHERE YOUR BELONG, MUSICAL CRME DE LA CRME. MILLLIONS OF FANS CLAIM FOR YOU RETURN. WE WANNA HEAR AND SEE YOU ALIVE AND KICKING.
      I went to see Goerge Lynch last night with his new band Souls Of We, after the show I had a chance to talk to him. I remember this guitar mag with Vito and Goege on it, I asked what ever happened to Vito does he talk to him ever? He said he was In Jersey workin at food place or somethin. Just then,some idiot asks Goerge how much does his cd cost? Goerge replys 15 bucks this idiot says its too expensive. I tell what I said as I stood there I told Goerge that some people have no respect nowdays, he basicly agrees and says the same to that effect, and people like Vito and Goerge are so blessed with such GOD given talent they demand the respect because they are legends not just guitar guru's. I will always be a fan of Vito, you never what happens in people lifes but always show respect to others and 15 dollars for a cd is worth it when you count the cost of them puttin hous away from home freinds and family, the money put into a studio and the cost of the tour that dosnt do so well in a certain city. I love the era of music that this came from. Pride record is still a favorite record of minethere would be no Guitar Hero or Rockband if it wasnt for People like Vito. GOD bless-resin8love
      Vitto, Your one of the Best Guitarist I've ever Seen. Lot's Of People here In The Philippines are waiting For You back in Action, at least a SOLO ALBUM. Be like the former Guitar wizard - Jason Becker (he cannot move his Body, except his eyes), yet he Still Made an Album this 2008. check him here phy.html Be well Soon Vitto.Sometimes The Lord God Give us trials, for us to remember how Great He is, and to humble us.
      I really admire Vito as a guitarist. He's a great player. He plays very clean and the songs itself really connected to his riffs and all the stuff. Definitely one of my fave guitarists! Hope you could come back. Mabuhay ang White Lion.
      Thanks Vito for giving my life's soundtrack through your melodies that make us all have good feelings while listening to them. I hope your father is better as well as you. From Brazil, Rodrigo.
      vito vuelve seria algo muy bueno para tus admiradores como yo..eres unos de los mejores guitarristas del mundo..saludos desde..hermosillo.mexico
      Vito truly is one of the all-time greatest guitarists I have ever heard. I am a 32-year-old father of two, and I definitely understand Vito's decision to focus on his responsibilities, but the waste of talent and genius makes me sad. I still listen to White Lion all the time - they have so many good songs - and every time I hear Vito's solos I am utterly blown away. I just don't understand why he thinks they would make no money if they did a tour. I'm sure they would make more on one tour than I make! Anyways, Vito, if you're reading this, know that millions of fans out there still love the everlasting music you created with White Lion and would be elated if you ever played again, live or on an album. You are truly a one-of-a-kind talent and the world needs to benefit from it!