We Are Scientists 'Not Aping Anyone'

artist: We Are Scientists date: 01/17/2006 category: interviews
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We Are Scientists 'Not Aping Anyone'
Brooklyn trio We Are Scientists are currently on a nine-date tour promoting their major label debut, "With Love And Squalor". It was released in October in the U.K., where it entered the sales chart at #45. The album was released in North America four days before the band's first-ever, sold-out Canadian show at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern on January 14, where they were interviewed by ChartAttack. Their consistently upbeat dance-rock sound has caused more than one reviewer to brand We Are Scientists as the next Killers, Franz Ferdinand or Hot Hot Heat. Singer/guitarist Keith Murray says the band "pore over" their reviews ("and correct the grammar," drummer Michael Tapper adds), so the comparisons aren't news to them. But that doesn't mean that they're acceptable. "It depends on the tone of the reviewer because some reviewers say that in a dismissive way, 'there's nothing new here,'" Tapper says. "And that's annoying because I don't think we're, like, aping anyone. "We hadn't heard, for instance, The Killers when we made our record, so it's annoying to be dismissed as a Killers rip-off or something like that. Which doesn't happen much, but sometimes bad-spirited reviewers will just say anything they want. But to get in the ballpark, I think it's fair." Bassist Chris Cain agrees. "I think for a reviewer to say, 'If you like The Killers or Hot Hot Heat, you should check out We Are Scientists' is great. It's useful. For them to say, 'If you already own the Hot Hot Heat CDs, why bother with We Are Scientists?' is something we don't agree with. Although if they really think that's true, they should write that." Read the entire article at this location.
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